Monday, April 21, 2014

Travelling Stash Boxes

Traveling Stash Boxes seem to be in route, although I'm trying to track a couple of them down.

Box #1 - on 3/12 according to what I can find --Carol of picked Rebecca over at  Will be sending  an e-mail to Rebecca checking the status of this box. 

Box #2 - Sue @ http://suebeesworld.blogspot picked Jenny of http://JustsomethingImade.blogspot on the 17th, so the box is winging it way to Jenny.

Box #3 - Is on it's way to Melissa of Http://SewBitterswett.blogspot .  I am reaching out to her to see if she got it yet.  Will post more info. as I get it.

Box #4 - I'm currently tracking this box via e-mail and will let y'all know what's happening with it as soon as I can.

Box #5 - Jeanne has sent this little box onto Alison @ http://littlebunnyquilts.blogspot on the 17th so we should be hearing from her real soon.

Box #6  Is currently visting Marlini @ has this box and is drawing a winner 4/23 so be sure to  stop in for a chance to win this great TSB!!

Well that is where we stand at the moment.  I am still spotty with the interent do to the weather {i.e.- flooding} and broke laptop right now and I'll fill everyone in on that subject as soon as I can.

If there are any questions, please leave me a comment or e-mail me quercus0828 {at} yahoo