Sunday, February 1, 2015

What? It’s February Already!!!

Say What!!!

This week has been super crazy due to some health issues in the house, so the quilting schedule went right out the window. I only managed to get most of my Red work snowman done.  Today I did a little tea-dying for his last border. The fabric I wanted to use was just a little too bright-white for the project and needed to be toned down a wee bit. After a 5 minute meeting with a small sauce pan, a dark orange pekoe teabag from Lipton; I was good to go. Those pieces are currently hanging from the shower curtain rod being dried by the heat vent above them.

It’s funny how time can gets away from you when you’re not looking. I had plans to have certain things done by the month’s end. And of course I said it out loud…silly me. What was I thinking when I did that? I teased Murphy and he was sure to let me know that on under no certain terms that was a foolish thing to do. Geez… thanks Murphy!!! Can you hear me being sarcastic there?

Now don’t get me wrong, I managed to do a number of little things like pulling the fabrics for a swap on my Small Quilt Talks yahoo group.  We are making and trading these cute 3” nine-patch blocks. I have committed to do 2 set of blocks for the trade. Each set has 10 of these petite blocks that are made with a medium/dark fabric with a shirting print for the 4 contrasting pieces. 

Tricia's Stash Additions  004 

I was out with my close friend here in Barryton last week that had a visit to JoAnn’s last week.  They had some fat quarters on clearance so we picked out some that are kind of neutral but not just plain wow’s. I have picked out a couple tone-on-tone’s for a couple of project in mind beyond the white, black & brown prints. But these babies were all half off @ 97 cents.

I’m also taking part in a spring block swap on my homesteader’s group. I picked up some fat’s for that since most of the colors don’t reside in my normal stash. I think I have a block picked out for these pretty fabrics too. These will also have some white mixed in with them too.

Tricia's Spring Fabrics 001

We also found some neat set of appliqué patterns that I’ll be using for an up coming Blog Hop in March.You can see the badge for that on the right side. This cool pattern set is “Backyard Birds: 12 Quilt Blocks to Appliqué from Piece O' Cake Designs” by Becky Goldsmith and Linda Jenkins. Everywhere I looked, there was some sort of birds that seem to pop into my line of sight. So I guess the Fates was telling me to be a part of the great blog hop regardless what I was going to do.

backyard birds

The nice thing about these wonderful birdies was the fact this pattern set was 40% off it’s regular price. Hey… got to like a good sale. And of course at the time I was contemplating in taking part in the Tree Bird Blog Hop. Funny thing those Fates are but I actually had made the decision not to take part in it until I saw this great group of patterns. If you go here, you will find out more about this hop. We have gotten our schedule days & I’m on the 20th of March, which is a Friday.

I am hard at work on the smaller project for the hop in the evenings and have a good size start on the larger project when I can get to may sewing machine.  I’m also poking around to see what I can offer up a give away for this special little hop too.  Hummmm … I’m thinking… I’m thinking… that it’s going to be a surprise.  LOL. 

Well this is a short post this week, but I’ll be sure to tell you more about what’s going on around here once I get some sneak peeks done; so that they can be ready for their close-ups.  Until next time…thanks for stopping by.


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