Sunday, January 12, 2014

What Life Can Bring You

When life sends you heartache there is nothing more that you can do but try to teach the Child what may be the hardest lesson for them to learn. For the Mother; it’s was a lesson you learned in the same fashion as the Child is doing now. But that doesn’t mean that YOU don’t LOVE said child; but sometimes it’s hardest for Mom to stand back and let the Child fall to rock bottom before  the lesson is learned.  That is something I’m dealing with in the last couple of days.  The emotional toll is grueling. That need  to fix everything is strong. You watch & have seen the pattern repeat it’s self without changes.  And “NO!” becomes the hardest word in the English language.

I know this and so I turned my attention to my quilting.  I’m taking part in my 1st Round Robin.  Ms.P. over at Life in the Scrapatches is also blogging about the Stitchin’ Sisters Round Robin and has pictures of some of the other medallions and such here. So I got my medallion done… finally!!  I had to scrap the first course of plan but I’m very happy with the results that I brainstormed with Ms. D about using the fabric that she sent me for my birthday.  Once I mauled over the concept, the more I thought about a whole bird theme. Think of all those blocks with bird names! Hovering Hawk, Birds in the Air, Flying Geese, etc. etc. Think about it the possibilities are endless!! 

DSCN4016      DSCN4018 

Then I’ve moved on to doing my first added border to Ms.D’s center.  I managed to come up with a plan and have set it into motion. It will be interesting to see how everyone will react to it. I decide to add the extra color to the palette expressed by Ms.D and pulled the orange color in.  Tell me what you think.  The 1st two are close ups of what I added on.

DSCN4024   DSCN4025


I have been doing a lot of reading of late and I wanted to share with you a new publisher that I have come to enjoy.  I started to read the “Quilts to Love” series by Abingdon Press.  These are all quilt with a little bit of faith  for good measure.  Each book can stand alone and even have discussion questions in the back.They are written by a large number of authors who appear to do some research into the plots they have chosen. They spread of timelines, and a variety of settings. I have read many of them (#1-5& 11 with 6&7 sitting here waiting their turn) and have recommended them to the library—where that don’t stay on the shelf very long and have a waiting list for each new one.  It appears the just the right mix of a good inspirational plot line with the ability for the characters to be “real” and a story of a quilt that brings it all together.  The newest books seem to be coming out on the average of once a month. The newest being “Scraps of Evidence” as seen here.   I hope that  you will check out  these books as I found be to wonderful reads.  Many thanks to Abingdon for their wonderful books as I look forward to read many more!! As I look around on the link, there appears to be plans for 2 more years of books to come and according to page 2 under books & quilting clubs: “COMING SOON: We are working to provide them as free downloads on the coordinating book pages of”. OH MY!!!   So will be watching for this!!

Of course the cats are such divas as they sleep their day away.  It never seems surprise me that they almost always end up on my lap blankets.  The little buggers sure have a hard life since they joined the household just over a year ago.  They even have a Redneck Kitty Condo  complete with duct tape.  LOL!! It is surprising how much even the littlest one will run you.  The girls have been playing it the  boxes from Sam’s Club so out comes the tape to put them together until a “real” one can be gotten.  So …yes …feel free to laugh at it.  But at the time of the picture Nosy was enjoy the view from the Penthouse. 

Nosy In RNKC Penthouse    Red Neck Kitty Condo

With that I’m off to put a pork loin roast  rubbed in unsweetened applesauce and Chinese 5 Spice  into the oven for supper.  Thanks Debbieann for your kind comment last time.  We’ll see about getting some more photos of  me in the future.






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  1. Hi, Ms. Tricia ... {{{{{{hugs}}}}} ... just keep sewing ... <3

    I love the fabrics in your RR medallion! Looking forward to my turn with this beauty! I am wondering what the pretty little birdies will tell to me I need to do to add to your quilt ... :)

    Your border on Ms Debbieann's lovely center block is ... lovely!! This is a great start for her center medallion.

    It will be some months until either of these arrive in my mailbox. It will be fun to see how these grow before they come my way ... <3 Pat