Monday, January 5, 2015

Here’s To A New Year…It’s 2015!

Happy New Years!!

Tricia 040
A Quilter's Christmas Tree

Well You won't believe but I already have a finish just days into the new year.  I will be sharing a tutorial of it next week but here is a sneak peek.

Jan. Tut Sneak Peek

It’s the beginning of another year and there is so much to think about.  I could make this whole long list of resolutions that I know that I can’t keep and it would be disappointed at the end of the year. So I won’t be doing that.  

There are some things that I would like to accomplish over the next 12 months, but of course we know that life has a way of stepping in and throw a monkey wrench into things; thus making plans fly right out the window on us.

As I was enjoying some "adult"  refreshment, I pulled out some paper & pencil. 

A Little Nog Anyone?

Now That Has Some Kick To It!!
My intentions will be a short list each month. I already pulled out a few UFO’s to work on this year. Now I know that this just looks
  1. Start two test patterns for TQPM (see button in sidebar).
  2. Make my Project of the Month (POM) project for Jan. (done).
  3. Make my POM for Feb.
  4. Start working on my Scrappy Challenge Quilt.
  5. Continue hand quilting my "Autumns Trails" wall hanging UFO.
Now I know that this just looks a short list, but I really do want to work on getting my UFO's made into completed tops this year. I know that I won't be able to have any quilted by year's end, but having the tops done would show some progress; giving me a sense of accomplishment. And as a quilter, having something to show for can come in a variety of ways. 

So when I am at a point of having an empty floor hoop, I can grab one that needs to be sandwiched and baste; I can get right to it.

What I'm going to do is set up a schedule as to what I'll work on each day.  This is something that me & Ms.D in Canada came up with together so that we could "sew together" as we live a good distance apart. It will look something like this:
  1. "Make Blocks" Mondays.
  2. "Make UFO Tops Happen" Tuesdays
  3. "Tame the Scraps" during the day and add "UFO Cross-Stitching" in the evenings for Wednesdays.
  4. "Any Hand Work" Thursdays
  5. "Freebie" Fridays
  6. "Scrap Clean-Up Saturday's"  for 2 Rainbow Block Challenges
  7. "Catch Up Sunday's"
Of course this is subjected to life - so we can trade days around or use Sunday to catch up. What you don't see here is what else I'll be doing on most evenings, which is hand quilting the project that is in my floor hoop. I plan to have a baby quilt in the hoop shortly once I get it prepped. It's kind of nice to have an idea what to work on daily as some times I find it hard to wrap my head around what to work on sometimes. I have even gone as far as putting it in my Quilter's Daily Journal that I received as a gift from Ms. C in my Not-So-Secret-Santa box.  It looks like this:

A Gift From Ms. C in Alanson, MI
I love the big lines to add many notes for doctor appointments, quilter notes and tracking deadlines on projects. And there was so many pretty quilts on every other page to inspire me. You can have a peek of that here. I will use this in tandem with my new quilt journal that I keep. I'm on my 5th one and it started on Jan. 1st. 

I have also been working my Celtic Wheel cross-stitch and have gotten the Samhain wedge completed. 

Tricia 166
Samhain Wedge
Speaking of Cross-stitch and other needle work, when the BC went home; my ex- MIL had dug out some over flowing boxes of old cross-stitch projects that was started or in the 'to-do" box to give me.  She says she also believes that she might even have a couple partial bolts of cross-stitch cloth to add to the pile the next time I'm there. Wow  I didn't even know they made bolts. She said it was some time ago. It will be interesting in dig through as it is mixed with some crewel work and possibly some Redwork too.

I recently had 2 teacup sets come to me as gifts my local friend Ms. D They have unusual patterns that just sings to my Celtic background. This one is a bagpiper with tartan ribbons. My research shows that this is a vintage set from the 1960's. It's maker's mark say it's Elizabethan China Cape Breton Island Tartan on the underside of the teacup. As you can see it is depicted with a bagpiper and tartan bows. I'm not sure how it got to Mid-Michigan, but I'm more than happy to add it to my collection. Next week I'll also see you the second one that came to visit.

Newest Addition For The Collection

Maker's Mark
The cats have also enjoyed the holidays as the BC came for a visit. Nosy Rosy was all about the BC as you can see.

Nosy Rosy & BC #1

Nosy Rosy & BC #2

Now don't think I'm ignoring Honey Bee, she had her own way of hanging out. 

Belly Scratches From The Papa

Even More From The Momma
So that's it for the moment.  Be sure to stop in next time for the POM that you got a sneak peek of and more pictures. And of course feel free to drop me a comment or two before you leave.

Until then.....toodles,


  1. Tricia, sounds like you have a good plan for the year. Keep up the good work. We used to have a cat that loved to get his tummy rubbed all the time. I keep forgetting my Siamese does not like that, but he quickly reminds me.
    'Tis later

    1. Thank You Nancy. it's a great way to know what's going on before coffee. LOL.
      Thanks for stopping by, hope to see you again.