Saturday, July 18, 2015

OMG !! A Quilt Posting

The heat and humid is awful right now. And will continue to be all weekend.  But never fear!! I actually have something quilty for this posting.

Yesterday was an interesting day.  I got a call from Ms. D about going to the Remus Quilt Show hosted by the Remus Quilt Guild and that she would be here in 20 minutes.  So that was just time to get me and Curtis dressed and ready to fly out the door once she pulled in. Remus is about 12 miles from the house so it was a quick drive.  

After being informed that we was on a schedule, I tried my best to get pictures of the quilts quickly and still have time for the second hand table. There was a couple vendors but as time was short I really didn't get to look at them.  I even had some money with me.  Oh well.

So here  are some of the pictures I took.  This one really appealed to the nature lover in me.


As me and Curtis walked through the quilts I told him to find the one he liked best.  This blue & white cabin was his pick. 
I'll have a much better picture of this quilt; once I unload all of the photos off the camera, along with the marker information.

We managed a quick look at the second hand table and we found a couple of items to purchase.  We even got lucky and found a "Learning" panel of simple squares and some blue fabric for the back.  After a few minutes of discussion, we decided that he wanted to do his own couch quilt.  We will be doing a simple straight stitch by hand.  

This endeavor of his will actually start tomorrow since I had to go to the storage unit for batting pieces to join up for the middle.  And he had a car wash fundraising event for scout's today.

You might have remembered that I mentioned that he went to Camp Rotary for his week of Boy Scout Camping.  It appears he had lots of fun, learned new skills and exerted plenty of energy as proof is in the pudding so to speak with these before and after photos.


I don't think he made it 15 minutes from the time he hit the door to the time he hit the bed. LOL.  It was a while before he came up for air.

Last night I ended up doing a mental rendition of walking the floors. Come 10 o'clock I sat down with a show box of pieces that needed to become sections.  Well here is my before and after pictures. 

After having to re-pin/re-stitch over of my half bits in the first photo and minus an hour that I was in FB talking to a friend. I put the last row on at 5a.m. This is the TQPM Button Up pattern from their virtual retreat that got put a side again.  

Well now that I have the rest of the fabrics pulled out, I can work on making & attaching the border on tonight. This top is quickly becoming a finished UFO by my standards. Yeah!!

The other thing I did was move the quilt that is in the floor hoop and drew my stitch lines on.  One more large move and then it's on to the smaller areas with a hand hoop.  

So there you have it.  An actual quilting post.  Until next time...


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