Friday, January 18, 2013

"Baby It's Cold Outside..."

Winter has come back to Michigan as it snows today away.  I know that it will make some "snow bunnies" happy as they can take part in all the winter sports, festivals and other going-on's that Michigan offers.   I, on the other hand; look at it as a great opportunity to spend the day inside with my sewing machine where it's nice & cozy warm.  I have all that I need for snacks such as CHOCOLATE right here with Kitties trying to Velcro herself to me now that I'm off that weird contraption called a treadmill. 

The nice part is I'm up to walking an hour at 2 mph now. The nice thing is that I burn 222 calories during this, do a light sweat and cover 2 miles of "ground".   I have been really good at doing self-control portioning at meal times.  I'm hoping that this is the way to lose some of this weight that I gained when the doctors "fryed" my hyperactive thyroid a year or two ago.  I was recently place on a synthetic medicine to regulate it back into place again this month.  So I'm going to help "jump start" it by getting a bit healthier this year.  I know I have a huge goal looming at me,  but if I can even get some of the weight off & keep it off; it will so much better on other things like my joints, back and knees. 

It has a wonderful plan for the weekend.  I spent yesterday cutting out a "Trip Around the World" (TAW) kit that I received as a gift last month.   I so didn't want this kit to end like my other ones.   I'm trying so hard to break my old habits of putting things off, tossing things in a box with a vague promise to work on in the future, never to see the light of day again.  I know that I can't be the only one out there that does this. 

So with this TAW,  I have about half of the 4-patch blocks pinned together,  just waiting to be chain stitched together.  I think that for the backing,  I'm just going to do a simple muslin.  It doesn't come with it, but I'm sure to come up with it one I finally get to the quilting portion of the project.  I would rather it be a WIP than a NGD (Never Gets Done).

During TV Time,  I'm still working on that Oh-So-Secretive St. Valentine project for my friend in Canada.  I know that she is eagerly waiting to the day in which she gets to see it.  LOL.  I'm still not giving any sneak peeks.  Which isn't hard since I can't do pictures for my blog on this PC and my laptop is still down.  But I will keep trying.

This has been an interesting week.  I finally got my Other Half  home from a week in the hospital.  We have several follow up appointments to doctors yet to come.  Which is why I missed posting last week.  

The kitties have yet to forgive him for being gone but I'm sure they will warm back to him again.  Speaking of the Kitties, this past week;  I have caught them on a number of occasions chasing each other through the house, stalking each other from under the small braided rug, around corners, etc.  For the Holidays,  the girls got these little jingle balls that have this twine like thread wrapped around them with feathers on one end.   They have "killed" the feathers down to mere stubs.

Oh ... before I forget,  Debbieann was the only to leave me a comment on the last posting, she wins the little mitten ornament.  Congrats Debbieann!!!

Well it's time for me to get busy on some quilting work today. So 'til next time!



  1. Hi Tricia, I am going thru the same thing. I had my thyroid taken out about 6 months ago and trying to get the medication levels right and now to work on losing some weight. Enjoy your quilting time and looking out at the snow!!!

  2. Wow....I never win anything on a blog.....there are very few blogs that I can leave comments as I do not have a blog or google accounts etc.

    Thanks so much. Hugs and stitches Debbieann