Sunday, January 19, 2014

Trays, New storage, “Grow Your Blog” & More

In the white world that surrounds me at the moment outside my window, I glance about and all I see is the smallest and snowflakes drifting down.  They remind me on how my own thoughts are drifting about.  They seem to weigh nothing singularly but as they accumulate the weight is becoming unbearable. So I try to swift the thought process… to something more tangible…like a quilt.  I was really interested in the Merry Mayhem New Year’s Mystery but I wasn’t able to do it at that time.  So I kept it in the forethought and have been cutting it out of fabrics that where right here in the house.  I finally got there required 20 sets and additional 14 sets.  It’s a scrappy and here is what those stacks look like.


It took me a bit of time but I believe I will be able to double the top once it’s put together.  "I’m naming this one “Letting Go” for a variety of reasons.  I’m letting go some scraps, some emotional issues and some stress that is bothering me.  The more I thought about it, the more the phrase “Letting Go” was appropriate.  I’m looking at spending some daytime  time drawing those seam lines on all those HST’s.  But while I was cutting out all these pieces, I took the extra time to taming the remaining fabric into usable pieces.  I added those to my new storage container that I picked up at Jo-Ann's with some Christmas money and coupons.  Got to love those 25% total purchase coupons!! LOL.  The average price is $17.99 but is currently $8.99 according to this. Mine is the medium container and I soooo want more of these.  And I would love to try out the larger one too.  I have filled this one up with all the different sizes that I have cut out in the past week. 

DSCN4036   DSCN4035 

Okay so in the picture on the right we can see lots of slots of a variety of cuts.  Starting on left top, which is the top tray; we have 3” squares, a pair of stork scissors and 3.5” X 6.5” bricks. The center row is all 2” squares and the next row is just 1.5” squares.  Yes … that what I said … 1.5” squares.  On the bottom tray, have 3” X 2” bricks and 2 sections of 2.5” squares.  I have room to stick my box of pins, scissors, rotary cutter in two sizes (the little Olfa is standing on it’s side), and a pack of needles. One of the best features is the snap lock for the closure.  Think tackle boxes or toolboxes closures as seen in this next picture.


Nice thing is it will be very portable for when I go to quilt group on Wednesdays.  I just add a smaller ruler and some pencils for drawing those seam lines.  I figure the large bricks are for one project. The 2” & 2.5” will be for my nine patch block projects and the 1.5” might find themselves in a postage stamp quilt of some size.  I know that the 3” & 3” X 2” bricks will be in another project. So everything will find a scrappy home.  I do have some white/cream & black 2” squares that are going into another container (an up-cycled Danish container)  for the Bonnie Hunter’s “Bricks & Stepping Stones” pattern that will be next in the scrappy stable once I cut out the rest of the w&b’s squares for four patch blocks.  It’s nice to see I’m a little more organized and have a good stack of “tamed” scraps for future projects.

Just wanted to give a shout out to Pat over @ who left a wonderful comment last week on the subject of mine and Ms. D’s Round Robin Centers.  She has an album showing all of our progress.  You’ll find her button on the right. for both her blog and a direct link to the Round Robin Stitchin’ Sisters album

On Jan. 25th, I’m going to take part in Vicki’s “Grow Your Blog” even over there @  There will be over 500 blogs taking part.  Some will even have prizes!! Oh My!! There will a variety of blogs of different subjects.  It will prove to be interesting as we hope to add a few more “Friends” to our blog followers.  I can wait!!! You can learn more about the event my clicking on the button on the right hand sidebar.

I have 3 book reviews for ya this week so far.  Now I know that I’m quite behind on these but I’m trying  LOL.  Now just a reminder:  I receive these books ARC Via NetGallery in exchange for my honest opinion. Having said that the thoughts are all mine and have NO reflection for those in the writing or publishing in each of these books.

First up is “Hard to Handle” by Jessica Lemmon from Forever(Grand Central Publishing)

Sadie Howard never dates a guy more than once-but Fate has other plans for her when it comes to Aiden Downey, the one that got away. Aiden loved her, left her, and broke her heart. Yet suddenly she's bumping into him at every turn, driven to distraction by his wicked grin and rock-hard body. Now she can't resist finishing what they started-as long as she doesn't let herself fall in love . . .
Aiden Downey threw away the best thing he ever had when he let Sadie go, and now he's determined to win back the woman he's always wanted. Sadie agrees to let him into her life-and her bed-as long as there are no strings attached. But Aiden's not about to make the same mistake again. Can he convince her to take a second chance on a once-in-a-lifetime love?
Hot-Steamy-Sexy and Realistic!!! This is one of the most believable piece of fiction that I have read in a long time. The characters make you feel like you have met them in your own life.  Their emotional turmoil will have you connecting them and the realistic sweetness is a prefect balance without feeling like you need an insulin shot afterwards.  I enjoyed the book enough that I actually read it TWICE!!!  Two thumbs up!! Worthy of the 5 stars I gave it.
Second up is “Redemption”  by C. J. Barry from Forever (Grand Central Publishing)


Reya Sinclair is the last person a man sees before he dies. As a Redeemer, she offers the soon-to-be-departed one last chance to atone for their sins. It's a painful job, but it's her only shot to secure her own salvation. She won't let anyone stand in her way-not even a ruggedly sexy cop hot on her trail. Bound by her duty, Reya must shake him before he ruins her . . . but her heart can't seem to let him go.
Detective Thane Driscoll has watched too many criminals get away. The man who murdered his father was no exception. Now Thane carries out his own brand of justice, even if it means compromising his soul. When a string of deaths leads him to a beautiful woman in black, he discovers there's more to his father's murder than meets the eye.
As fate brings them closer together, Thane discovers that only Reya's touch can calm his rage. Racing to uncover an evil plot, they must fight together to stop the coming storm. But when the time comes, can Reya sacrifice her own redemption to save Thane?

Ms. Barry has  a new follower in her "Soul" series!! I found it impossible to put my e-reader down after the 1st chapter.  The thought provoking has me thinking long after I finished the book about reincarnation & second changes. Without being overtly religious, I found it interesting how the battle for one's soul could be in a constant battle.  Well Done Ms. Barry!!
And finally, “Accidentally In Love w/A God” by Mimi Jean Pamfiloff from Forever (Grand Central Publishing)


Trapped for decades, a powerful god seeks freedom . . . and revenge. But the only thing that can save him is the passion of a woman's touch . . .
Emma Keane is your average city girl trying to get a date. There's just one thing holding her back: the disembodied male voice speaking to her through her mind. Sound kind of crazy? Maybe. But crazy turns downright deadly when the voice persuades her to travel to the wilds of the Mayan jungle. There she will free his body-his incredibly hot, muscled, naked body.
Humans are so frail, so undisciplined, so susceptible to love. And when this ancient being connects with Emma, the feelings she sparks drive him utterly mad. Protective, keep-her-close, never-let-her-go kind of mad. Which might not be such a bad thing because from the moment the beautiful, passionate Emma unshackles his body, they are hunted at every turn. Now he'll have to do everything in his power to keep her safe. But will it be enough?

What does snarky humor, witty banter, frustrated but interesting characters and a jaw-dropping cliffhanger equal up to? To me it is this 1st book in Mimi Jean Pamfiloff's "Accidental Yours" series. With me scratching my head with wonder & intrigue.  Now I'm on the hunt for the next.  

I enjoyed the book and looking forward to reading more from this author. I give it 4 stars out of 5.
Oh my but what a long entry this week. I thought I would leave you with an idea of what I’m going to doing this week.  Monday, Tuesday, & Thursday is doing some super deep house cleaning for a friend & neighbor.  Wednesday we are going to see if it’s possible to leave the house via vehicle for quilt group in the village.  With this deep freeze we are having in Mid-Michigan, my little private road is solid ice.  The 6 pm news just announced that our HIGH will be 12*F.   Burrrrr… what an understated word.  If I don’t get out, I have a plan that has me drawing seam lines for all those wonderful HST’s in my Merry Mayhem New Year Mystery.  I have 168 blocks that need those lines.  From there I’m hoping to put a finish on Ms. D’s dragonfly baby quilt for her nephew.   Friday & the weekend is for whatever quilt work that I haven’t finished, relaxing, reading & watching TV.  
As for what is on the Reading Shelf for this week, I am finishing “A Prairie Christmas Collection” . This book has 9 Historical Christmas Romances by authors like Tracy Peterson, Tracey Bateman and more. I’m part way through “Path of Freedom” by Jennifer Hudson Taylor and just finished “A Healing Heart” Angela Breidenbach.  And if that was enough I just received a new book to review from Bethany House Publishing this week and downloaded 2 more ARC books to the e-reader. LOL. Can you tell I suffer from insomnia? (Rolling eyes here). Well it’s time for Guy’s Grocery Games here shortly… so off to the presses!

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  1. Nice box for organizing! I have way too many plastic baggies of WIPs that slip and slide and do not keep the cut pieces flat enough. Looking forward to seeing more of your quilts in progress. Thanks for the shout out ... :) Pat