Saturday, February 28, 2015

New Family Member, Rescues, & Mailings.

Oh baby…

This week has been interesting.  I became a Grandmother again.  I will be Uma Tricia to another red haired beauty of a girl with dark eyes.  The parents - Christen and James are thrilled as can be. 

Cordelia w Mom and Dad

                       Let us introduce you to Miss. Cordelia Melonie Rayne Kaczkowski. 

Cordelia #2 (2)

Miss Cordelia made her appearance on 2/26/15 via c-section at 8:39 am.  She was 8.13 pounds and 20 inches long. She is wearing a custom made outfit that matches the blanket that Christen made for her. I can’t wait to met her in person!

In other news…

I’ve been sort of all over the place with my projects. I’m doing cross-stitch for myself as I’m taking part in a cross-stitching challenge in one of my FB groups.  The goal is to start a project everyday for either 31 or 59 days. And then spend the rest of the year finishing them. I am using a much of UFO’s that was given to me in January. I do have a couple projects that I started myself and one finished project for an up coming blog hop.

I have been working hard on my Friendship Stars for my homesteading swap.  This is some pictures that just gives you a peek at the progress.

New patterns, mailings & POM 010  New patterns, mailings & POM 011

In the mail…

Then I had a great week in mailings. My friend Pat over there @ was so kind to send me her extra bird panel for the upcoming “Tree Bird” blog hop.  I’m thinking about how I am going to use it and need to make a decision quick to have it at least started for the hop. 

New patterns, mailings & POM 002 

I won the single pattern - “living a Charmed Life” by Six Gables Designs during “The Quilt Pattern Magazine”  birthday party event as a door prize. I can make everything from a lap quilt to a king size quilt.  So many options to play with.

New patterns, mailings & POM 027

Then a friend on the Quilting Board rescued a bunch of patterns and books from the trash at her church and offered them up for the cost of postage.  I was able to get the Southwestern/Native American themed collection.  Boy oh boy it was a heavy and plentiful bounty indeed.  Here was the books with plenty of eye candy to look at.  These patterns have not been open from the looks of them.

New patterns, mailings & POM 025

And if that wasn’t enough there were patterns.  As in 21 patterns!! Yee Haw!!!

New patterns, mailings & POM 016   New patterns, mailings & POM 022  

There was even the catalog that carried all the patterns.

New patterns, mailings & POM 024

This one had lots of blocks for it and are on large page the size of a half sheet of newspaper.  Each sheet has 2 patterns on it.  They haven’t been unfolded yet.  This could have the makings for a very nice quilt with it’s 30 blocks.

New patterns, mailings & POM 019   New patterns, mailings & POM 018

New patterns, mailings & POM 020   New patterns, mailings & POM 021

The blocks are 12” X 12” and according to the directions it finishes is 90” X 109” with 3” cornerstone & sashings and 6” borders.  That is one big quilt!!

In media news …

Did you know that Keepsake Quilting has a sister catalog just for stitchers? Like cross-stitching, crewel, embroidery etc. Oh my like I don’t already drool all over their quilting catalog.  Take a look at this!

New patterns, mailings & POM 013 

Then my friend found this new freebie in a quilt shops.  It is from local quilters from Newaygo, Mi. It has features on books, new fabric collection and an inspiration gallery.  We currently have issues 11 & 12 .  But wait for it…

New patterns, mailings & POM 014

…each volume comes with a free pattern!!!  Our favorite word…Free!!  At the moment me & Donna are doing 2 each of this pattern.  It kind of reminds me of the Mad Hatter’s Tea Party. This one is 30” X 30”.

New patterns, mailings & POM 015 

You can check out more about the “Quilter’s Digest online @  and share it with your LQS so that they bring it to their stores too.  You can also see the current issue there too.

Well that is enough for this edition but be sure to come back for the next posting for more exciting news and sneak peeks of things to come.  I’ll give you a hint on one of them …Minnie Mouse.  As always feel free to leave a comment on anything you like…even if it’s just to say “Hi!” Until then…


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