Sunday, September 29, 2013

Slow week

This week has been an odd week for some reason.  As I look back into my quilting journal, I know that I have been busy dong things but I just needed a refresher as to what I was doing?  And then the everything started to click into place.  On Sat., I spent the day doing several things.  I decided that I would try my hand at the Bird Brain Design Red Work  Challenge that they announced in their newsletter about a special Exhibit at the Road to California Quilt Show come January 23-26 of 2014.  You could find more information Here. So then I started to trace out the rest of my choice and that took some time. I had one element already traced and had stitched most of it up.  I once again pulled that paper piecing project and made another block only to put it away again in frustration.  The block came together okay but once the two halves came together that become wonky.  Ggggrrrr!!!!

Come Sunday I spent the day on the computer before getting motivated to get busy @ 6:30pm.  Yea that’s right that is pm. LOL.  So I decided that it was time to start prepping more dolly dresses by grabbing some little calico prints. From there I managed to get 22 dresses traced & cut out from about 3 yards of variety of prints. So once theses are sewn, that would give me 32 dresses in towards the 60 needed. Which isn’t bad in the couple weeks that I have been forth since I started cutting them out.  Which is a good thing with the Holidays right around the corner and Secret Santa swaps in the works.

After waiting all day for Mrs. D on Monday; her, me and another quilt buddy went to Elm Creek  so that I could show some samples of my stitchery for a chance to do some store samples.  They took my info. and I’m hoping that I can do some work for them in the future.  From there we went up the road to the Amish Store… “Surrey Rd. Quilt Shop” just after I spent time looking through the new McCall’s Quick Quilts (Oct./Nov.)  where the quilt cover grabs my attention.  Oohhh… Oak leaves and HST’s!!  As we are going along, Mrs.D announces that she brought me a little something back from her trip in the Upper Peninsula.  Oh baby!! Charm pack, buttons and a Sweet Pea petit four… oh my!

DSCN3702 So I flip to  page 55 where I read “My Autumn View” is lap quilt size.  Huhhhh! That is too small for the bed.  It calls for 2.5” squares but has me thinking  & ask my self- “Self - why not use 5” charm squares ?”  So with a small purchase of 2 pretty prints on black background and a Moda Marble print for the “light” side of the HST’s for a uniform look.  I’m looking forward to get started on this project.


I know that I will be able to put this on the bed as it is gender neutral and prefect for the cabin in the woods theme that pops up in places. I can slowly introduce my own personality into our space. But that is a whole different subject that won’t be addressed here.  i still need more fall/leaf prints in order to have enough for this beauty.  And we all know how I just swoon over anything of Oak Leaves & Acorns… ooooooo swoooooonnnn.  LOL. This also makes it as “non-girly” as I can be and makes my heart go pitter-patter. Later on I finished my little redwork  apple block .


Tuesday was laundry and Mrs.D said “bring it over here” . As the machine runs and the pinning of clothing on the clothesline, we start discussing projects. I up dated her in the search of fall fabrics, which finds me following her to one of two trailers where she has part of her stash in it. A large tote, a paper box and a grocery sack , have some more fabrics that she is thinning out.  SCORE!!! But more details on that on another day.  I started the next block in my Redwork  project.  This time it’s a strawberry.

Wednesday was quilt group and I took a quilt in to be sandwiched, taking up a good put of the afternoon. I come home and to find another package which turns out to be my second table runner from the swap where I showed you the ones I made last week.  Here is a nice collection of eye candy for the both table runner packages.

DSCN3684   DSCN3686  DSCN3687  DSCN3688

This beauty was from Mrs. A. made this one and also made a 8 count of matching napkins rings that will look great on my Thanksgiving Supper.  I really love “dressing” my holiday table and my company love the effects. The back is a lot brighter than the picture depicts. I’m love the way the front marries into the oak table and walnut walls.  A prefect fit and welcomed addition to my small collection.

The second set is the table runner set that Mrs. N. made.  She hit the mark on my love for oranges and leaf prints. The canter of the blocks have a Cathedral Window effect.  I found it to be an appealing effect to my eye. On the back she used a flannel fabric that is super soft & pet-able. As an extra she made this really pretty hot pad  that I actually placed my little cottage table top clock on. 

DSCN3690   DSCN3692DSCN3694   DSCN3695

Both these lovelies found their way to through the Quilting from the table runner swaps and I’m looking forward to doing another one come spring.  I have had a wonderful experience with this swap and ended up two wonderful  examples of the great work that happens over there.

Thursday finds me gathering up an arm load of books, patterns and magazines along with a notepad as I head for my comfy spot and start perusing through the stack looking for some ideas for a QB’s Chat non-swap Challenge for the month of Oct.  This is a new thing that started this past month where I gave you the sneak peek of “Autumn’s Trails” last week.  But anyways, we have a monthly theme to our own interpretation. This new month is “Harvest Time” and must include either a vegetable, fruit or nut somewhere in the piece.  I finally chose a design that fits the requirements and pull out the scrap bag for this one.  This is a hint of things to come but I can’t show you anything beyond that as it will also become a gift.  I love when I can do something that can function with more than one purpose! 

DSCN3696 Friday actually sounds boring in comparison as I finish cutting out the needed pieces from the pull of scraps pictured above.  I did some sketches of future challenges, and continued to stencil on a couple of projects getting them ready for hand quilting and of course stitching on the RedWork that is currently in the hoop.

Saturday was a mixed bag of things… Myself & Mrs. D head back to Crossroads Quilt Shop as a show of support for the shop keepers as we learned both of them have each a form of cancer.  After she makes a purchase of assorted needed Pellon’s for her projects.  She finds a “Flag of Valor” kit in the 35% bin. So a $59.99 kit becomes a $20.99 steal. Mean while I’m very good and didn’t purchase a thing but took the opportunity to peruse the large number of panels, to fondle the flannels, stroke & dream about new cotton fabric lines and lust over the newest batiks. Upon leaving, I’m handed a bag with the Valor kit in it (oh sweet!! ) and off we head for the little bakery half a block up for a sweet indulgent of home made yummy-ness.  I had a lemon Danish and an Apple cider fry cake. Ahhh - the flavors of falls.

Once I get home I receive some saddening news in which has me wandering listlessly between projects. I spend some out stenciling more leaves on my “Autumn’s Trails”, the baby quilt and the redwork.  And today I sat down to put this together after reading emails, responding to things on my forums that I’m part of and decided what I might do for dinner. 

I do want to thank Ms. Pat for her comment that left last week  and was pleased that she enjoyed seeing all my pretty’s on my blog.  Having said that, I just wanted to say that I love comments and look forward to see more of them.  I'm slowly catching up on my reading and will have some reviews in the future again.  Please be patient with me on that front.  I think it’s time for me to get busy in making my little scissor carrier case. I’m looking to make a few of these to give as gift to my crafty friends.  It’s a fast & easy project that I can do in a short matter of time.


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  1. Love the table runners....they look great. Your yummy treats make my mouth water....someday we can have them

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