Friday, March 8, 2013

Site-Seeing Day Time Style

Please excuse the mess as I do some re-modelling as Spring is around the corner.... well kind of.... LOL.  I know that snow is still on the ground but the sun is shining and it's currently 38* here in my little piece of Mid-Michigan.    

This week has been has a little off from what I consider to be my "norm".  I had a day out with some of the sewing/knitting circles on Tuesday.  It was a long and satisfying day started when I was started when I was picked at 9:30 am as the last member of the outing.  We then started our long distance trek to the Port Huron side of the state. This is the beginning of our 4 hour trip east of me.  We had a great time with our first stop after lunch at Mary Maxim.  Oh man is this a craft lovers paradise.   I mean this place is beyond HUGE! IF you can think of it for a craft, chances are they have it.  I played with some of the loose rocks for jewelry making, when I got distracted by mini quilts that was hanging over a display and then.... there it was.... the fabric section!!  MUST pet the fabric.... stroke the fabric.... coo.... repeat.... {sigh}.... pet the fabric.... 

I got a few pieces that are for my Q&N Challenge top that I'm going to be adding to the quilt in order to bring the quilt to queen-size.  Me & my Canadian partner are planning to add a sashing stripe that will accommodate some wonder hand applique at the beginning of next month.  So I thought in that area, I would add some yellows, oranges, pinks and purples to give it a pop of brightness.
Color Me Pink
The Purple Triplets
Of course I'm turning to add to my neutral palette so got some browns and tans.  So it seems I was thinking about a caramel mocha latte from lunch at McDonald's. 
Mmm yum!

Shades of Chocolate
The Lattes
 Now I don't know about you but I then found a pattern that I liked on sale and there's a neat shirting print that I didn't have.  I don't have many but this was pretty and calling my name.

In Print & A Print
 The pattern is "Second Hand Clothes" by Bonnie Blue Quilts. It's a really nice usable size of 85" X 93".  With this pattern, it will lend itself to many versions of Scrappy.  So it appeals to my frugal side.  I can add or subtract the number of the blocks to fit the size of a needed project. 

From there we went to Sew Elegant in Fort Gratiot and I just about swooned from just walking into the door.  This place is a color overload and there are narrow aisle ways that allows you to more or less so stand and drool.   There are soooooo many fabrics I can see why they can only put on small sample of them on their website.  I was very very good and didn't buy anything as I still needed to able to purchase my supper.  

As we was driving to Barnes & Nobles, we got to see an antique carousal at Birchwood Mall.  Of course I was able to snap some pictures.  It has been there since they built the mall late 80's/early 90's and it sits in the food court area.  Here is some of the pretty ponies.  I'll show some more in future postings.

They was amazing to look at as it's not everyday that you get to see one of these in a mall.   So the photos were taken and we'll off again.  I had made mention that I wanted to get a little closer to the shore line and then out comes the camera once again as I was able to check some thing off my bucket list.   See Great Lake Huron ... check!

That was breath taking in a couple of ways.  Once I got down the path away from the shelter of the shore line houses, the winds literally took away my ability to draw in air... it was very furious and COLD!!!  It took about 20 minutes to get to normal when I got back in the car.  The views was spectacular as you can see. The visual textures are unbelievable.  I have more pictures that I can share.  If you would like to see them just leave me a comment a long the lines of "more pics please" and I'll put some more on next week. 

We had a great day that also included a stop at Pizza Hut for supper.  I split an order of those new "sliders".  It really helps when multiply people want different toppings.  They are about the size of a Bay's English Muffin and are made of the pan pizza crust. So good!! We had 3 with just mushroom,  then ham, pineapple and black olives, and to round it out the 9 count- bacon, ham and banana peppers. 

As my week went it wasn't so bad as I was very busy on Tuesday and Wednesday.  Wednesday was a day of major errand running.  I had a doctor appointment, lab work done, stopped at the permit office, grocery shopping in Big Rapids, grocery shopping in the village, run to the post office.  Whooo weee- it's a wonder I got anything but  I made good progress on my "To Do" list last week. I think the only thing I didn't get to was baking my cranberry & white chocolate scone cookies.  And I didn't quite finish those 26 tulips, but I did put in a serious dent in them.  I think I only have around 12 left. 

Let's what else?  I'm working on my very 1st Schnibble pattern and should have the top finished before next week to show ya.  I should be able to share some pics of the Valentine Swap that I did with my Canadian friend.  Just waiting for her package to reach her as I got mine today....oooooh pretty!!  I will have my knitting project completed and ready for "show & tell".  Also on March 21st is my 1 year  blog anniversary so I am trying to think of a nice little give away as a way to celebrate it with all of you. 

Just a quick reminder...... This Sunday is Daylight Savings Time.  This is when you set your clocks forward an hour.  Be sure to also check your fire detector batteries too,

 I saw this puzzle picture while at Mary Maxim and thought it was cute and shows the joy of sharing a good quilt.  This seems to be what we all hope for our quilts as they go out into the world.  So this will be my closing picture for the week. 

Quilty Dreams until next week,

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  1. Great blog this week. Love the pics of the merry-go-round - beautiful horses. You can feel the cold with your lake pics - very chillingly
    Fabulous nice to cuddle. Can't wait to see the Valentine surprize......yeah.
    Love your closing pic......a quilt, a cat and a child - so sweet.

    hugs and stitches