Friday, March 30, 2012

Baby It's Cold Outside!!

Brrrr It's cold out there again.... Mother Nature is reminding us Mid-Michiganers that it is still March and after all it is Michigan!!!   Hummm let's see if I can insert a picture here........

 This is the view outside the window while it was sleeting ....oh joy freezing rain!!!!! NOT!!!

YEAH!!!! Doing the Happy Dance!!!! I did it!!!   Ummm okay ......... nobody saw that right?

Sooooo anyways.... I've been playing with "Charlie" my 1916 "Redeye" Singer sewing machine. 
And I sat down to work on one of my mini challenge quilts from my yahoo group with author Kathy Tracy.  Feb's pattern was "Broken Dishes" with the option of embroidery for the center block.  I got to the point of rehearsing border fabrics.

My points aren't exactly the best but this is the first real workout on a machine that have a simple straight stitch, no reverse and no guide lines.... but I kind of like it. 

Once the top is completed I'll hand quilt it.  Oh yeah that center... was plain bright white muslin.... until I toyed with a little tea-dyeing.  I can't decide if I should have let it go for a little longer in the tea.

So as you can see I have been keeping busy today.  But I would like to hear what you think.  Too busy? Too Old-fashion? If you saw something like this for sale, would it grab your attention?  Or is soooooo ugly that the best thing I could do is throw in the back for the closet saving the world from ever seeing it? 



  1. I love your little quilt, it is so pretty. If you don't like it after it is quilted it can come live at my house. :) I love your sewing machine, it gorgeous!! I have a FW and really like it. Sandi

  2. Tricia, your little quilt came out lovely. I think the center block blends very well with the others. I don't think it needed to be left in the dye bath any longer.
    I read about your quilt guild experience. So sorry it didn't work out. The guild I belong to has about 9 chapters so if you don't feel you fit in with the chapter you join you can try another. Anne R

  3. Firstly congratulations on jumping into blogland!! It is a brave step because as you have already alluded to, what do I say, what do I share etc etc. You have done well so far, just be yourself and share what you are comfortable with, if people like you they will follow, those that don't well, why worry!!!
    I hope you have a fun journey, I am enjoying my blog journey and I've only been going just over a year! I have met some lovely people, and I find that most are very helpful and supportive, afterall we are all putting ourselves out there and are in the same boat!!!!
    Thankyou for sharing your wonderful Singer Red-eye, what a beauty she is!!! Don't these old girls know how to sew a stitch? LOL!!! I have several vintage machines and love them all to bits!!!! Your little red/white project is just lovely too, love the stitchery in the centre!!! Definitely not to go back into a dark draw ok! LOL, hang it somewhere where you can see it every day!!!