Friday, December 7, 2012

Bah Hambug Train! Current project news and New Housemates

What a week it has been! More Down's than Up's.  That's it ... I'm on the Bah Hamburg!! train. It never fails that at this time of year to have everything to blows up and destroy the Holidays for us.  

But anyways, I should be working on a few smaller things that I need to get down to be sent out.  But all those are now on hold since I can't mail them out now. And the Wedding Quilt that the client wanted..... well it appears she thought that we would work for free. So it looks like that fell through.  Go figures, here I think I might have a few dollars for Christmas only to have it blow up in my face. Then on the way home yesterday, the van just up & quits.  This am we find out that the fuel pump modulator or or something like that went & we are looking at close to a 4 figure repair bill.  Oh great!!  No Christmas again this year.  Sometime life just sucks!!!!

I did pull out my Q& N Challenge quilt from earlier in the year and started to applique the stem down on one of the sashes.  And I'm currently working on hand quilting on the "Sunflowers and Crows" piece. I'm doing an inch cross-hatch pattern on it. It was an UFO that I had put away about this time last year. Well ... it looks like I'll have plenty of time to work on it.  So now it's in the hoop in the front room.  Should be interesting to see what the new housemates think of it.  They are my Christmas present.  and
Description:  "DORI AND MAIZI" BOTH FRONT DECLAWED.  This pretty duo had to be surrendered when the new baby came.  They are sisters from the same litter and we would love for them to go together if possible. SPAYED FEMALES. Age:  1-2 YEARS ONLY $5.00 TO ADOPT Each! 

We aren't really feeling like they like their names. So we will be changing them. I believe they are referred to as "diluted" torties and so did the shelter.  Their colors are softer and muted compared to lots of torties that you might see. The Darker One is a real "Nosey Rosey" and seems a lot braver then her sister with a dark Smokey coloring. Lighter one has this "Eye Mask" that reminds me of Honey. To me she has this almost lilac coloring to her. They ventured out of hiding last night and did some serious lap cuddling.  They were following us around like little dogs whenever we moved about the house.  Too Funny!!!  They are currently hiding under - well okay - more like inside the couch taking an all day nap. But I'm sure we'll see more of them once they get use to how things will work around here.  Though I know they was Not happy about being shut out of the bedroom last night.

Before I forget -- I want to say Thank You to those of you out there that have been your blessings, prayers and hugs again.  It's nice to feel such support. 

Well I really go and try to become some sort of productive today.  I think pork chops and mashed 'taters for dinner tonight.  And I suppose that my hand quilting and CD book is waiting for me. I could place a row or two into the grid before supper, so I'll be running along now.


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  1. awww ... Dori and Maizi are so cute <3 ... they will make wonderful quilty helpers ... <3

    Sorry to hear the quilt commission fell through ... a queen size quilt ... work for free??? ... what was this lady thinking?

    Sorry also to hear about the costly van repair, my friend ... {{{{{hugs}}}}}