Saturday, June 30, 2012

Time Went Where? Oh Don't Panic Yet!!! Grandson and finally the Show

Wow it's been a month since I posted last but I have been sooooooo busy! This has been a month of "hit & gets" from the beginning. 

I did receive a phone call that sent me into a manic phase of sewing.  The local Variety Store in my little village had invited me to take part in a mini craft show.  Which I jumped on immediatily on ~ not really thinking ahead.  Once I thought about it after hanging up did I went into panic mode.  The show is schedule for June 23rd. Thus giving me just over 3 weeks come up with some inventory since I had next to NONE!!! Let me tell ya once again quilters generousity came about once again in the form of several care packages in order to help suppliment my stash along with some encouageing well wish of luck to boost me along. 

For 3+ weeks, the rotary cutter was slicing, the sewing machine was going medal to the petal, the fingers was plying those handstitches that was needed, the many list was growing and my brain was frying from the over use that it was exiperencing. The cooking and the housecleaning took a detour as my wonderful other half took those over so that I concerate on the sewing of inventory.  So a Big Thank You to Him!!!! I ended up making some wheres in the neighorhood of 40 items that went from a dozen reversible homespun mugrugs, to multi-purpose mats in a variety of sizes, to 3 table runners to wallhangings. 

I even tried a few new patterns for a couple of the wallhangings.  I used Kathleen Tracy's "Bear's Paw" from her "Prairie Children and Their Quilts" (pg 25).  Mine was a lot less scrappy and more planned out.  One with black paws and the other has brown paws.  I also made 2 of her "Civil War Nine Patch" from her "American Doll Quilts: 16 Little Projects That Honor A Tradition" ( pg 43).  I made that one in Red, White (well okay~tea-dyed white) & Blue. Which just happen to be the Quilt of the Month on her yahoo group that I belong to. Love making miniSo quilts!!   I can get them in a more fashionable timeline. (

4 Block Version of "Civil War Nine Patch" multi-purpose mat
Black Bear Paw's Wallhanging

So then I also had a 1st birthday party for my Grandson to go to ~~ which also is the 1st time I have had the pleasure of wrapping my arms around Him. 

Kisses from Grammy Tricia

Time For CAKE!!!!!!
Remember the challenge I mentioned about a month ago from my friend.... here is a sneak peek at some of the tulips that I have hand pieced before the manic sewing time kicked in. It will nice to get back to these in full swing as soon as I finish handquilting another red, white & blue mini wallhanging made with friendship stars. 
Challenge Tulips

I am currently handquilting a baby quilt for another friend for her grandson.  This was made from several of us on group.  This was made in brights and actually is eye pleasing to me as I'm not a big one on brights.  Maybe because I don't have much of them in my stash. But it is growing on me.

Handquilting Stitch-In-The-Ditch

But then I tend to have my hands in many projects at one time.  For example you can see from my little set up for the June 23rd Show that I mentioned earlier. I did manage to sell 2 items so that was encouraging.

Walk Up Shot
Left Side of Table
Right Side of Table
Table Shot
This also on top of the fact that my son is here for his summer visit.  Oh Vay !! It sure has been busy around here.  Well with all that is going on, I think I'll give this post as final look and put it to bed as they say in the newspaper business.  And as always your comments are most welcomed!

Toodles 'til next time!

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