Saturday, October 13, 2012

The Winner is......

And the Winnner is....... Coming up shortly. Okay I promised to keep this posting short.

First off I want to thank each  & everyone of you who stopped by and made my very FIRST Blog Hop as a participate and for my 1st give-away.  I'm actually in the process of responsing to each of my 84 comments.  It is taking me a bit of time but I am getting to each of you. 

Thank You Madame Samm & Cherry for allowing me of play along.  It was great fun and I'm looking forward my next one which is "Wicked" and I'm happy to announce my day is on Thursday, Oct. 25th.  I'm  hard at work on my porjects to share with ya on that day. There is more info. if you push the "Wicked" button on the side. 

So enjoy the cookies.... have a cuppa of ? on me as I draw my winner.

The winnner is...... #


  1. Congratulations to Sally. Thanks for taking part, I enjoyed your show and looking forward to the next.

  2. Too cool! Tricia, sent you a message via Q&N! (got my Oct. hexie quilt done too!)

  3. It's really lovely. Thank you so very much. I actually expected it to take a bit longer to get here, given everything. {{{{{Tricia}}}}}, dear friend. You are in my thoughts.