Saturday, May 18, 2013

Bye Bye Birdie, Readers, Reading & Winner Winner Chicken Dinner!!

Here we all are recouping from the "It's for the Birds" Blog Hop, remembering all that was share in this tweet little journey.  What fun it was to see all the different birds in all their splendor.  There was almost as many different techniques as there was birds.  Many of which intrigued with me. We are BIG birds and tiny birds.  Wild birds and kept birds.  Dark birds and bright birds.  We even  had some funky birds who looked ready to party the night away!! I  want to once again Thank Madam Samm and Mary for  all that they did to run this hop.  I’m sure it was lots of work, but they seem to make it look effortlessly.  They made a wonderful team.  I also want to Thank everyone who took part and shared their creations with us.  There was a lot of creative ideas that was shown.  And last but not least…. to all of YOU….. our readers and followers.  You help make these blogs fun as you leave your comments for us. Okay now I’m trying to draw a winner for the wonderful Bird bundle and now the internet is sooo NOT playing nice.  There is a fair bit of breeze blowing about and that could be the cause. Or it's the gremlins reeking havoc or maybe the brownies playing the wires. So now I got to wait for the it to reconnect and only the fairies will know when that might be.  But at least I can still write this post as I wait.  Since  I use Windows Live Writer  to write up my blog postings offline just in case as you can never tell.   Ask me how I know this?  LOL. 
Except I can't spin my random number widget so that I can pick a winner for all that nice bright fabric that goes with that wonderful yard of summery Birdie print.  I may have to go "old school" with this.  The good news I had lots and lots of wonderful comments to read.  You all say this sweet things!   I went from 43 followers to 87.  So big thank you to you as a show of support for deciding to follow.  I hope that I can continue to bring you something worthy of your time as you read.  Next week I’m going to add a new  feature to my blog and start sharing reviews of the books that I have been reading.  I have a such a hungry appetite for reading, that I usually have several books going at the same time.  This is a habit of mine from my childhood that had carried over into adulthood once I unlocked the door of my dyslexia after several years of struggling as a child.  Librarians, current and past; watch as I take a rather large stack and place it on the check-out desk.   The range of which I will pick out can go from the classics to murder mysteries to horror to romances and almost everything in between in any given stack.  I can stir up the pot by picking out one author, only to devour everything they have written.  Maybe there is series that caught my eye?  If it has, I feel I MUST  start from the first book to the last; even if that means I may have to wait for it to arrive through the ILL system a week or two later.  The ladies behind these desk quickly learn of my quirks and are only to happy me feed my need to read.   Now that spring is in the air – it is time put up the hammock, grab up a pillow , the current book  and enjoy the sounds of the river just feet away.  To let gently breezes sway me softly under the pines, heard the birds chirping about and laze part of the day quietly away.  I think that could be a great way to spend my day.  Wait … does my eyes deceive or  has the internet  gremlins finally gotten bored???  So What does the mean?  Well… Winner Winner Chicken Dinner!!!!     It’s time to draw a winner for my bird fabric give away!!!   READY…………  GET SET………… DRAW!!!!!  DSCN2589


OMG!!!    ‘It’s Number 90  !!!  If I didn’t take a picture of it,  I wouldn’t have believed it myself!  Congrats goes to MomNanaWolf!!!!!   She wrote the last comment of the day and it turns her into a Winner!!!  
MomNanaWolf  May 16, 2013 at 8:56 PM
Well first let me say I enjoyed reading your blog. This mothers day was the best in my life, you see I have three sons and only one cares enough about me to stay in touch. He gave me a place to come to when my husband walked out on me in Dec. Well this mothers day he picked me up, (just HIM) and took me to Foxwoods Casino in Conn. I at the age of 61 had never been inside a casino before, we spent the whole day having a blast. We played some slots, and played a bit of poker, we didn't win any thing to speak of but I was the biggest winner there. My son made me feel so proud that day, we ate a subway and got coffee at dunkens for the ride home. Like I said it was the best Mothers day I have ever had my son Stephen is my heart. Thanks son for a wonderful day, spent just the two of us. Well all the excitement is over for now, so without much ado; I take my leave with one last Thank You for all your wonderful comments.   I hope to see you next week. Toodles,

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