Saturday, March 24, 2012

Hummmmm.... thinking with my coffee today

Helloooooooooo out there!!!!!
Well I'm still in the learning stage here but I have been thinking to myself as I'm sitting with my coffee trying to wake up the brain cells from their sluggish state of being.

One of the things I was wondering about ....What happens if I discover on this little techie journey that I'm undertaking that I Really don't have much to say?  I'm mean does anyone really want to hear the rattle of a couple of brain cells when they accidentally collide?  It's like playing with marbles, sometimes they hit but most the time they pass each other and figuratively giving the each other dirty looks.  LOL. 
Sometimes the planets line up just enough for me to play with the creative side of the brain while I'm quilting. It's not like  I'm  some special or famous quilter;  I'm just some stay-at-home 40 year old lady who is trying to self learn how to quilt ..... and oh yeah how to become a new blogger.

So I'm thinking maybe I'll  ramble on a little bit on what I'm doing.  At the beginning of the year, I decided that I would actually get serious about quilting. I started to learn about quilting somewheres of 5 years ago when I moved out to Pennsylvania.  I even got as far as joining a quilters guild. Man what an experience that ended up been!!!! First off, I was the youngest member of the group by a minimum of 10 years but so much closer to 20. I was also the least experienced quilter.  I'm mean here I am putting out my membership fees, for the privilege of been snubbed, treated like an outcast... which okay I admit.... I'm from Michigan to begin with introvert tendencies....but REALLY!!!!  They accepted my then boyfriend with open arms!!! But then Eddie always did have a way with the ladies regardless of age. So any hows ..... I did what I did best.........plied them ladies with FOOD!  I love to cook.... the bigger the crowd the happier I am.  Besides everyone needs to eat something in a 4 hour gathering...... so that opens a few friendlier faces. But sad to say I left that guild with a bad taste in my mouth and struggled along in frustration. 

Now after Eddie's death from Brain Cancer in Jan.'09, two moves later; I'm back in Mid-Michigan to stay.  Hence the reason I'm taking up quilting again.  Unfortunately there are things that hinder this process.... things like bills must be paid first and quilting is an extra.  Bummer!! 

But I'm learning that quilters are actually really friendly people in spite of what happened with the guild.  I have joined in some yahoo groups and I've actually had some wonderful ladies show me how generous quilters are by sending me little care packages in the mail of scraps, fat quarters,  and other things to start a newbie out. I have even gotten a few books and patterns to help me along. I was shocked!!! But I have to say I'm willing to adopt any one's scrap that might be heading for the recycle bin anytime, any place, any way...LOL.  They very much have a "pay it forward" philosophy when it comes to the next group of newbie quilters coming along in the ranks.  Thank Goodness for these wonderful ladies and the oh-so-positive vibes that comes with it.  Someday I too will be able to do the same for an up and coming newbie. 

Wow ..... just went back to read this over and thought....okay maybe I do have something to say after all.  At least for today that is.  

But Now I'm going to you ... my readers out there help me along with a question or even 2. 

As a new blogger....I think to know if you would like to hear only about my quilting or what ever bits of thinking that might bump together in a fashionable sentence ~ be what they may be?

What is your goal for the year?  Quilty or other wise?

I look forward to reading your thoughts and comments so please feel free to tell me the good, bad and ugly.
Toodles for Now,


  1. Welcome to the wonderful world of blogging!! If you live in the metro Detroit area we can hang out. I have a small group of very friendly ladies that get together once a week on Wed nights in Canton. LMK, there's always room for one more!!

    1. Awwww Thanks Mama Spark. I'm up past Mt.Pleasant and if I had a car I would give it some serious thought. I will keep you in mind if I get down that way. ;)