Monday, November 17, 2014

Time to Play Taps

Time to Play ... Taps?
Is it Taps for the TSB's? Only you can tell me!  This could be the final posting for the TSB's!! Make your voices be heard right here.
After having a long extended vacation, I had hoped they came back, they would generate a new interest with the new face lift.But instead what I have discovered that it appears that there isn't any interest at all anymore.  
Since announcing their return in Sept, I haven't had many volunteers to start new boxes, even though there was some interesting comments made by a few people & I took the time to replied back with hopes some of the missing boxes would get replaced or to start a Theme box. I did say “Thank You” to Katie after receiving a box that she had generously donated as a replacement box. 
In October's posting here, I listed all the last known where abouts of the boxes and that seems to be where they went “poof” I know some that were in mid-travel as the vacation started, so I'm not sure if they reached their next stop. I can't reach some websites that were winners as I was looking for a status report to see if they received the boxes or not. If you still have one of the boxes listed, please please tell me what random needs to be paid so you can make a blog posting, draw a winner and send them on their way. LOL.

If I don't hear back from the boxes soon it will appear that it is time for me to play “Taps” over them as they give up there last breath. I hate to be the one who has to be the one to pull the life support plug on these boxes as they were lots of fun over the years.

You can reach me either here in comments or via my email address: quercus zero 8 two 8{@} yahoo. There are no spaces in the address.


Tricia -TSB Mod.

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  1. I would hate to see them go. I have really enjoyed the boxes. I would be happy to donate some items to a box if need be. I hope you get more interest!