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January 2015 Project Of the Month Tutorial

A Simple-to-Make Pre-quilted Gift!!!

Hey gang!!! How are we all doing today? I'm doing good and have sewing on the mind and wanted to share today.  So I volunteered to be a Project of the Month (POM) leader this year on one of my groups ( and I'm so excited!!

I'm looking forward to sharing some neat projects that would make great gifts to give throughout the year.  What a way to get an early jump on your holiday or special occasion needs?  I'm looking to make a variety of projects using what I have on hand, swap for, gifted items or as a last resort - buy with coupon's from Joann's.

I'm trying to be good and use some of my scraps this year since my little house cleaning job for a friend has gone away. Was so bummed out when that happened but can a girl do?  Well sewing is a good start. Lord knows I have a TON of UFO projects that I have started or inherited from others.
Today I'll be showing you how to make this month's project, a reversible matching can wrap & snack mat from pre-quilted fabric. I was able to use left over pieces from other projects, including the binding to make this project; after about a half an hour of digging.

Here you can see what I came up with in the 1st two photos below.

Tricia 150

  Tricia 159

You will need:

  • A Fat Quarter of Pre-Quilted fabric in you choice of print
  • One package of Packaged Double-folded Binding
  • One package of Sticky Velcro (some prefer the type you sew)
  • Basic sewing needs

Here is a picture of the end results.

Tricia 161


First you need a template of the cozy wrap. I used one that I free handed. I know that you can find them in gas stations & other places that coffee is commonly sold on light-weight card board. So there is lots of ways to make a template. They are generally around 9" X 4" when completed.

Tricia 151

This would be also the time to cut out the size snack mat that you desire. For this one I made it 10" X 13". Next you pin on the pre-made binding as seen below. You are now ready to sew.

Tricia 153 Tricia 156 

Once you have the binding attached on both pieces, you are ready for the Velcro. Now I used the little squares that are 7/8" or 2.2 cm. You can use strips that are cut to your preferred length. When placing the Velcro on; you place the 2 "fuzzy" squares on the same side. One on each end, and then turn your cozy over and place the 2 "hooks" sides on each end. The permits the cozy to be completely reversible!

Now a couple of notes here: I had to hand sew my Velcro bits down by hand as my machine didn't like sewing them. If you wish this cozy to fit larger cups, bottles etc., you can add an extra couple inches in the center of your template. When you do that you can place the "fuzzy" Velcro horizontal on both sides before sewing it down.

Here are have are some pictures with the can all dressed up & ready to go.

Tricia 163

Tricia 164 

And here we have an insulated travel mug modeling for us with both views.

Tricia 162

Tricia 161  

Well there it is folks. I hope you enjoyed my little tutorial and I look forward to see some of your finished pieces.
Next month I'm going show you how to make pretty mini quilt using free coloring pages. This is a great one to personalize for everyone from wee ones to our Elders. The snowman for this one came from the Nov./Dec. 2014
issue of the Michigan "Country Register" that is found for free in most LQS.

Tricia 152

Thanks for stopping by. And remember, if you have an idea that you would like to share or have me make; be sure to reach out & contact me. I would love to have a volunteer each month to show us a wonderful gift to make later in the month too!! So come on and put your thinking caps on Y'all!! Until next time...


NOTE: This tutorial has a Copyright of 2015, by me - Tricia Morrison-Stork.  This for your personal use only. Please be kind and do not reproduce or distribute my patterns or tutorials without my permission or without giving me credit for creating them. It's wrong & unfair to me when you do since I'm the one who took the time to make this available to my readers. Thank You for your honesty.

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  1. fabulous project....great use for those strips of quilted fabric that are always left.....

    hugs and stitches

    Debbieann in Canada