Friday, July 20, 2012

The Busy Bodies

It Friday 7/20 and I'm slowly starting my day with coffee.

Welcome to the sewing circle! How is everyone? Come on in, pull up a chair & sit a-spell.

It was a nice break in the weather yesterday. I don't think it made it to 70* and with the rain it pleasant enough that I needed a sleeved shirt when we went to the library for a few hours.

Well it's been interesting week with abit of chaos thrown in for good measures when my newest Grand Daughter decided she was a Houdini want-to-be with her cord and had to go through an emergency c-section almost 6 weeks early. Her & Mom are doing fine.

But  anyhow for today I will be sewing together my signature blocks. I have all the prep work is done I just got to dig out the sewing machine and set her up.  I actually thought about doing them by hand but decided not too. 

Instead I have been hand piecing my challenge tulips and discovered that I have a tidy amount of them done.  I have 55 done, ironed, & bagged and another 32 waiting to be ironed out. So if my math is right that is 87 of 168 tulips completed with just under half of them done. I'm sure I would have finished more but others things with deadlines have been added into the mix but I'm happy with the progress after taking the month off when I was working on my show stuff.  I will keep plugging along on them. 

This afternoon I hope to be able to sit down on Sue's baby quilt and "Lawrence of Arabia" for several uninterrupted hours.  I've tryed several times this week but between doc. appt., library group for my son and the many phone calls about about the newest addition ~ I've been hard pressed to get in the half hour I've gotten in. As much as it will aggravate me; I think today will be a cartoon day for the boy child once we do some math.

I also finished my 2nd block of Japanese Sahiko so I can figure out how I'm going to put these together with my son's block.  I'm thinking a thin wall hanging would be suited for the 3 blocks.  But I'll give it more thought before I touch these some time next week.

At some point I need to pull out all my 2.5" scraps to make a ton of 9-patch blocks for an HT swap. Thank Goodness this a totally scrappy swap. So far the count is for 35 ~ 6.5" blocks with a final count to be given later tonight.  Nice thing is these chain stitch quickly even if I'm using the little squares without causing a lot of stress.

So looks like I'm going to be fairly busy with the sewing this weekend with what seems like a variety of things.  I would love to know what everyone has planned this weekend. Please feel free to leave comments, thoughts or whatever you like. I try to reply to them all.

Well I'm off to get things started.

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  1. I am working this weekend! Looks like you are getting a lot done even with life going on. Congrats on the new grandbaby!

    HT count is up to 20x2 plus one for hostess. So, we are making 41 now! I am using mine as leaders and enders for other projects and hope they all just finish that way without any additional time.