Saturday, February 16, 2013

Bouncing About ... Subjects That Is.

Oh so it was Valentine's Day this week .... not that it was different from any other day.  I stitched, I read, and I made dinner.  Okay so I did try to make a special dinner and for the most part it was successful. But other than that .... whatever.

So this week I was busy doing my own thing and that is okay.  I managed to get my Trip Around the World (commonly known as TAW) top done.  I received it as part of a gift box that I got in Dec. and I was smart and didn't bury it in some box like I'm prone to do.  This was an interesting experience as not only was this my first TAW but this TAW is done on point so it gave it a whole another twist in trying to keep the layout in it's proper place.  And the colors sure are eye popping bright.  I'm going to get some pictures of it next week when I go to the library.  I'm to announce that with little fuss I was able to succeed in tackling the challenge this gave me. YEAH ME!!! Are ya rolling your eyes yet?  LOL.

I finally decided what I was doing for my  forum block.  I let the focus fabric sit there for a few days to simmer and tell me what it wants to become.  The word "Bird" came to mind when I first looked at it and from there I worked that theme.  In fact I have have half of it appliqued down already .... yeah!!  

I am still hand quilting my "Sunflowers and Crows" with it's cross-hatching design.  It's really nice to unplug and just sit with a Cd book and needle in my hand.  I think I have put in over a dozen lines of stitching in on her.  I'm not allowed to work on it unsupervised according to the fuzzy roommates.  Each time I sit down,  Honey comes over to do her spot inspections from all the angles that she can manage.  If I just let her do it, not interrupting her Highness by removing her;  I find the said inspection tends to go a tad faster.  If she feels that she has done her job proper, she will remove herself to take her position on the back to the sofa.   Each time I walk away, we must repeat the process.  Which is fine, as long as it's not while I'm trying to sit down with a very hot cup of coffee in my hands.  There is nothing like having a cat head butt ya when she is under the hoop, hits the coffee cup jamming against my teeth and causes me to dump said HOT coffee down the front of one's self and trying to miss the floor hoop full of progress. 

This weekend I'm hoping to be working on some of my current WIP's if I can get past this head cold that appears to be coming on.   I have to do the 3 B's to my heart piece for my friend in Canada.  I should be able to get most of the applique done on the HT forum block.  And with any luck, top off the weekend by finishing the block for my HT Mystery quilt.   

Not to long I ago I had an issue in a group that I belong to and decided that I wouldn't partake in it anymore and for many weeks I stayed away.  But now I feel like I have cut off my nose to spite my face so to speak.  I kind of miss some of the people from the group and now I have that omega pack mentality as I find myself circling the pack wondering if I could slink back in unnoticed.  I know that no matter what type of group it is - there will always be politics and a sense of hierarchy within the dynamics.  So I wonder if I'm just hyper-sensitive with my reactions as I have more of an introvert type personality.  I have gone thru this before and I am beginning to think it's more me than who or whatever the issue was that caused me to withdraw back into myself.  I wonder, have you ever found yourself  in such a dilemma and how did you handle it?  Does anyone else struggle with these monsters besides myself?  There are times in which I wonder if I'm too quick to react and if the reaction is the wrong one. 

Well it's definitely time to find my zen again this weekend.  I am looking forward in just plying my needle and drifting away to some classical music.  Some Beethoven mixed with the sound of falling rain to start with then slowly meandering through some "Serenity"  with Bach, Debussy, Verdi, Tchaikovsky and many other great talents.  Oh to have on hand a copy of Disney's Fantasia movies would send my heart into pure rapture.  That has always been the top Disney movie for me.  The crescendos, bridges and visual eye candy ... now THAT would an interesting quilt based on ones own interpretations. 

Oh which reminds me .... I might be able to start sharing pictures again next week providing all goes well.  I can't wait to show ya what I actually have been doing.  It's sooooo much better with pictures.  I finally got an Operating System disk  for the laptop and come Wednesday, I will have some help loading it.  Aahhh to have my 'puter back brings me great joy.

I was pleased to read the comments that was left on last weeks post.  I happy to read that on occasions my ramblings are helpful in some way.  That they at times struck a cord in the reader.  Please feel free to reach out and leave me a note as I do read them. 

Well the coffee cup is empty and sitting here is not getting another done, so I'm off to caffeine up and start plying that needle on one of my many projects to the soothing sounds of classical music.


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  1. Great thoughts for a Saturday am.... Hope the coffee refill & inspection went Kitty checks gotta love them. I too had a few spot checks......Ms Miai seemed to think the HST's looked better flipp her

    As for the "was I fast to flare up and what do I do?" be there done advice - go with your gut....deep down it will lead you & your heart to right way. However sometimes it does take time to feel it out. When it settles down - then you're right where you should be.

    Hugs and stitches from sunny(at the moment) Canada