Saturday, May 18, 2013

Bye Bye Birdie, Readers, Reading & Winner Winner Chicken Dinner!!

Here we all are recouping from the "It's for the Birds" Blog Hop, remembering all that was share in this tweet little journey.  What fun it was to see all the different birds in all their splendor.  There was almost as many different techniques as there was birds.  Many of which intrigued with me. We are BIG birds and tiny birds.  Wild birds and kept birds.  Dark birds and bright birds.  We even  had some funky birds who looked ready to party the night away!! I  want to once again Thank Madam Samm and Mary for  all that they did to run this hop.  I’m sure it was lots of work, but they seem to make it look effortlessly.  They made a wonderful team.  I also want to Thank everyone who took part and shared their creations with us.  There was a lot of creative ideas that was shown.  And last but not least…. to all of YOU….. our readers and followers.  You help make these blogs fun as you leave your comments for us. Okay now I’m trying to draw a winner for the wonderful Bird bundle and now the internet is sooo NOT playing nice.  There is a fair bit of breeze blowing about and that could be the cause. Or it's the gremlins reeking havoc or maybe the brownies playing the wires. So now I got to wait for the it to reconnect and only the fairies will know when that might be.  But at least I can still write this post as I wait.  Since  I use Windows Live Writer  to write up my blog postings offline just in case as you can never tell.   Ask me how I know this?  LOL. 
Except I can't spin my random number widget so that I can pick a winner for all that nice bright fabric that goes with that wonderful yard of summery Birdie print.  I may have to go "old school" with this.  The good news I had lots and lots of wonderful comments to read.  You all say this sweet things!   I went from 43 followers to 87.  So big thank you to you as a show of support for deciding to follow.  I hope that I can continue to bring you something worthy of your time as you read.  Next week I’m going to add a new  feature to my blog and start sharing reviews of the books that I have been reading.  I have a such a hungry appetite for reading, that I usually have several books going at the same time.  This is a habit of mine from my childhood that had carried over into adulthood once I unlocked the door of my dyslexia after several years of struggling as a child.  Librarians, current and past; watch as I take a rather large stack and place it on the check-out desk.   The range of which I will pick out can go from the classics to murder mysteries to horror to romances and almost everything in between in any given stack.  I can stir up the pot by picking out one author, only to devour everything they have written.  Maybe there is series that caught my eye?  If it has, I feel I MUST  start from the first book to the last; even if that means I may have to wait for it to arrive through the ILL system a week or two later.  The ladies behind these desk quickly learn of my quirks and are only to happy me feed my need to read.   Now that spring is in the air – it is time put up the hammock, grab up a pillow , the current book  and enjoy the sounds of the river just feet away.  To let gently breezes sway me softly under the pines, heard the birds chirping about and laze part of the day quietly away.  I think that could be a great way to spend my day.  Wait … does my eyes deceive or  has the internet  gremlins finally gotten bored???  So What does the mean?  Well… Winner Winner Chicken Dinner!!!!     It’s time to draw a winner for my bird fabric give away!!!   READY…………  GET SET………… DRAW!!!!!  DSCN2589


OMG!!!    ‘It’s Number 90  !!!  If I didn’t take a picture of it,  I wouldn’t have believed it myself!  Congrats goes to MomNanaWolf!!!!!   She wrote the last comment of the day and it turns her into a Winner!!!  
MomNanaWolf  May 16, 2013 at 8:56 PM
Well first let me say I enjoyed reading your blog. This mothers day was the best in my life, you see I have three sons and only one cares enough about me to stay in touch. He gave me a place to come to when my husband walked out on me in Dec. Well this mothers day he picked me up, (just HIM) and took me to Foxwoods Casino in Conn. I at the age of 61 had never been inside a casino before, we spent the whole day having a blast. We played some slots, and played a bit of poker, we didn't win any thing to speak of but I was the biggest winner there. My son made me feel so proud that day, we ate a subway and got coffee at dunkens for the ride home. Like I said it was the best Mothers day I have ever had my son Stephen is my heart. Thanks son for a wonderful day, spent just the two of us. Well all the excitement is over for now, so without much ado; I take my leave with one last Thank You for all your wonderful comments.   I hope to see you next week. Toodles,

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Tweet Tweet Baby!! Tweet Tweet!!

(Pre-recording by a tired & panicky  author  on Monday Night as the posting time draws closer & closer so please excuse any spelling errors)

As I think about how I’m going to start out this posting, I find myself staring out the windows watching the little birds flit about.  This a.m. I have seen a pair of male Orioles vying for the attention of a female who is sitting in a tree on the opposite bank of the river.  I see a plethora of  Robins hopping about for the worms in the grass.  The Chickadees, Cardinals and Sparrows  gather  about the neighbors birdfeeder chattering at each other as they clamor for space.  The Blue Heron was here earlier fishing in pocket of deeper waters in the river behind the house for his breakfast.  As I was mixing a batch of honey wheat bread dough, I hear the Blue Jays squawking at each other in the apple tree that hangs over the neighbors fence.  Yes … it has been quite active this morning in our little vista.

Not much before the announcement of this blog hop,  I had been on a bird kick as spring fever had kicked in.  So I have been make birds for several different reasons and some are WIP’s.  So I made lots of bird themed items.  Some for the 1st time and a few that I had made before and had given away. I also took some pictures of bird themed items around the house to show you.   Some are inside while others are outside.   So let me take you on a tour of my flocks of many birds.

First off are the birds that I had to revisit and make again.  The 1st Pink Flamingo was made last year about this time of year for  a swap and I like it so much that I made it again.  I hand quilted it with the echo stitching.


Then when I made this one after a Wisconsin friend sent me the pink floral print and the bird print, I decide to make it in an Ohio Star pattern with my own feather/bird designs hand stitched around the star.  I had shown this one off and was shocked when someone wanted to buy it.  I sold it, started to make another  but it was put aside.  So when this hop came about, I pulled it back out and finished it.  I really wish I knew what that bird print was called… I so want more of it. LOL.  I  have seen it in blue also during then hop …. oh so pretty!!!  With it is one of the “Bird in the Air”  that I made for the FWS blocks that I’m working on.  I used Marcia Hohn’s  pattern @ quilterscache to be found here.  Again this one too was hand quilted even though it’s hard to tell from this picture. 



Here yet is another  block I did for my quilt block lottery.  We had gotten this wonderful purple fabric as the focus fabric and it immediately spoke bird to me with it’s feathery print.  So for my block, I did a “Birds in the Air” using the pattern; I worked with a quarter of the blocks and appliquéd 3 little bird silhouettes from a pattern that I found …. oh…. crud I misplaced the piece of paper with the info. on it … and added a single  feather  on the large triangle of the block.  These pieces are hand stitched using a tiny blanket stitch.  The background is actually 2 different WoW prints with swirls on them.  I called the block “Birds of a Feather”.  The little birds remind me of the purple martins & swallows that are around the house area.

Misc. feb.2013 058    Ht Bird Block 2

 I still have “Sunflowers & Crows” in the floor hoop and this is also being hand quilted but this one is being done in a cross-hatch pattern.  A first for me but I’m up to averaging 11 or 12 tiny stitches on top within an inch.  But I am enjoying  the slower  pace as I work on it when I feel like it.  There is no rush or need for this one.  I like working  it on when I’m on the phone.  This is my great experiment as I mixed fabrics, stitch length, techniques.



This one is a little closer view of it above.


Another one going project that involves Hummingbirds is my Jack Dempsey Needle Art project using Pattern #293 Interlocking Hummingbirds.  The original pattern called for the use of pinks in the morning glories.  And me being me – well let’s just say the pinks had to go!!  So with thought and pondering  with some drooling over some “wishful thinking ” batiks of greens & purples; I changed up the color scheme.  I’m much happy with the changes since I have enough of these to make at least one very large King size quilt without the sashing & borders.  It’s my trade out project when I need to take a break from something. 

DSCN2552        DSCN2554

Now for the bird items about the house.  With spring here, I put out a new yard flag that I received as part of a secret pal  package from a Quilting Board. com Swap buddy.  It was a prefect thing to show off with the theme for this blog hop.  It has a pair of jaunty little Black Capped Chickadees.  We have these little fellers around the house all year around.  I  think it looks inviting as it sits down by the riverside.  It even has some beautiful  pink flowers on it. 


I have been watching the map for when the Hummingbirds should start migrating back into our area here in Mid-Michigan.  I pulled the feeder out and gave it a good scrubbing, before filling it and hanging out it as a ”birdie welcome mat". Last week I actually saw one of the Orioles visiting it.  And since today I was taken pictures with it, I did a refresh to give it that pretty bright red color  everyone seems to enjoy.  In this picture, The fabric “scrap” was given to me by a neighbor and fellow Wednesday morning quilter just this past week.  I love all the little birds on it. The selvage reads: CP21851 Packed Birds Bird Sanctuary copyright Wild Wings. 


Anyone that really knows me, knows there are many things I LOVE to collect.  Tea items, Thimbles and Hummingbirds.  When there are combined in any combination – even better. {Wink Wink} So here I can show you a couple of them as they relate to birds.  This is one of my tea sets and it has the nicest hummingbird print on them.  In the second picture is a better picture of the tiniest Hummingbird on a thimble.

DSCN2560           DSCN2562

From there we have a collection of note cards with a variety of different birds on them.  Here’s a little hint – one of these chirpy little note cards will be included in my give away so stick around for more on that later.


While I was out taking pictures of all my little birdie offerings, I noticed this nest up in the neighbors apple tree.  I don’t know if there is a family in it yet but I’ll try to listen for one in the days to come.


 So I bet you would really like to know what new items besides the revisits I have been working on like a mad woman since the blog was announced and I was accepted as one of the 108 blogs in this hop?   Okay but I got to warn  ya I’ve been very busy even as I was couch ridden for a messed up back issues.  The first item I did was to make a pillow for my son.  I used one of three pillow covers that was sent to me in a box of scraps from a Quilt and  He likes these couch pillows better than the regular bed pillows.  So I am working on designing him a “Name That Song Title – Beatles Style”  quilt for Christmas if I’m lucky to get it done by then since he is a HUGE Beatles fan.  At 10, he can almost name that tune in 5 notes.  So yeah….. prefect gift.  Well there is a song that was written by Paul McCartney that goes by the name “Blackbird”.  So “Blackbird”  was created by using Lisa Debee Schiller’s “Delightfully Frightful” Raven Pillow that was found on page 90 in the BH&G American Patchwork & Quilting Oct. 2012 issue.  I made birds using Laura Wagner’s fabric for Marcus Brothers textiles.  I thought it had this feather –ish  look about it and I placed mine on a smaller square of 12” finished.


The next one I made I actually made two of them.  Both of these fine feathered babe’s are spoken for as gifts that was part of my Blogiversary give-away.  These little chicks are made from Susan Geddess’s pattern that had appeared in the Quiltmaker’s 100 Blocks collector's edition Vol. 5 of Summer 2012 as block #432 on page 39.  I had used Pellon #805 fusible for the appliqué that I hand appliquéd with a tiny blanket stitch.  They was such bright little fellers.

DSCN2241      DSCN2551

But one of my favorite pieces I did for this hop was my “Blue Birds of Happiness” .  These little darlings remind me of the time I spent out in Pennsylvania and I use to spend lots of time out at one of the wild bird preservation parks.  There were many types of birds to see during our walks on the paths to the wetlands and around the fields.  There were bird houses on every couple fencepost and each spring the blue birds would use them.  They were so colorful I had to do something  with them,  So “Tweet Tweet Baby! Tweet Tweet” came about.  Now I know that they don’t have little head feathers but I took artist creativity with them.   Each of the four was hand drawn and hand embroidered.  Form there I went to little free thinking as I picked out the orange and blue fabric to surround them.  I didn’t have a satin stitch on my machine, but found a tiny blanket- stitch to use instead as I’m trying to finish these little darlings up in time to included them in the posting.  I didn’t measure for exactness but chose to eye ball it.  I mean how CUTE are they?  Right?

 DSCN2547   DSCN2563   DSCN2564

I have to say I had a LOT of fun making all of my projects for this blog hop as my theory was I couldn’t have enough birds to show off.  Although it could come down to something as simple as not being able to make up my mind.   But I have to Thank Madam Samm for all the time she puts into running one of these hop for us to enjoy.  And for Ms. Mary for being our Head Cheerleader this go-a-round.  And to our sponsor Cloth Works.  Be sure to visit the rest of the wonderful bloggers today to see what is happening.

Tuesday, May 14

Bet I got to wonder if you are still with me…..?   Why you might ask….. Well it’s time to talk about the Give-Away!!!!  If you made it this far with me I know you should be reward with a chance to win ….. wait for it……………….ready……….FABRIC!!!  That’s right…. I’m give-away 1 yard of the bird print and 6 matching fat quarters!!!   The pictures doesn’t do the fabric justice in how bright they really are. 


Now to enter  for a chance to win this great prize….. you have to leave me a comment below.  We just had Mother’s Day on Sunday sooooo tell me what you did?  Was it a special day or just another “Plain Jane” day?  For a second chance I would love it if you became a follower or let me know that you been following me for awhile now.  I have several options on the side bar on the right.  I will draw a lucky winner and post on the up coming weekend post .  Please be sure that if YOU win I can reach you.  If you are a “no-reply blogger” …. please … please add your e-mail address in your comment.  If I get 100 followers – I will add another surprise drawing as an extra thank you gift.  

Soooo with blurry eyes, I sleepishly say on to you “Tweet Tweet Baby!! Tweet Tweet!! 



Friday, May 10, 2013

The Birds are Coming! The Birds are Coming!!

Howdy Everyone!!  Come on in and sit a spell. 

This past week has been a super slow week due to the fact I managed to throw out my back from emptying out the barns on the farm property as the new people wishes to use them. So all those lovely boxes from the original move from Pa. to Mi. 4 years ago.  Then there was a couple more changes that caused even more boxes to be stashed in the barns.  Sooooo yeah … lots of boxes that got wet, mouse and bugs running about them, with the half packed or super heavy boxes that was loosely packed but have fragile causalities that have to be sorted out and repacked properly.  FUN! FUN! FUN…NOT!!!!  Trust me this is really not good for someone that back issues to begin with.  Oh Vay!!!

Then on top of all that I’m trying tie up the loose ends on my projects for the current Blog Hop “It’s for the Birds”.  Now don’t worry … I got an item or two done for you to see on my day.  Which, by the way; my day is Tuesday, May 14th, so be sure to come back & see what’s going on.  A couple weeks ago I posted a teaser picture of my give away.  But I will give it to you again.  {wink, wink}  This hop will be hosted by wonderful  Madam Samm of and our head cheerleader is Ms. Mary of on this go around.  I'm soooo excited and I'm really stitching as fast as I can for this hop is scheduled for May 7th -15th. 



Now below is the full schedule of the blog hop so you can go back and visit any blogs that you might have missed.  Some have give away but all of them have some creative examples on the theme of “birds” .  I know that each one would love to have you stop by and would love to see your comments of what your thought.  We also want to give Madam Samm and Mary an extra pat on the back for all they did to get this blog hop going.  Well done Ladies!!

“It’s For the Birds” blog hop schedule

Tuesday, May 7

Wednesday, May 8

Thursday, May 9   Robin Sheaffer

Friday, May 10

Monday, May 13

Tuesday, May 14  {{this is me}}

Wednesday, May 15

Let’s see what else… not much really.  I’m behind on my FWS blocks so there is nothing there to show you. But I’m hoping to get back on horse so to speak soon as I know Y’all are just waiting to see them. 

Currently I’m working on a doll dress pattern for a couple of dollies that will go to deserving little girls for the holidays.  Yes I know… summer isn’t even here yet and I’m already thinking ahead to Christmas.  I’ve never made a doll dress before and this in a challenge since I have to take a pattern that is for an 18”  AG Doll  and make it fit a 14” soft doll that is 10” around the main body/chest area and is 9”  from chin to shoe.  You can see what she looks like here for Soft Doll  There was another doll that I was given that also needs some sort of clothing and looks like Full Plastic Doll. Now I’ve been told that IF I can found them, Preemie Cabbage Patch doll clothes patterns should fit the soft doll.  Anyone got any old Preemie CP baby clothes patterns?  If so – please feel free to contact me via e-mail. Anyhow,  these little girls are in need of clothes before they meet their new “mommies” .  So wish me luck!!  I’m working the 1st one now and will post pictures once I’m done with. 

This Sunday is Mother’s Day – so be sure call Mom, make feel her special with a special meal {rather it be in or out}, maybe some chocolate and/or flowers, a homemade card from the young ones, and if all fails… gift certificate to her favorite quilt shop … you can’t go wrong with quilt-y stuff!!

Okay well I need to get some meds soooo I’m closing this issue for now but remember me on Tuesday, May 14th to see what I have in store for you!!