Saturday, October 25, 2014

The Return of the Anvils

Now that makes it sound like a “made for TV chick-flick movie”. LOL. I have made it my goal this week to get the top of Merry Mayhem's Mystery #136 done, otherwise known to most of us simply as “Anvils”. I don't know why it has taken me so long to make this top. I'm sure if I went back into my quilt journals I bet I could find that I started cutting this one out sometime after the beginning of the New Year. Then it went to way side for one reason or another as project are prone to do. Well I can say that I have accomplished my goal.

Tricia 018
Anvils On My Mind
Tricia 020
Scraps Are FUN!
But on the other hand, it appears that I gave no thought on the layout as they are kind of willy-nilly. This is what happens when your mind is on other things. (insert shrug here with a puzzled look on my face). Oh well it's a “Make-Do” quilt anyways. I really was going for that vintage line of thinking on this quilt. I worked with a variety of scraps that I have received in swaps, gifts or from my own projects & fabric samples that I have. I have a twin size batting that I could use but I'm thinking more along the lines of recycling one of those polyester blankets that the Mister has. They are ummm - let's see how to say this...rough & ugly. LOL. I have some older sheets that I can contribute to the cause for backing. As I was playing with the rows last night, Ms. Honey Bee was sure to come over and supervised the whole matter like it was her job.

Tricia 015
Well I Think It Needs More Rows Mom.
Now that the top is done, I have to get to it if I want to have this one done by the year's end seeing that was the challenge. With everything coming up with Secret Santa's & the likes, I would love to have this completed and off the plate so that I can work on the needed pieces for those. 

Tricia 003
View From Back Porch
Since the chill of Fall has kicked in, I really wanted a bowl of Ramen soup to warn up the insides. I Love Ramen once I have Frankenstein-ed it. First thing I do is throw out the silver package of salt-laden season packet. I find that this great for cleaning out those bits & pieces of leftovers from the fridge and freezer. This time it was 2 packets of Ramen Noodles, buffalo chicken chunks, a half of a very small cabbage head, frozen spinach, green beans, chicken broth and seasoned with Simply Asian Sweet & Spicy Saigon seasoning.  Break out the bowl & chopsticks when all said and done. Pretty as a picture with it's green & white coloring.

Tricia 012
Green & White Ramen Noodles

This week in the mail box, I received my monthly "Quilting Broad Secret Package" from Happy Stitcher. She sent a wonderful box filled with all kinds of goodies.

Tricia 021
Oct. Secret Pal Package
As you can see there are several pieces to enable my many passions. Fabric, patterns, snack mat, leaf pot holder, the cutest little pumpkin pincushion, a big cone of black thread. Oh MY! That's 5500 yards of thread!!!! And my newest addiction ... cross-stitch magazine & Aida Cloth. Least we not forget the Chocolate flavor of the month -- mini York Peppermint Patties. Yum! 

You  might have noticed that I have a new addiction to cross-stitching.  I find it to be very peaceful and it makes be slow down when I really need it the most.  I would have never thought that I would become the kind of girl who would actually have the time to do such a thing.  But since I no longer can work, my children don't live with me anymore, I have become a lady of leisure to some point.  One of my visit sites to visit that has vintage style samplers is Victorian Motto Sampler   Nancy has the most beautiful pieces that she designs.  Anyone of this pieces would be right at home in old-fashion Ginger bread home rather it be in the city or on the family's 150 year old farm house.  She always have the greatest give-a-ways too.  Right now she has a couple going on her collections of over-dyed flosses that she does herself.Be sure to visit these two postings for a chance to leave her a comment ofr two for a chance to win these fabulous collections!!  Good Luck!!
Now you may have seen the buttons on the right hand side for "The Quilt Pattern Magazine".  This is an on line magazine that I received a gifted subscription from a close guilty friend last year as a "Not-So-Secret-Santa" that I was the hostess for. I just found out that she renewed it again for this year. Thank You Ms. C!!  They have many types of designs, their own on line community called "Pattern Pastiche" and so much more.  And the price is nice to boot.  And if you become a pattern tester you get 3 months free on your subscription.  And as we all know "FREE" is our favorite word in the quilty world. Anyways as I was saying, I took part in their 1st Virtual Retreat and last week I show you those pretty fall fabrics that I'm using in the Virtual Retreat Quilt. Well there was "door prizes" and I was lucky enough to win door prize #1.  This prize was a 24 page pattern book called "Tidbits & Twiglets"  is from Barbara Chojnacki of's got some great methods for making interesting scrappy quilts.  I'm looking forward to making "Twiglets 101" soon.  As in after all the Holiday sewing is complete for the year.  

Tricia 022  
TQPM Door Prize
Lucky for me I didn't sign up for the normal 6 or 7 holiday swaps like I would normally do.  I'm doing a private pincushion swap in a small group of 7or 8 of us, but I only have to make one.  Then I'm doing a private swap with another friend here in Michigan.  That one isn't until just before Christmas and the last one is on my Quilting Board on line group which is due to be mailed Nov. 15th.   I did a running raid for Holiday fabric at the storage bin. this afternoon. Now that I've done that . The ideas are flowing through the brain. I'm know I'll be busy this weekend. Then it will be some time I'll be out of commission for a short while due to my thyroid surgery next Monday. Which brings me to an important announcement.

There will be NO blogs next week! 

Part of it is for the health reasons as I mentioned above, but also I have no new news on the TBS's.  I'm really need some volunteers to be willing to put a box together and send out into the world. Without some volunteers, I'm afraid that this will be the end of the Traveling Stash Boxes.  I would be very sad to have to be the one to make that announcement.  It doesn't have to a themed box.  Just some nice quality fabric that you might pull from your own stash or some nice fabrics that you picked up for a really great price.  Please don't be afraid to start one of these new fledglings go out into the world.
I've no books to review for you at the moment. But I do hope to have something soon.  I plan to check out some new books on audio to use for my reviews while I'm recouping.  
I want to say Thank You to all of you who left some great feedback in the comments on the "What's Going On" posting. I have enjoyed responding to them.  And I can't wait to have more things to show you in the future.  Have a wonderful week and I'll talk to you soon.

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