Friday, May 25, 2012

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Remember when I talked about my first introduction to a quilting guild that didn't go so well. And how I later amended that bad experience by meeting more friendly and generous quilters who encourage Newbies like myself by extending their wealth of either their knowledge, giving & sharing hearts or even both.  I have such an interesting story to share this week with ya. It is a wonderful reminder that quilters are almost always willing to share what they have with others.  Be it to newbies like myself, disaster relief causes or Quilts of Valor for wounded military personal returning state side. It is a quiet tradition that quilters are know to have had during the Civil War Era, the dawning of our great nation as they headed out west and most likely long before that towards the beginning of time.

Now it's time to get comfy & settle in for a spell while I spin this tale for you.

This week I knew that packages would start arriving in my mailbox for several things that are going on here. Block swaps for one group, a quilting commitments for a baby quilt for another group, a 6" charm swap in yet another.  

Well this box arrives in the mail today -which immediately sends my internal fabric radar & heart in the racing mode.  Hummmm ... Wonder what this is ask our rural driver?  Fabric... he guesses.  I can only agree with him like a kid in a candy store.  I wasn't expecting a large package... envelopes maybe; boxes definitely not.  I peek at the return address and see that it's from my friend in Wisconsin. Hummmm ... I didn't think the Grand Baby quilt for Sue was that big ~ but Lord knows I tend to be wrong a lot! 

So it to the house I go... with a quick sweep; clears a space on the dining room table.  Steve looks at me & starts shaking his head...mumbling "Oh God now What did you get this time?" I proceed to open said box with glee & giggles all around.  The newspaper is gives way to a plethora of baggies full of goodies.  On top there is the bright combinations of blocks in the expected baby quilt top.

Baby Quilt Top
I pull out the top with such delicate fingers.... a must do in order to admire all the pretty blocks that we, the group; have made.  The border in beautiful bright lime green print also draws my eyes to the exquisite design that reminds me of a Jacobean style with its flowers and birds. 

It excites me for as bright as it is, I LOVE!  And believe me ... I'm not normally a bright's just not my cup of tea....but this fabric would jump out & say "BUY ME". 

So after a few minutes of admiring & picturing said top I gently place aside to dive into the box again.  Ohhhhhhh my!!! Fabric scraps are included!  I love fabric scraps.  I find a baggie of reds, pinks and white.  Sweet.... I just finished a small Redwork heart last night, I think I'll combine these together to see what creative wonder I come up with.  In another bag, more bits to play with that have a more darker but warm assortment just right for my Civil War Era Mini tops that I love putting together.  So... is that the end to this "Mary Poppins'" box you ask?  Oh no...but wait...there is but another bag yet still left.  It's bigger than the rest.... my nerves start humming, my fingertips start tingling, my breathing just a tad quicker...... yup.... there it is fabric galore!!!  I untie the knot in the bag.... with bated breath I pull out the contents.  Ohhhhh how pretty I see a journal book.  Look at all the pretty stripes of colors on it. Of course this is not all that is in such a large bag.... low & behold there seems to be a kit of some kind all wrapped up in a pretty bow.  Ohhhhh Pretty!!! Tulips!!! It's an applique kit of 42 blocks or 546 pieces in some delicious warm tones of dark hunter green, Merlot wine and delightful mixture of blues, browns, apricots for the tulip centers. There included is 2+ yards of wonderful white muslin for the background.  The warm tones of the applique will be beautiful against such a simple but highly contrasting fabric. I read the enclosed note and laugh as my friend knows my love for hand work in the evenings, and knew that I was looking for a new challenge in my Q & N group.  So my friend fixed that!! 

A Challenge has been put forth...oh how intriguing this will be. Details of the challenge to be given in a later correspondence between Ms. Wisconsin & me.  My inner Sherlock whispers to me "Ahhh.....Watson there is a mystery afoot"

It is quite interesting to see how well someone is "listening" during an online chat.  I had made a comment about having to get another journal book as I use them to write down anything & everything that I do with quilting or needle work. I use it to hold myself accountable and it's keeps me on track with projects, my design ideas and a record of my UFO's since the beginning of the year.  I haven't miss one single day even if it's just a half dozen stitches in some hand work project,  I have something to add everyday.  It fact, it has helped so much that I have finished 7 UFO's this year thus far. And the up side of all my hand work... I haven't had a cigarette in over 13 1/2 months now. YEAH!!!!

So now I have a new journal to track my challenging journey as I tip toe through my field of appliqued tulips. I'll be sure to keep every update with the progress. Of course pictures are a given.  Now I have more then enough hand work to keep me busy & I'll rotate them around to keep from getting bored or stale with any of them. 

So tonight I will be starting the stitching of the tulips as I watch the Hatfield & McCoy mini series that starts on the History Channel tonight.  Tomorrow I will sandwiching that baby quilt to place it in my hoop to hand quilt.  During the day that I'll continue machine working on the "Keylime Pie" Gumball pattern top for a friend of mine.  So it's other busy weekend planned ahead of me. 

But I love having multiply projects going on at the same time.  Once I get the "Keylime Pie" top done, I'll move to working on my fish tablerunner ~ which I finished #3 block of Green Redwork last night. 

I also wanted to let everyone know that I'm now part of the Quilter's Galley. You'll find their button on the right hand side.  Be sure to wander over and give them a perusing.  They are link to literally thousands of quilt themed bloggers all over the US & the World.  Caution.... you could be there for a long time so be sure to bring some snacks and something to drink with ya.... you'll thank me for it. There is a plethora of information, links, blog hops and even give aways to entice you with.

So what do you have plan for this long weekend?  Be sure to Thank a Vet or Service person for their services this weekend.

I also wish to extend my Thank You's to those of you who have served our country.

Well this looks to been a long rambling on this weekend, so I'll say good byes for now.  As always, feel free to leave comments.



  1. Wonderful post Tricia. Thanks so much for including my site!

  2. Hi, Tricia ... You do beautiful work! Also, I love your quilty ramblings ... please keep them coming ... :) Pat