Sunday, December 30, 2012

Ponderings revisited

As we are here in the last weekend of the year, I was pondering a bit about my goals that I had set for myself seems a tad Lofty and I felt that I might have to rethink the whole thing.   But first I had decided that I would be the breakfast maker today with visions of biscuits and sausage gravy wetting my palette.  I also topped them with fried eggs and everyone made short work of their plates.  It's a real treat since the last time I made them was when my boy was here for the summer.  He is currently here for his winter break and it was a good reason to make it again.

I know that a couple of weeks ago I had posted my goals for the new year but I feel that as I looked at them again, I'm setting myself up for possible failure by thinking I can work at such an almost grueling pace. I believe that would be unreasonable and would take the joy out of the process. Making them more a "JOB" then anything else. And in my eyes, that is just not acceptable by any means at all! 

I mean there are those two larger UFO's that are on my list that I wanted to finish as in complete with quilting and binding. They both are queen/king size pieces which will be a challenge in it's self.  We all know I'm more for making smaller pieces like table runners and wall hangings. I'm at the point with these that the majority of the work now requires me doing hand work on them.  So I'm thinking that if I got one of the tops done and in the floor hoop for the hand quilting I would be most happy with that so this would be a long term project.  And this would still allow me to still take part in a few small swaps or other small UFO's  through out the new year have when I need a change without getting stale.  

I currently have "Sunflowers & Crows" in the hoop and yes - even though it is of lap quilt size, I'm hand quilting an one inch grid design on it. It's a time consuming design but I think it was the best type of quilting for this piece.  I know I would possibly make the Amish Quilters, that had kind of taught me how to hand quilt; proud as I'm getting on average 8 to 10 top stitches for inch.  I feel a sense of pride in this accomplishment as it makes me slow down and enjoy the whole process.
Do you ever find yourself doodling aimlessly and later think that it might make for an interesting quilt pattern?  Do ever want to do something completely out of you "normal"? For those of you who design - how do you find your inspirations?   

Today I'm doing some transferring of a pattern to muslin to prep it for stitching.  This is going to be one of my own designs and unlike anything that I have done before. I have been working on said design for much of the past week.  Although I might use only half of the pattern for the first making, I'll do the whole piece a bit later.

hen I must try to finish this last snowflake that I'm appliqueing. From there, I have to make a few snowball blocks for this runner.  For some reason this thing is taking me longer than I projected.  I'm sure that it will come out quite nicely but I'm going to enjoy putting this one in the mail when the day comes.  

Sewing this week will actually not be the main focus this week - as I'm going to be taking time to spend time with my boy.  We are going to make home made cookies at some point. And I think we are going to go see the Hobbit movie as part of his Christmas present along with a dinner out.  I'm sure that in the evenings when have our down time I'm going to be doing some of my hand work. 

I was really surprised that I didn't have ANY comments on last weeks post.  I was so looking forward to reading some of your stories.  Well I guess maybe everyone was busy with all their holiday plans.  Maybe I'll revisit the PIF subject at another time.  I'm actually thinking of doing something with my boy on this.  He is in Cub Scouts this year and think making pillowcases and/or small scrappy doll blankets throughout this new year to give to our village kids as gifts during Holiday party and Santa Claus visit. 

So what you up to? Are you sewing the new year in? Taking part in a New Years Day mystery?  Or did you decide to take some time off following the Holiday Gift making marathon? 

Right Y'all - I'm off & running.... so toodles,


  1. I actually got some sewing done over the holidays. My grand daughter Sara stayed Christmas day night as she was getting a make over in her bedroom. We spent the afternoon in the sewing room. We sewed a doll that she received as a gift from Micheals. Then she decided she needed a doll blanket for her. So we make a little nine patch quilt. It turned out really cute. I always have a cross stitch picture on the go over Christmas as I have a hard time sitting ideal. Today was a snow day so spent the morning working on my cross stitch picture and watching a movie. I thought I would spend the whole day in my PJ's just to see what my husband would say but ended up getting dressed by noon. Then I spent the afternoon in the sewing room. Since I have started blogging in June I am very happy with what I have got accomplished this year. I have some craft buddies that get togeather and work on things. Marjorie from Marjorie's Busy corner and Connie from Shepody Mountain Crafts. We are getting togeather this Wednesday to make a framed picute with flannel and wool. It should be interesting. Hopefully they will be a couple of Christmas gifts for my daughter n laws for next year. Hope you had a great Christmas, we sure did.

  2. PS I see you have the button for the Quilting Gallery. Are you doing the Mystery Quilt from Lindy's Threads also.

    1. I saw that one but I'm going to wait just a little longer before I try one of those. I'm thinking of the one on my homesteading group. It's small & claims to be beginner friendly. Sounds like a wonderful way to spend time with you little grand daugther.

  3. Hi Tricia...hmmmm have tried twice to post..trying a third now.

    Hugs and stitches Debbieann

  4. Hi again now that I have figured it is
    Love your blog ...made me chuckle...needed that.
    I hope to do a New Years Day mystery, never heard about the one Marla mentioned...I know of Quilt Bug, Merry Mayhem &
    As for finishing UFO's got lots to work on. I have a Valentine challenge.....a mini quilt exchange with a special friend...hint,

    As for PIF - I let 3 people go ahead @ the $store.....I had a zillion things she had 2....then while she was ringin me threw she came back - forgot a gift bag I said just ring it on mine and off you she gave me a loonie(1 dollar coin).....I then put it in the Salvation Army kettle. Felt good.

    Hugs and stitches


    1. Well I'm glad that you kept trying. It's good to see ya. We can tackle those UFO's together. I know we have a couple in common & that might be a great place to start. I too am working on a St. Valentine challenge...LOL. Isn't great to do something nice for others when we can. No matter how little or big that might be in our eyes. Thanks for stopping by and for your kind words.