Friday, August 3, 2012

Christmas In July, Traveling Stash, My Going On's, What's for Dinner & a Promised Pic.

Good Evening From Little Old Barryton!!!! Come on in & sit a spell!

This week has been kind of busy in a way.  Lots of computer time as I bump along in this heat.  I am doing the "Christmas In July" blog hop as a way of gathering researching ideas for Christmas gifts.  I TOLD myself that I would start early so that I wouldn't be a Last-Minute-Nellie the week before Christmas like I normally am.  I mean the great intentions is there but the follow thru part tends to wonder away in several other directions on me.  Then it's like trying to ride herd on a group of cats.  LOL.  Any Hows, I have been doing the blog hop sponsored by Madame Samm of Sew We Quilt and Lesley of The Cuddle Quilter.  This runs thru July 30th to Aug. 5th so there is still time to visit all the blogs, get inspired, and enter to win great goodies.  See side for button.

On top of that I stumbled across Cherise of  "Sewingly Along" (see side for button) and got caught with a meandering mind and started reading about the "Traveling Stash"  and decided to try my luck at a couple of those semi-mysterious boxes. I'm trying for box #1, the "leap year" box and the " 2 sisters" box.  With luck I might be a winner in one  of these.  Cross your fingers for me.  ;P . If this sounds like something that might be interesting -- be sure to check it out!! The Traveling Stash Box is just a click to the right. 

Okay for this weeks happenings......
I DID remember to upload pictures for this week to share with everyone.  Hope you enjoy them!!
This week I think I got quite a few things finished.... like for instant.  I finished the Honey Fork Contest block albeit after the contest deadline.  I'm not sure if they would except it though ..... some of the edges of the rounded ends of the tulips started to unravel.  The center of the tulips was the "ugly" fabric. 

Honey Forks "Make Ugly Beautiful" 
Then since the boy child went home to dad's on Tuesday, we spent part of Monday afternoon finishing Our "Study of Japanese Sashiko" just in time to give dad.  We made a skinny wall hanging that finished out at to about 11.5" x 24.5"

"Study of Japanese Sashiko" top

The End Results
From there I finished my 25 ~ 3.5" Q&N Signature Squares. I even used the little leftover HST's from those and used them in my SQT's July Monthly Mini Challenge Quilt.  It is in it's finishing stage but in the picture you can at least see the finished center of 6.75" x 9" and the fabrics that I matched it with.  It's based on the Kathy Tracy's "Hourglass block" that she used in her Indigo & White mini quilt in her book "American Doll Quilts".  Those HST's are smaller @ 1.5" then what is in the pattern.

SQT's July Mini Monthly Challenge

Q&N Signature Squares

What else is going on....... oh ... I got to go to JoAnn's last night.   {{Doing Happy Dance}} I got to use coupons and everything!  LOL!  Here are a couple photos of my small purchases.  The 1st pic shows some fabric for Christmas Wall Hanging. The lady who saw the Blue & White Santa wall hanging at my little show in Barryton this past June was wanting one done almost the same but instead of Silver she would like Gold.  I was able to find a blue snowflake for the background and 2 gold snowflakes for the trim.  Which actually was kind of tricky to do.  But anyways, I want to make it ahead of time, instead of waiting to the last minute.  And with crossed fingers, she call me to place the order.  If not, I guess I'll try and sell it someplace.  The 2nd pic shows the rest of my goodies. This includes a big glue stick along with the thread for the Tulip Challenge.  I'm almost ready to start appliqueing them down.  YEAH!!!!!  The yellow remnant  is a self challenge.  I don't normally work with yellow so this was an economical way to force myself out of my zone.  I'm thinking of using it in my mini hexagons for a mini challenge coming up in Oct.   The rest are for future minis as they look like they should blend in with some of my other CW fabrics. And they were on sale ~~ So BONUS .  

Christmas Fabrics For Possible Custom Order
The rest of the Bounty
Well today I went and did a bit of grocery shopping.  I was able to get a special treat and got the makings for my Berry Chicken Salad. Then I found a prefect new dressing to go on it.  The salad was easy to toss together. 

Fresh Berry Chicken Salad...... approx. measurements
2 c. mixed lettuces,
1 c. leftover baked chicken breast,
1/8 c. chopped cucumber,
1/2 c. of fresh blueberries,
5/6 medium fresh sliced strawberries,
1/8 c. chopped pecans,  
2 T. Shredded Mozz. cheese
Couple dashes of the Krafts Strawberry Balsamic Vingerette

The Fixings
The End Results

Ohhh  Sooooo Goood!!!

Then I am still working on my 40+ Nine-Patch blocks for my Homesteaders group.  I'm at the point of ironing all the seams on the single rows so that I can start pinning the blocks together. This is the worse part of I can't stand for long but thank goodness I have almost a month left on them. Speaking of, remember back on July 13th when I said I was working on that applique block from the selected focus fabric.....?  Well it is finished, mailed and pictured.  So without much ado..... ;)

"Pretty in Paisley"
I used Kay Machenzie's  "Sitting Pretty" block from the Quiltmaker's 100 Blocks vol. 5 for this "purrrr-fect" buddy.  It is block #410 on page 28.  Yes..... mine is backwards.  LOL.  But the basket is made from the "focus" fabric for this 12.5" (unfinished) lottery block and all hand appliqued using a blanket stitch.  I have to say I'm REALLY REALLY Happy with this block.   Hope you enjoy it.  There just something about cats & quilts that go hand-in-hand don't you think.  Maybe it will inspire you to grab your copy of this wonder magazine & make 1, 2 or 15 of these furry friends.  Maybe the that special someone for Christmas.

Well I've done rambled on a bit, so I guess I'll let you go for now.  I sure hope you enjoyed all the eye-candy and what-nots this week.  Please know that I LOVE comments, questions & such things, so feel free to drop a line. I try to answer them all. 



  1. Looks like you have been very busy, Ms Tricia ... nice work! ... love the sitting pretty kitty block ...

    xx xx fingers crossed xx xx for you ... best of luck with winning the goodies ...

    :) Pat

    1. Thanks sooooo much for stopping by Ms Pat with your kind comments & well wishes. I am thinking somehow more pretty kitties could be part of my Secret Santa Exchange packages this year. ;)