Friday, January 25, 2013

Brrrrrr.... Polar Bears!!

Brrrrrrr ... It's cold enough for a Polar Bear!! is the best way to describe the Artic Blast that we are experiencing here in Mid-Michigan.  The wind chills have temps dipping under 0*F.  Today around noon, the flakes have been drifting down in a continuous pattern unlike the last several days where a bit would fall and quit.

As the deep freeze seemingly settles in for a unknown amount of time, I choose to kick up the heat and sat down at my hoop as I was inspired by a quote by Oliver Wendell Holmes today.

"Take your needle, my child, and work at your pattern--it will come out a rose by and by. Life is like stitch at a time, taken patiently."
                                                                                          - Oliver Wendell Holmes

So I took up my needle to work on my hand quilting. "Sunflowers & Crows"  was the project in which I am patiently plying my needle.  On the average, I can ply between 8 to 10 spi if I make a conscious effort - if not it then goes to 7-9 spi.  Tired eyes will render 6 to 8 spi.

Anyhow, I like to spend that time listening to books on Cd's as I stitch my time away. Today I managed to get through disk 2 & 3 on Tess Gerritsen's "The Bone Garden" read by Susan Denaker as Ms. Honey quietly napped on the back of the couch. She has most decidedly lets me know that she is "Mama's Kitty" and doesn't let me out of her sight any more than she has too.  Ms. Nosy Rosy has been in a bit of a snit since my son went home to his dad's house and when the Other Half was in the hospital for the week. I'm sure she will come back around to be snuggled again on her terms.

I'm making great progress on my Secret St. Valentine project as I have moved down to the third quadrant a couple of nights ago.  The flosses of red, white and pink dance oh so gently onto the background.  It starting to resemble the vision that I have in my head and yes once I've finished it and it has safely made it to the hands of the receiver, I'm sure pictures will be available for your veiwing pleasures. 

I have been bad and started a new machine project this month.  It's a TAW that I got as part of a Secret pal package in Dec. I have it all cut out and sewn into 4-patch sections. I am currently trimming and squareing them up. I've not done a TAW before so this is a new layout for me.  It is 58" x 67" -- so just short of twin size.  But I stopped myself from just putting into a box  to be forgotten.  This weekend, I start cutting a mystery quilt that is taking place on my homesteaders group. 

As you might see, I have pleanty to keep me busy during this cold & snowy weekend, I'm sure I might even finish a book or two this week also.  Right now I'm in a paranormal genre kick and currently reading a series by Cat Adams.

So there ya go -- my big exciting weekend.  Did I bore ya to tears yet? Well I'm off to go work on my St. Valentine project.  See ya next week.


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  1. I can just see Ms Honey supervising your stitching.....lool. Keep warm and happy stitching......Debbieann