Sunday, March 24, 2013

Losing Control!!!

I hereby am declare that I need a REAL vacation!! 

This week has been competing with my own version of  the 7 levels of Hades!  It started with the S.O. finally going back to the hospital for basically the same thing as he did in Jan. but without the pneumonia.  Of course this day,  the Mother Nature decided to be a "redheaded witch" with wonderful lake effect weather...NOT!!!!  After 8 hours in the ER, they finally decide to admit him, now we what for another hour for a bed and getting him settled in for the night; I  FINALLY get to go home.  Now the weather hasn't improve by much since we went in.  It's just about dark, the temps are falling, the wind chill has dropped from what felt like  9*F from earlier in the day to almost 0*.  The winds are screaming across the flat empty fields and howls around the corners of buildings. Combine those with fishtailing on the slicks of black ice roads and suicidal deer and oh what fun to be had as I travel the pothole riddled, back roads to dirt of my driveway. 

The stress of driving at top speed of 25 to 30 mph has combined with the happenings of the day that the Tullamore Dew is shouting my name as I rubber-leg it down the dark hill to the house.  The oh-so-sweet Irish Whiskey Siren calls to my Irish Blood.  This is the last bottle of the coveted Tullie that made the journey from Pennsylvania when I moved back to Michigan '09.

Meet Tullie
I had been "tiff-ing" (as he puts it) with the S.O. about the trip to the hospital for a week already and now that happened I just need a mental break so me and Tullie pick up the phone to call our super supportive Canadian friend -- Ms. D. -- who joins the venting party as she listens.  This "Pour Me 3 Fingers" meeting was just the thing after such the day. 

On the flip side - the rest of the week was an OCD nightmare!  The house looks like it might pass one of my mother's white glove inspections -- and she wasn't even the military parent!!!  The cats keep watching me as I'm running the vac multiple times a day, and taking a couple of old toothbrushes to various things. 

But when the cats watch as "Mom" broke out 30 large brown grocery bags to sort scraps of fabric they thought is was a great game!! That was until "mom" realized what she doing, she stopped - emptied them all out, stopped counting, re-sorted to 3 bags for her Farmer's Wife Sampler (FWS) Quilt blocks.  Dang it !!  We kitties loved to tip the bags over while she was sorting into all of them.  It was kind of funny to watch "Mom" try to keep them all upright; although there was a lot of  colorful language being tossed about along with all those bits of fabric.

The "3 Brown Bag" system
Well "Mom" is back and have chased the kitties out of the bags and off the 'puter.  For my FWS I decided to do two things.  I'm keeping a separate journal just for this quilt so that hopefully my future generations of my bloodline might be interested in the story behind the history of the quilt by leaving the journal to answer the "why's" & "whatnot's".  I'm kind of expanding on others have done with other similar quilts... but from my "day in a life of " point of view.  I think it would be nice to do and besides maybe in a 100 years this quilt and this journal will be on display somewhere in a museum! 

Why am I doing this quilt? Well I joined in with some of the girls in my "The Quilt and Needle" online group.  Each week on Mondays, we get a new block drawn and posted from a randomness system.  We aren't doing these in order so it's a bit of a weekly mystery to see which block we get.  I have been looking at this quilt online & in pictures for a couple years now.  I hope that one day I might be brave enough to tackle the Dear Jane quilt but the shear size of that one scares me with all 225  - 4" finished blocks and triangles and it seems that one has 5602 pieces in it.  Wow... Really?   So yeah .... soooo not ready for that one yet but with FWS it has 6" finished blocks. That tp me seems to be a little more mangable. Considering this will be a "learning" quilt as I go on. I've not done paper piecing yet and there are some of those in this quilt.

So what is the "3 Brown Bag" system?  Well as you can see in the picture above, you sort out your scraps into the 3 bags accordingly.  For me, a scrap is under a partical remenant of a FQ and smaller.  Now with this system, I developed my own rules.  Once I have decided what block I'm going to be making;  I reach into the bag of said desired fabrics.  There is No Peeking! and there is No Trade-ies!! What comes out must be used!  Frightening isn't it?

This permits me to do a completely "uncontrolled" scrappy verses what I call a "controlled" scrappy. What those are is you controll the scrappiness to a point.  You decide you want a Batik quilt using your scraps or to do it in shades of colors (ie: blues and tans). You are controlling an element within the quilt. 

Now as you might figure out with the other method, it is just blind luck.  I know that it is a really scary thing not to have "control" but on the other hand -- it can be freeing!!  The hardest part is giving up the "control", 'specially for a person that has OCD issues.  But on the flip side is that people that have tried my "crazy" method and they find that taking that whole decision precess, they relax quite a bit.  And then that is the quilt becomes on of the thier most favorite quilt that they sometimes have to "fight off" other family members and/or friends for it ... LOL. ;) 

Okay so you still aren't convinced with this system.  Trust I sooooooo understand!  How about we try it on a smaller scale?  Try to get you hands on 3 brown lunch bags and start out small.  I know that most quilters hae that "scrap" drawer or pile or basket that needs to be sorted, maybe ironed too.  Let me help with that.... mark the bags like I did in the picture above. All pieces!  Rather they be CW, 30's, modern, batiks, big prints, little prints..... just those 3 bags.  Now that they are all sorted.... found the bag tops down a time or two and give them a good shake.  Shoot!! If there is a little person somewhere about the house that has two thumbs.... hand them the bags and let them go to town by causing a mini fabric earthquake in the bags for a minute or two.  It's a great way to get them involved.  Okay now choose your first block.  Decide light, meduim, dark.  Unroll the tops, reach in, pull the bit out and then use.  Oh if the wee ones wants to "help" let them do the grabbing.  Who knows maybe this might end up being a bonding project and/or you inspire them to take up quilting too.  Nothing like being a mentor and pass on a useful skill and art form.  Remember there is NO PEEKING & NO TRADE-IES!!  This is a challenge of honesty with yourself when it comes to the fabrics that are being drawn.  So are you up to the challenge? Well ... follow me.... 'cuz here we go!

I got my first 3 FWS blocks done.  And so far I have ended up with 2 blocks that I really like and one so-so block but I'm sticking to my guns on this!  In the 1st picture is block #4 Basketweave and #33 Farmer's Puzzle.  I have been trying to make these 2 blocks for the past week as I'll dealing with all that is currently going on with my S.O. and my OCD.  So when I finally got the 2 of them to some what resemble the picture... I called them done.  With their points that will actually get whacked off  as they are assembled later and the "weak" differences in #4 block.  Sticking to the Rules no matter how much I want to break them.  Now for this week I actually wandered off and did my own choice for a blocks as I really wanted a block that didn't need lots of thought behind it. So in the 2nd picture you can see my pick of #56-Maple Leaf.  Again I got lucky on the fabrics for this block. And I was glad I was able to do this block in the 1st effort with the week I had been having.  Wheeeewwie ... join me as I wipe the sweat off my brow. 

Bet you thought I was done with sewing .... right?  Nope ... once I finally got settled down yesterday pushed on.  I managed to quit fighting the urge to take my 4 Schnibble blocks completily apart and put they back together as is.... mess up's and all.  There was a plan when I started this since I had 2 matching "Antique Fair" charm packs that I wanted to use in this wonderful pattern that my other quilty friend - Ms. P.  has sent me.  Now I have the center done, this week I'll cut & attach the border to finish it off for a while. 

 A Work In Progress.

I also had started a couple little "chicks" mini quilts as one was for the giveaway from last week.  But I fell behind on those.  I only got the fusing stage done, 'though I think think their cuteness is starting to show.

I'm going to do something special for each of the 4 persons that had entered my little giveaway last week.  Everybody WINS!!!

Kris from QB was the prize package winner. 
Ms. Pat  wins the 2nd chick mini. 
Ms. Midge of Q&N wins a Fabric pincushion
and last but not least Ms. Debbieann wins a Knitted pincushion. 

Ladies do know that there is a slight delay in the making & sending of the prizes but they are coming ASAP!  as thing are going to be backto normal here shortly as I was just told that S.O. is ready for release and the oxygen man has been here to set up the machine, tanks, instrustions for running the oxygen equipment aand B-PAP machine that is coming home too.  It also appears we are gearing up for another round of "Pass the Patient Around the Specialist Circle" again.  Well nothing like hand work for waiting rooms.

Ohhhhh good news in the e-mail box.... I just found out I was able to sign up to take part in the "It's for the Birds" blog hop.   Hosted by Madam Samm of  and has Ms. Mary of . This hop is scheduled for May 7th -15th and I already have a couple things that I can finish up for this one and IF I'm really lucky I'll have a new project for the hop too!! YEAH!!!

 Sew we quilt


Wow ... I know super long post this week but I sure hope you made it to the end and might consider leaving a comment or two for me.  Now it's time to go get the Mister from the hospital.


Thursday, March 21, 2013

Making my claim!!

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I hereby am trying to make my claim to my blog.  I'm trying to do the blog transfer before the deadline in case I should run to run into problems.  Just as I was getting use to this one!  Geezzzz!!


Friday, March 15, 2013

It's an "ing" week.

Sewing, Blog Hopping, Revealing and Pondering -- Oh MY!!

It's not surprising that I spent time this week sewing this week -- that is what I do.  Actually I do spend lots of time with my sewing machine or on the Internet  wandering about the www on different things about quilts.  But I know that I'm not the only one that does this -- so I don't worry.  Especially since tomorrow is NATIONAL QUILTING DAY!!!!  Yeah!  So I tomorrow I will celebrating the holiday by ...okay big surprise here....yeah that is sarcasm ... Sewing!  LOL.  I'm still working on that Schnibble  that I started last week I believe. 

I was at the point that I had half the sashing on it when I realized that I had made an error so I started to frog it.  Then the second guess kicked in and then again and yet again.  I just got to the point I was getting mental whiplash as I whip around my decisions that I threw my hands in the air with a growl and went back to what I done in the first place.  Of course this was after I tore apart the blocks back down to rows.  The scene resembled a  Humpty Dumpty nursery rhyme causality.  Okay now to start putting them all together... again. 

Ballet Slipper Block #3

Then Ms. D. (from my weekly sewing circle @ the library) was suppose to teach me how to paper piece. Hurrah!! I think as I'm planning to learn so that I could add the skill so that I might be able to work on it as practice before attempting some blocks in the the Dear Jane, or some thing of the type in the future.  Ummmmmm ... well .... what I didn't know was she also learning too with her 1st project.   Wait ... WHAT?!!!! Not only that but I was told we would be working on a mini where the average block size is 2" Finished. REALLY????? Okay - so then riddle me this, if that was the case why is she working on 6 or 8" blocks that are in crazy quilt fashion?   Soooooooo  no this didn't go well.  But what did happen was what I call "grabbing the project bull by the horns" and suggest that we start working on our UFO's next week.  See Ms. D. falls in that quilt shop trap and has a new project every week and the following week ... a new UFO. We'll see how this progresses in the next few weeks.  

This week was the Nancy Drew Blog Hop that was hosted by Madam Samm of Sew We Quilt   and then there was Cheerleader Carol of Just let Me Quilt.  Oh what a trip down memory lane that it evoked from the many happy hours reading these books and spending time in whatever library I was closest to.  I have to say reading was my one constant companion as I was going up. Any hows, I'm was saying I had LOTS of fun doing this hop and I'm hoping to win a little something. I understand that getting this fabric was somewhat difficult and there was a delay but the quilters came up with many creative and beautiful items with their "Get A Clue With Nancy Drew" fabric line by Simon & Schuster for Moda.  You can get a sneak peek of the line here.

For those of you who like blog hopping I believe the next one starts on the 20th with Jane of Jane's Fabrics is the Cheerleader and Madam Samm is Hosting it.  This is one that I wish I had know about before this 'cuz I would have joined up for a space to play hostess since I LOVE stitchery.  This one is called "Stitch Me Up" and I added the button for it on the right.  Be sure to stop in and give it a look see when it start next week.  

Oh yeah I have a reveal for ya!!!  Do you remember when I posted this sneak peek.

Sneak Peek

Well I bet you would love to find out what it was!!!  This was what I made my Canadian friend for our personal St. Valentine's Day swap. The rules was to use red, pink, white, chocolate brown and some sort of charm.  So this was what I came up with. This is an OOAK design that I sketched out over the period of more than a week of phone calls with my middle child.  it actually is the combination of 2 such drawings or doodlings.  From there I proceeded to start stitching with a system that was 1 thread for red, 2 of pink and 3 for white.  After many nights of stitching this is what I came up with. The charm says "Love (luv) n. v. : a passionate feeling for another person."  I think it made for a fitting piece for this wall hanging for a very special friend.  

The Finish
Close up

Super Close Up W/Charm

I forgot to take a picture of all that went into the package so hopefully my Canadian friend send me a pic. so that I can show it to you next week.  At which time I will reveal what I got too.  This was soooo much fun that we decided to do it again. Whoot Whoot!!

Hummmmm .... I just realized that next Thursday  on the 21st is my 1 Year Blogiversary.  Now  what am I going to do to celebrate such a wondrous occasion?  Well I'm going to have a Give Away Of Course!!!!  How can I not!!    But what?  Okay this is where I want some feedback so further down in this post I'll tell how.

I had to show you my 1st completed knitting project.  I  might have a few dropped stitches and I split the yarn a few time but it went from this:

It begins!!

Now what to do with all these?
Ahhhh Yea ... A solution!!

So what you think?  The nice thing is thing is that it is actually pretty heavy and it's a nice that the cats can't steal my hook and scissors.  Maybe you would like one of these as part of the Blogiversary Give Away?

Now last week I should you some pictures of the Merry-Go-Around that I took from a recent outting.  Well here are some more for you to enjoy. 

Okay I gave it some thought as to what I'm going to do for my give away and decide on asking you a question because I'm looking for a project to do with my son this summer during his break. 

I really want to know what is your favorite free pattern ? 

You can leave more than one comment for a chance at my prize package that is just a little bit of a mystery right now.  I can see a small wall hanging with a baby chick on it (Sneak Peek coming in day or two), a book, a homemade pincushion and fabric in some form. 

But I would love it if you also became a follower too!!  Please be sure I can reach you.  If you don't have a blog, you can sign the end of your comment by leaving an e-mail address so that it looks like this:  name address@ (?) dot com.  So it would look like this sort of....  Tric @ Yahoo dot com.  

To become a follower,  I know of a couple ways to do this. 

1.) Over on the right side side of this post you will see my side bar in a slightly darker green.  If you scroll down a bit until you see the little picture thumbnails and just above that,  you will see a blue "Join this Group" button that you can click on that, a second window will open and with a couple clicks and you are signed up. 

2.) Also just under the little pictures, there is a blue "Follow By Mail" button -- that will allow you to see my postings "hot off the presses" in your e-mail. 

3.) Other way is to you can even add the link to your favorites with your "Add to Favorites" button.

 With anyone of those options you can become a follower.   I thank you for becoming a follower and I hope you will enjoy reading this blogeach week.

I will do a random drawing on Friday, March 22nd.  Also let me know if you like to would to have a knitted or fabric pincushion. 

Well it's beyond time for me to put this to bed, so I bid you good evening 'til next week.

Toodles with Quilty Dreams,

Friday, March 8, 2013

Site-Seeing Day Time Style

Please excuse the mess as I do some re-modelling as Spring is around the corner.... well kind of.... LOL.  I know that snow is still on the ground but the sun is shining and it's currently 38* here in my little piece of Mid-Michigan.    

This week has been has a little off from what I consider to be my "norm".  I had a day out with some of the sewing/knitting circles on Tuesday.  It was a long and satisfying day started when I was started when I was picked at 9:30 am as the last member of the outing.  We then started our long distance trek to the Port Huron side of the state. This is the beginning of our 4 hour trip east of me.  We had a great time with our first stop after lunch at Mary Maxim.  Oh man is this a craft lovers paradise.   I mean this place is beyond HUGE! IF you can think of it for a craft, chances are they have it.  I played with some of the loose rocks for jewelry making, when I got distracted by mini quilts that was hanging over a display and then.... there it was.... the fabric section!!  MUST pet the fabric.... stroke the fabric.... coo.... repeat.... {sigh}.... pet the fabric.... 

I got a few pieces that are for my Q&N Challenge top that I'm going to be adding to the quilt in order to bring the quilt to queen-size.  Me & my Canadian partner are planning to add a sashing stripe that will accommodate some wonder hand applique at the beginning of next month.  So I thought in that area, I would add some yellows, oranges, pinks and purples to give it a pop of brightness.
Color Me Pink
The Purple Triplets
Of course I'm turning to add to my neutral palette so got some browns and tans.  So it seems I was thinking about a caramel mocha latte from lunch at McDonald's. 
Mmm yum!

Shades of Chocolate
The Lattes
 Now I don't know about you but I then found a pattern that I liked on sale and there's a neat shirting print that I didn't have.  I don't have many but this was pretty and calling my name.

In Print & A Print
 The pattern is "Second Hand Clothes" by Bonnie Blue Quilts. It's a really nice usable size of 85" X 93".  With this pattern, it will lend itself to many versions of Scrappy.  So it appeals to my frugal side.  I can add or subtract the number of the blocks to fit the size of a needed project. 

From there we went to Sew Elegant in Fort Gratiot and I just about swooned from just walking into the door.  This place is a color overload and there are narrow aisle ways that allows you to more or less so stand and drool.   There are soooooo many fabrics I can see why they can only put on small sample of them on their website.  I was very very good and didn't buy anything as I still needed to able to purchase my supper.  

As we was driving to Barnes & Nobles, we got to see an antique carousal at Birchwood Mall.  Of course I was able to snap some pictures.  It has been there since they built the mall late 80's/early 90's and it sits in the food court area.  Here is some of the pretty ponies.  I'll show some more in future postings.

They was amazing to look at as it's not everyday that you get to see one of these in a mall.   So the photos were taken and we'll off again.  I had made mention that I wanted to get a little closer to the shore line and then out comes the camera once again as I was able to check some thing off my bucket list.   See Great Lake Huron ... check!

That was breath taking in a couple of ways.  Once I got down the path away from the shelter of the shore line houses, the winds literally took away my ability to draw in air... it was very furious and COLD!!!  It took about 20 minutes to get to normal when I got back in the car.  The views was spectacular as you can see. The visual textures are unbelievable.  I have more pictures that I can share.  If you would like to see them just leave me a comment a long the lines of "more pics please" and I'll put some more on next week. 

We had a great day that also included a stop at Pizza Hut for supper.  I split an order of those new "sliders".  It really helps when multiply people want different toppings.  They are about the size of a Bay's English Muffin and are made of the pan pizza crust. So good!! We had 3 with just mushroom,  then ham, pineapple and black olives, and to round it out the 9 count- bacon, ham and banana peppers. 

As my week went it wasn't so bad as I was very busy on Tuesday and Wednesday.  Wednesday was a day of major errand running.  I had a doctor appointment, lab work done, stopped at the permit office, grocery shopping in Big Rapids, grocery shopping in the village, run to the post office.  Whooo weee- it's a wonder I got anything but  I made good progress on my "To Do" list last week. I think the only thing I didn't get to was baking my cranberry & white chocolate scone cookies.  And I didn't quite finish those 26 tulips, but I did put in a serious dent in them.  I think I only have around 12 left. 

Let's what else?  I'm working on my very 1st Schnibble pattern and should have the top finished before next week to show ya.  I should be able to share some pics of the Valentine Swap that I did with my Canadian friend.  Just waiting for her package to reach her as I got mine today....oooooh pretty!!  I will have my knitting project completed and ready for "show & tell".  Also on March 21st is my 1 year  blog anniversary so I am trying to think of a nice little give away as a way to celebrate it with all of you. 

Just a quick reminder...... This Sunday is Daylight Savings Time.  This is when you set your clocks forward an hour.  Be sure to also check your fire detector batteries too,

 I saw this puzzle picture while at Mary Maxim and thought it was cute and shows the joy of sharing a good quilt.  This seems to be what we all hope for our quilts as they go out into the world.  So this will be my closing picture for the week. 

Quilty Dreams until next week,

Friday, March 1, 2013

List & Pics!!!

Hey Y'all!!  Here in Mid-Michigan we had more snow visit us and it's a whole 23* F. before the wind chill on the semi-bright day. The Chickadees are flittering about on the branches of the neighbors apple tree lending a bit of color against the super bright white background.  So why not grab a cup of your favorite hot beverage and settle in warm up by the stove.  Glad you was able to stop in for a spell.

So I can't wait tell ya what's all new and happening this week.  I found I had a very productive week and of course we have new eye candy to look at in several forms.  The 1st thing I did today was to sit down with my coffee and list making supplies so that I could decide what I wanted to do this week.  So with coffee in the veins and pencil in hand,  I'm off.... sound the charge!  So far my list looks like this:
  • Decide on a border design for my HT Mystery Top  Decided to try ribbon border late Friday Night
  • Make the borders for the 2 Red & Green Doll quilts for donating for Christmas Festival  Added both sets of borders Sat. Afternoon & in sandwich mode
  • Continue to hand quilt for one hour on  "Sunflower & Crows" Had a date with Beethoven Sunday afternoon Monday & Thursday
  • Sew together some of my scrap blocks for donating doll quilts for Christmas Festival Completed on Sat. Afternoon 
  • Finish hand piecing the last 26 tulips
  • Design a personal swap pattern  Drew 1st Draft on Sat. Afternoon
  • Cut out a Schnibble pattern.   Finished cutting out Sunday
  • Finish reading at least one of my current reads - I have 3 going right now.  Almost finished with 2nd book
  • Finish at least 2 more layers on new knitting project. 
  • Make batch of Cranberry & White Chocolate Chip Scone Cookies.
Yes, I know it sure looks like a lot don't it.  LOL.  But some of this is busy work for the evenings or when I'm out and about running errands this week.  Some things, like adding on simple but small borders for doll quilts; I can do in one sitting.  I usually cut in multiple batches.  I have some scrappy 6.5" blocks already together so I can start chain-stitching them together.  When I'm hand quilting - I tend to do approximately do a minimum of just over an hour at a time since that is normally the length of one Cd of the Cd Book that I'm listening to.  Etc., etc..  And of course all this will be recorded in my quilt journal as I like to see what I have accomplished. Since I have started to keep track, I don't think I've missed more a couple of days in total in almost 2 years.

So are we ready for some eye candy?  One of the things that I did this week was to catch up and finish my (HT) mystery top as directed up to the point of borders.  So due to a special surprise I was am to take part in this and here is what I came up with. 

I went from this....

To this.... 

So now I'm contemplating on a border for it.  I really don't want to do my normal single strip of one color for it.  I'm thinking I might try something different, something I haven't done yet, which in reality leaves a world of designs to choose from.  LOL.  I do know that I want the red fabric to add that extra little pop with the focus fabric flowers  (wow...say that fast a few

Some of my other stitching includes some red and white triangles that I made some time back but managed to sew them wrong according to the block instructions so they got tossed into a box of scraps.  Well I dug them out, decided to square them up to 4.5" and made 2 Ohio star blocks out of them.  I'm going to turn them into doll quilts to go with the soft dolls that I'm making for our village Christmas Festival.  They will be added to Santa's bag to give out. 

 I know the red looks darker in the block but there is hints of the brighter red is there.  Nice thing is I still had the solid red from that table runner project so I didn't need to purchase anything for this project so far.  Got to like when that happens.  And to me these won't look overly "Christmas-y" even though these are the more traditional colors. 

This week my loving S.O. decided to try a new recipe that he had found online.  It's one of his favorite things to do when he can't sleep.  Any how, he found a recipe for a cheese souffle.  I have to admit that as much as I LOVE to cook, I thought that making one of these required a special skill .... only to find out that it's actually not that hard to do.  Now we don't currently own a souffle dish but we do have a 6 cup Pyrex bowl.  So since those things are oven proof, it was put to good use.  Tada......

Before the hoards attack

Breakfast is served!!

The funny thing is ..... I'm sooooo not a breakfast person!!  It's usually brunch time around here so that I can get at least 2 cups of coffee in me so that I become more human-like before food is served.  On this day he waited and timed it out just perfectly.  Made some hash browns and popped in some English Muffins to which I was able to add my orange marmalade to.   Yummmmmm!!! It was nice to have some marmalade in the house again!  It never fails ... when I get a hankering for something it is almost never in the house. Dang that Murphy & his  bloody law!!

This past week I was able to partake in some out-of-the-house time with my friend from my local sewing circle.  It was really nice to go along and have some time to pet some nice soft yummy cottons, flannel and minky. We had made it to a little Amish shop that is in Clare and the joy of it all on a snowy day.  The best part was I didn't have to drive so that was a good  It was funny ... I was told we would be visiting several stores in the area so I knew what was in my pocket for spending and that I could buy a few FQ's at best as still be able to buy my lunch.  Yeah Right!!!!  The long & short of it is .... I came home loaded down.  Here is part of the bounty that I was only going to buy the pattern print out for "Hidden Stars" 'cuz I was sticking to my serious budget plan .... I ended up with everything but the backing for it....included the batting!!  All without dropping a dime as I guess my friend decided I needed a nice pick-up-me after all that I've been through of late.

The Yummy Fabrics for "Hidden Stars"
I  really liked the sample that was hanging up as this "Hidden Star" pattern is done with 4-patch blocks instead of the normal 9-patch block and was made from a Kansas Troubles (?) line.  This particular layer cake is my 1st one so I don't care that it wasn't the most current one as I LOVE Holly Taylor's fabric lines.  The  one yard of brown fabric is one of her current ones and will used as a border.  The ohhh so buttery Moda yellow is 2 yards and destined to become the "stars" and the binding for this quilt.  I'm not much for yellows, but I just kept going back to it.  I was only looking to buy a FQ so that I could take home to admire it until I found a nice pattern worth of it.  I thought that I was helping my friend pick out the fabrics for herself..... Surprise!!!  We only manage to visit this store and have lunch as the weather was starting to go downhill.  So once lunch was over end wandered closer to home but we ended up @ her place.  Where she taught me how to do a simple knit stitch.  So while I was clacking along with my size 4 needles, trying to get my tension right;  she starts pulling out books to look at (& a few to keep) and 3 of those embroidery boxes filled with flosses for me to take home.  It appears she is got so much stuff that she has been trying to thin the masses so to speak and I'm to be the receiver.   Free is Always a good thing and her loss is my gain!!!  Thank You very much. 

A good way to use up some yarn
And of course I needed a new skill like another hole in the head but this was something that I wanted to learn for a while now.  My friend said for an adult, I sure picked a new skill quick like and that is kind of unusual.  With in 5 minutes of being shown I had gotten close to an inch done on the needle.  Yea for me I guess  Maybe that is because I don't really have anyone to show me how to do crafty type things so I'm more or less self-learning. 

I'm making some progress on my tulip blocks with just 26 left to hand piece.  Most the time this is my "on-the-run" when I go to see my doctor.  But the last couple of nights I worked on them during TV Time and completed 17 of them done.  So chances are  -in theory- I could have the rest of them knocked out by weekend's end.  Whoo Hoo!! I also have been time in on my hand quilting of "Sunflowers & Crows" as I either listen to my small collection of Classical music or a book on Cd. 

The cats have been quite amusing this week as you will see from the pictures.  They are really getting that whole running through the house like a herd of elephants down pat.  We have this little braided rug they just LOVE to terrorize! 


And of course they always must always they sure love to be in my seat no matter which one it is...

Hummmm .... Thread....

What?  Did you want THIS seat?

And they are ALWAYS so Helpful....
Gee Mom... You shouldn't Have!!....Box ....Empty Box 


Wait.... WHAT ...!!!!!  You mean this isn't ..... MINE?

They sure have been a delight since they came home with us those 3 short months ago!! There just something about kitties.... and being released from the Cat Prison aka the Shelter .... life is good!!

Well now it's time for me to mosey on now so that I can start me some Angel Hair Spaghetti with Garlic bread for tonight's supper.  I'm really glad could stop on in as I enjoy the company and the hen session.  Sure hope You'll stop back in next week ya here now.  I'll have the (place fav hot drink in space) on fer ya.   ;)