Friday, February 22, 2013

Home Front News

Home Front News

This morning as I'm starting this the weather is reminding us that it is winter as the snow is swirling about and dancing to the whim of the winds, the temps have dropped, and ice flows meandering down the river out back.  It's a pretty sight but I'm actually glad to be inside in the nice warmth of our cozy little cottage.

I believe we are in for at least a couple of inches.  Here is a picture that I took from the front door after the last snow fall after the plow made it's pass.  That particular storm gave us 12" of light and fluffy powder.  I love the colors of this shot.  The second picture is from the riverside window from the same day.  It odd to see such a difference in the colors.

Ohhh ... LOL... as you can see,  I can post pictures again.  Yeah!!!  So I have to start catching you up on all those pictures I haven't been able to share with you for the last several months now. I'm soooo happy that I got my laptop back up and working again for the most part.  I found that I was missing that aspect of my blogging.  And I bet you, my wonderful followers; might missed them too.   I know as quilters we LOVE our eye-candy.  So now I have to decide how I'm going to do this.... a few pictures at a time or drop them in all at once?  Hummmmmm...well I guess you will have to keep reading to see. ;)

A weekend or two ago, I put together my first Trip Around the World (TAW) top that I received as a gift in Dec.  It was interesting as this one was done on point and looked a bit odd as I was laying it out.   So without much ado......

I went from this ....
To This......

I see I'm going to get a better picture if this one so that you can actually see how much brighter it is in person.  And when I do I'll be sure to get a nice close up so you can see the pretty prints in it too. 

Let's see what else have I been doing?  I finished the baby quilt that I was hand quilting for my friend in Scotland for her new grand son.  It was such a bright little quilt and a good project to be doing in the winter.  I was pleased with the results as this was the 1st one I have done for someone either than me.  So I took great pains to try & keep my stitches small.  

The Finish

On the Front... Tiny Stitches

Back Side Better to See
I have been working on so many hand stitching projects as we settle in for the evenings TV Time.  Most the time you can be sure the new housemates are always ready for the lap cuddling so on most nights this is what I look like.

The space to my right is where the SO sits but he thought that we needed to show how the the girls were adjusting not long after we got to bring them home.  I think this was in a matter of less than a weeks time span judging from the project that I'm working.  The one looking at the camera is Ms. Honey and her sister, who is trying not fall off; is Nosy Rosy.  Later on I was able to sneak a picture of the SO as he was taking on nap.  This would have been sometime after his birthday as his present is draped across his lap and I see that N.R. is inspecting my applique.  LOL.

Sshhh!!! Let's not wake him.
Ssshhhh!  He doesn't even know that I took this pic.  But it's all fair.... lol.  But I also happen to know he has taken a few more ambush pictures of me when ever he knows I'm not looking.  (Rolling my eyes here)  I actually prefer to be behind the camera than in front of it. 

I am making more time to work on my own projects as you might remember and sort of stepping back for doing so many swaps.  So I have been working on what I currently call "Sunflowers and Crows".  So I'm working on cross-hatch by hand as I listen to either a Cd book or some classical music as I go along.
In The Hoop
Close Up For Scale
 As you can see in the 2nd picture, I'm really working on my Stitch Per Inch (SPI) as I go along.  These little squares are approximately one inch and you might be familiar with the size of those flower pins.  This is one of my UFO projects that I'm planning to finish this year.  But as you can see this is going to be a long process with these stitches.  But I'll prevail and that it all that matters.

I did finish my Feb. private swap and I know how much it will be to mail it to Canada.  So I guess I could do a very small sneak peek just to be a bit of a tease. 

OK ... so what is it?
 See I told ya it would be a small  I know that was awful but ooh so easy. 

I had sat down on the 18th of this month then I wrote out some of my goals for the rest of the month and so far I made some progress as I have gotten about half while through the list.  So.... okay.... so I'm must confess I'm a list maker.  But along with that and my journal keeping; it seems to keep me on task.   As I'm sitting here I keep glance to my left at the list as it seemingly nagging me silently that I should be stitching, or cutting or something more productive than being on the 'puter.  That and the rumbling of my tummy that would rival Winnie-the-Pooh's.  So with that I will bid you all a good afternoon as I venture off to get food, coffee and some hand work.  But I leave with one more picture of the Kitties as they have are taking a break from their supervisiory duties.

Break Time
Toodles Y'all!! Tricia

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  1. The snow pics are fabulous.....beautiful view of the river.
    The kitties are so sweet....your stitches are perfect and oh so tiny....excellent work.
    Now the tease ....could be

    hugs and stitches