Saturday, August 18, 2012

Sneak Peek for Blog Hop; An Apron 1st, Black Redwork and my Friend and Finally Feedback

Good Afternoon Ya'll from the little cottage by the river here in little Barryton, Mi. Currently it's sunny day with just a hit of fall crispness to the air. We are in a nice span of cooler weather this week.  The Monarch Butterflies are flittering around and the Hummingbirds are visiting the feeder outside the river-side window.  It's a serene day for getting inspired for my fall quilting. 

Infact, I've been so inspired by the cooler weather that I have signed up for my very 1st blog hop as a participate.  "Leaf's Me Happy" will start Oct. 1st  - 10th. This blog hop will be hosted by Cherry of "Cherry Blossom Quilting Studio .com" and Madam Samm of "Sew We Quilt. Com".  So for the past week I have been working on my first piece for this.  Would you like a sneak peek?   ;)

Fabrics of Choice

What's in The Hoop?
 These yummy fabrics just whisper ''fall" to me.  The plaid is a nice soft homspun that seems prefect for this project. I love the how it blends in but allows the red stipes to give a little pop of color without shouting or taking over the rest of the colors. Would you not agree?  With this one I think that I have a good balance textures in it too. Which is something I've been trying to work with so that my little wall hangings don't appear so "flat".  Since I've only been really quilting for the last couple of years, I find that in my journey of "self-learning"; I have coming to understand what my art teachers were talking about back in school.  Funny how those lessons sneak in when you least expect it.

I was thinking that I might try to come up with a tutorial for the blog hop and thought maybe I'd ask you what you might be interested in?  I could do a nice simple example of my stitchery.  Do you like to know how to do the outline stitch?  It is the one stitch that I use the most when doing all my work.  I also like to color my little pieces with Crayolas for an extra color and texture to them.  Sometimes it could be the finishing touch for a project -- giving a little bit extra piazza.

Now I'm not sure if you remember but I had mentioned something about making practial Christmas gifts this year. Sooooo I actually got started on a "sample" half apron.  I happened to get a book through the library.  This is the book: Sewing Vintage Aprons is by Denise Clason and is chalked with some great patterns for half & full aprons along with little tidbit stories & recipes.  I think it's worth checking out if you love vintage style aprons

So anyhows, I picked up the book on Thursday afternon, went home and got busy.  I finished it on Friday evening.  With a few changes from the pattern,  which just happens to be the one that is on the front cover;  I got a pretty trendy apron that I can really take pride in.  So here is some eye candy to oogle at. 

The Stash Raid ....

The Ending Results
For a non-quilted item, I was surprise on how this one came out since I have tryed to make a clothing item since my daughters was 5 years or so, which close just over 15 years ago.  Oh Vay!!! My oldest just turned 22 a couple days ago!!!  Now I'm thinking I might have a go at one of those full aprons in the book. 

Let's see what else have I done this week.  Oh ... I was thinking of my Friend, Gerda who passed away at the beginning of the summer so as I was sorting projects and magazines; when I came across one that she sent me in one of her little surprise packages.  I had marked a mini project in it, so it seemed to me that she was letting me know that she knew I was thinking of her and steerred me towards something to settle my mind as she knew me so well.  So after 22.5 hours, I was proud to say I finished this center that I did in Black Redwork.  This will most likely will end up as a Christmas Gift.  I haven't decided what fabric scraps that I will use to finish this but I'm sure that someone will love it. 

Black RedWork
As you look, you can see the magazine showing the finished product.  It is from the Dec. '08 copy of "Australian Country Threads"  magazine. I really like this magazine as it has a bit of everything pertaining to needlecrafts of all types.  Some quilting, embroidery and cross-stitching for example.  I was glad to be guided to this project as it had the desired effect. And if you believe in angels, mine was letting me know that she knew how I was feeling at the time and helped me find some peace. Have you had an exiperence like that yourself?  

Well I think it is time for me to go work on some tulips as I give some thoughts to what my next blog hop project is going to be.  I sure would love to hear what you might like to see for it.  I think having you select something might be interesting. Also would you like to see that tutorial that I had suggested earlier in the post?  Please share your thoughts with me.


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