Tuesday, July 30, 2013

“It’s Beginning To Look Like Christmas ….”

So yeah I’m late posting this week but I’m have a few things that I can tell ya about.  On Saturday “Boy Child” (aka bc) & I went with a friend to her have her new lens put into her frames with a small side note is that her eye doctor is down in the Otisville area.  Which is 2 1/2 hours in each direction. We did have a late start to the day which threw a bit of a monkey wrench in the works. So we had a nice scenic trip after stopping at McDonald’s for spot of breakfast and off we go.  Well then after what seemed like forever according to the boy child (who actual had his hand-held game system with him) we are finally on our way.  Now you have to realize, I gave the S.O. the information that I had, which was we were going to eye doctor. I had no prior knowledge of any other plans were in the works.

But we end up in Flint area to visit my friend’s family and see her new great grand daughter after an ice cream stop where the boy child got a scoop of Dinosaur Ice Cream.   From there we went to Frankenmuth for a meal at Zehnder’s for their famous Chicken dinner.  Oh MY!!!  There you get served family style and it’s all you can eat.  They have a frozen a raspberry lemonade that is divine … prefect for a hot, muggy day. 


 DSCN3037  DSCN3038

The appetizers are cranberry relish, chicken noodle soup, cottage cheese, coleslaw, garlic toast with chicken liver pate and garden vegetable spread, then tops those off with homemade white bread and Stollen bread with raspberry jam.  From there the meal comes along with Chicken, Mashed Potatoes, stuffing, gravy, maple glazed carrots, butter noodles. You can can more see info. (menu).  The boy child LOVED the butter noodles topped with the cracker crumbles.  we had to get more of those, and while he was waiting for those; the Zehnder’s Chicken came around and  took a picture with bc.  To say we ate well is an understatement. Oy Vey!!!  The bc even got to add 3 more scoops of cold ice cream & sherbet to wrap up his meal. 


We was soooooo stuffed that we more or less waddled out to the car.  From there my friend went on with another surprise.  We went to Bonner’s!!! 2 1/2 acres of everything Christmas!!! 

DSCN3231 DSCN3230

We definite needed to walk off some of that dinner we just ate before geting back into the car for several more hours.  I took lots of pictures as this was my 1st time here too.  If you can think it, most likely they have it.  This place has eye candy from floor to ceiling!


Someone is already thinking about what needs to go on his list. And I’m trying to decide which ONE item will be the one going home with me.  The choices are limitless from occupation themed tress to country themes to wildlife and to Jim Shore’s.  They even had a Halloween display that captured bc’s attention. 

Fireman's Tree DSCN3045

DSCN3105 DSCN3086

I will bring you more photos in the posting to come as I took over 250 pictures … okay … it was closer to 300 pictures on that trip. One thing we did do was to grab one of the maps that is offered at the front of the store.  It’s so big they have signs all over the place handing from the ceilings which makes you look up.  We heard several families on cell phones to find each other. 

DSCN3116 DSCN3054

There are sooo many ornaments… and not just the traditional ones that you would think of. 

DSCN3052 DSCN3200

Well after much wondering around we finally headed out to head home.  We made it home just before 11 PM.  It was a long day. 

This week I spent time sewing on some things like testing a table runner pattern and doing some hand work on a piece for my partner in the Santa Sack Swap that I’m taking part of.  But for now I can’t show any of the photos on my WIP’s.  I been trying to get myself back into gear with that but I’m finally got the sewing machine out and working on things again.   I’m going to have a book review for you at the end of the week as I’m down to the last chapter. So I hope you’ll come back for that.  Of course there are lots of pictures to come back to see from Bronner’s. 

So I see you this upcoming weekend. 



  1. Hi Tricia, I live in Australia & a few years ago I had the pleasure of visiting Frankenmuth with a busload of Aussie quilting ladies. We had dinner at Zehnders(great food, but didn't see the big chicken) & also visited Bronners. Shopped & shopped there(even had to send some stuff home by post). Had a wonderful time. We stayed at the hotel next door to Bronners so we were able to make several visits there. Thanks for the photos to once again remind me what a great trip we had in America.

    1. Hi Linny
      Oh I'm so glad to be able to walk you down memory lane with my trip to Frankenmuth. This was the 1st time to Bronner's and it was amazing!!! When we was leaving, I saw the hotel next door as it has an attached waterpark and slide that comes outside and then back in. I'll be posting more pictures from the Bronner's trip in weeks to come. Thank You for stopping by my blog and I am looking forward to sharing them with you.


  2. Wow you two look like you had a fantastic time. I was to Frankenmuth in 1994 with my sister & mom..Just loved Bonners.....could live there...lol. Now I get where all those ornament pics came from over at Q&N...busy busy. Love the owl one you took.
    The food looks yummy...makes me hungry right now and it is the wee hrs of the am....can't sleep.
    Talk to you soon

    hugs and stitches


    1. Hiya Debbieann!!!

      I made sure to take that owl picture with you in mind! I got some turtles to show ya too. ;) Hee Hee. Talk to you soon my friend. Thanks for stopping by Hun.