Saturday, October 5, 2013

Farmer’s Wife Returns

This week I spent time revisiting my Farmer’s Wife Sampler Blocks.  It has been something like 6 months since we got together as I actually have to admit that I missed it. So I pulled everything out now that I have all the templates copied out, sat down with a pencil to start figuring some of the randomly assigned blocks that our hostess has given us over on Q&N.  This week we got the name & # for our 31st block.  I’m so far behind on these that I kind of gave them my sewing machine priority for the week.  I really needed some distraction on Tuesday and this was a good distraction.  It distracted me to the tune of 3 and half blocks.  I’m still working on the 3 Brown Bag theory with the sorted scraps.  Just for a refresher, this means I “blindly” reach into the bags and pull out my pickings.  I have to use what I've pulled out without prejudices.  This way allows for some interesting blocks.

So on Tuesday I have made 3 blocks. I got #1- Attic Windows, #2 - Autumn Tints  and #9 - Box.   And on Wednesday, the same number with #72 -  Railroad, #111 Wrench and # 68 - Postage Stamp. 

Attic WIndows, Autumn Tints & Box   Wrench, Postage Stamp & Railroad

I’m pleased with my results as the variety is really showing through.  As I write this I have a total of the 12 blocks.  10 of which are done properly and 2 that was “re-designed” blocks that could be used as “fillers” if I should decide to take this to the King size quilt (103” X 103”). If that happens, I would have to have add another 34 blocks in order to come to the total of 145 blocks.  The “Original” quilt is a Queen size (83”X 103”) with it’s 111 blocks.  Huumm that does put forth a question… do I continue the journey beyond the 111 blocks or not?  I’ll have to give some pondering but I wouldn’t mind hearing some feed back on the subject from you … my readers.  Huh, that has me thinking that it’s time for me to give something away.  I’m going do a little surprise package as a give-a-way.

I have finished yet another RedWork  piece this week when we had a doctor’s appointment on Thursday.  I finished up “Strawberry” block  going into Mt.Pleasant. While I was there & on the way back I got about 1/4 of the pumpkin block done.  During the evenings I managed to get that number up to half way done now.


Now this morning, I once again re-visited something from my past when I made a bowl of Coco Wheats.  I haven’t had these since I was a kid I believe.  Do you remember eating this yummy chocolate hot cereal?  I even remember the Coco Wheat Brownies from back in the day.  Guess what I found on the side of the box… yuppers …you guessed it, the brownie recipe.  DSCN3725

So there will be more FWS blocks in the making this week so more pics are sure to arrive for your viewing pleasure in the upcoming weeks as the skies are turning gray, windy and all over cooler.  I saw that many of the maple trees have reached the half way point of their splendor color change.   It makes me think about the winter  that is right around the corner.  In order to deal with cabin fever, I’m making a list of project to work on.  It looks like something like this at the moment.

  1. Work on hand quilting a baby quilt for best friend
  2. Start my “Flags of Valor” kit that I just received as a memorial piece for recent lost.
  3. Secret Santa on the Quilt and Needle  gifts (times 2)
  4. Secret Santa on Quilting Board gift.
  5. Santa Sack Swap  gift.  (done, just waiting for pretty wrapping & it’s mailing date)
  6. BBD Redwork Challenge piece before Jan. 10th
  7. Working on Appliqué Tulips blocks
  8. Continue to do my border of appliqué my Q&N Challenge “Make-Do” top which is in Phase 2.
  9. Put Roman Stripe blocks that was given to me.  Thinking a gift to other half for the Holidays.
  10. Continue work on my Farmer’s Wife Sampler (FWS) blocks. 
  11. Work on “My Autumn View” quilt as I try to collect for more fall/leaf prints for it.
  12. Work on my scrappy 9-Patch blocks

Yeah and that is just off the top of my head.  There is sooooo much to do that it would take me years just working this list.  LOL.  But isn’t that the curse of a quilter? We are so often plagued with the “squirrel!” effect (like the little dog in the movie “Up”),  that we would have would have to live several hundred years to finish what we started.  Oh but what fun it is to find something new to play with.


Well anyone who knows me, know that I love adopting scraps from anyone looking to clean out their bits & pieces. As I adopt scraps that friend’s send me, I add them to the bags for the quilt.  I love adding them into the mix, as I know that all my friends will be in the quilt with me.  I love the concept of the “make-do” quilts.  I think they can be interesting to see how someone might use some other fabric in close relationship to the 1st fabric when the quilter runs out of it.  Was the piece too small , so she sewn two small pieces together  to make it big enough?  Did she run out of blue fabric and had to use some black to finish the quilt?  Do you think about that when making your own quilt?  Do you just use what you have on hand or do you run to the shop to get more?  Something to think about in the future.

Now do you remember the question that I asked earlier?  What would you do think?  Should I consider going for the Queen size FWS quilt or the King size FWS quilt? Please leave me a comment for a chance at a little mystery package. With each comment, I’ll add something to the package.  I can’t wait to see what you guys think about the subject.

On another subject, I have caught up on some reading and what I’m going to do, post those reviews in a separate blog post; as there will be several of them at one time.  So be sure to look for that in the next day or so.

That’s it for this post, so it’s time to put it to bed as they use to say in the newspaper business.


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  1. Just love the Farmers wife blocks. The 3 bag method is making great combos.......I think a queen-size is good....with that I think you have to make 2 of each block at least...maybe a few more after that. Borders can help make itbigger.

    You project list is ..."wow"....makes me feel better.....mine is as long maybe more.

    Look forward to all your pics...

    hugs and stitches