Sunday, August 30, 2015


Where did it go?

So I guess summer is sort of over for me, as Curtis went back to dad's for the school year. This is hard for us, even though we know that it's a necessary step.  I enjoy having him here, because we get do a lot of things together. He learns a few new recipes for his cooking/baking skills each year.  This year I showed him how to make lasagna, Beef & Broccoli stir-fry, pan-fried zucchini disk and he made a chocolate chip cake for a Scout's function with the help of Mom's trusting old Betty Crocker book.  We went shopping, to see Jurassic World and did a Boy Scout 10 mile walk - when only 5 of it counted. In the picture below, he was working on his Map & Compass requirements. This picture was taken early in the walk and it reminds me a lot of his Father.

"So we have to go this way says the compass."

We worked on swimming skills and he went to the big Boy Scout camp @ Camp Rotary again. And earned himself 8 badges and him looking forward to next years.  He turned 13 just before he went back to dad's and had another grow spurt just about the same time.  It's hard to believe that he can almost look me straight in the eyes and I shake my head because come next summer, he very well could be doin' just that.  We worked out his first quilt, where he has done which step with little assistance from mom.

"Yea... {insert eye roll here}The preheat buzzed"

"Needs MORE Chocolate Mom!"

But what his leaving means is that  I can drag everything back out to the dining room table. Since we was busier this year with a variety of Boy Scout functions, doctor appointments and various other things, I find that I'm so far behind on all things quilty. Like a test pattern for Bea due in Sept., the sandwiching of a quilt top from TQPM and some hand stitching.  Along with some other projects that I was wanting to start too.

I also decided I wanted to knitting a dress for my Grand-daughter, even though I have no real skills yet and jumped right into the fire with this pattern.  My friend is helping me - and still can't believe of all of her patterns; I picked this one. Which by the way is not a beginners pattern.

Cordie's Pink Camo Dress

And there is a special project that I started August 28th.  I was able to cut out 3 of the 36 combined total blocks once I pushed myself away from the computer in the afternoon.  I then started hand stitching the pieces together on the first block when I sat down @ 9pm before heading to bed at 10pm.  I got 4 HST blocks stitched. It's not quite the speedy beginning, I had set out to do; but I can continue on the block this evening.  I have a personal goal of one block in a week.  I had changed that from one block = one night. These blocks are 12 1/2" unfinished blocks.  I don't want to feel rushed and I still have to do some others things that I'm committed to.  But I guess I can show you a few things about this special project in the pictures below.  The Top Right Fabric is the Focus Fabric for all of the blocks. I will try for better photo when I get new batteries for the camera, but you can kind of see the colors. These are Gail Kessler's "Old English Rose" collection.

This is the Special Project

These are some of the fabrics.

I recently checked out a book on how to do Vintage eyes & hair-do's. So today, I am working on the 1920's Sultry Eyes. I'm not so sure about this, as it has me lining my bottom water edge. My eyes are watering and the bags under said eyes are even more noticeable. But I tell my self to keep with it as I have an event in October that I need to understand my make-up and the failure called hair.  It just won't hold a curl for the life of me.  And I'm afraid that I will burn it if I keep trying that curling iron.  I see it's time to turn my head upside down and give the split ends a trim.  I had stopped for a moment and tried to remember when I had a proper hair cut last, when I realized it was mid-December of 2007!  WOW! But if all goes well enough, the reason for all this self-torture will be worth it. So I continue onward & upward in the world of make-up.  I guess this 43 year old still have a few tricks to learn yet.

In other news - I was told - I no longer could run around barefoot due to having a lift added to the right side of things. The outer voice was like: umm okay,  whatever you say doctor.  The inner voice was: WAIT WHAT!!! I have to wear shoes all the time!!!!! The horror of it all!! NOOOOOOoooooooo! This can't be what we just heard!  What? He is saying all over again.  Dang Nab IT!!! It's true. So this is what my view of my footsies look like these days.

Now where is that fainting couch 'cuz I sure could use it right about now.

Even my reading suffered some this summer but I would say over I didn't miss so much while my son was here.  I know that winter is slowly creeping in at a snail's pace where I'll have time to pick it back up when I'm snowed in.  I have some that I can do reviews on but those are on my blog. So I won't clutter this one all up with those.

The girls has had some outside time in their makeshift rope harness's, much to the dismay of that obnoxious chipmunk. Which has been seen or heard of ever since then. At least not from the back yard.  And the girls still like to watch the bunnies in the front yard every evenings when the inside door is open.

Looks!! It's that Dang Chipmunk!!!

Hey Honey!  There be our bunny friend again!!

As you can see there is plenty of things going on around here.  With more than enough to keep me busy, so I'll try to keep this little blog going by posting more often then once a month.  If I fail to do so - feel free to send me a reminder.  Until next time...