Sunday, April 12, 2015

UFO Sew-A-Long

UFO Sightings!!

Well my friend I've been trying to work on some of my UFO's this year. It would be nice to see if any of you  would like to come and play with me in my UFO Sew-A-Long. It would be a lot kind to see what you might pull out of the dark corners of those stashes that we have deemed them some time ago. What would you pull out?  How would you feel when you pull something out that you have started and make some progress on the project? If I was able to make some sort of button that you could use to link with me, I would take most joy in seeing your wonderful before, progress and after pictures.   If anyone knows how I could do this, I would be most honored if you could share this with me as it this is one of the many banes in my blogging world. 

I try to think of the reasons why this or that project got sidelined. Maybe it was because life got in the way, or maybe company was coming and I had to clear the dinner table off. It could be that my son was here for the summer or like most other quilter's, I too; have been plagued with the "Squirrel Syndrome". What ever the reason it's time that some of them saw daylight.

Since the last time I post I have made much progress on the "Buttoned Up" Virtual Retreat Quilt. 

4-Patches & HST's Meet

This is not all that I have done on this project.  I was able to sit down turning these little pieces into larger segments.  

"Buttoned Up" Segments
To the Pinning of Segments

But this is not all that I work on. As I mentioned before I'm doing some cross-stitching when I need a quilt break. I chose a very challenging piece. I have made many errors that have been taken out time and time again so my input is crawling and if I manage to do an one inch square I feel proud of myself for accepting the challenge that I have given myself. Since there is no given deadline, I work at a leisurely pace as I'm sort of learning as I go. 

This is where I am
Close Up
You would think that would be enough for me to work on, but no; that is not me. I continue to do my appointed one hour of hand quilting on my "niece's" quilt. Most evenings I might put in more than that depending on what's on the television and if I have moved the quilt position in the hoop and have to make my 1/4" sewing marks. That alone can take me an hour to do. if there is time before bed I'll start a needle before calling it a night. This is third section that I'm working on. There isn't a deadline per say, but there is a date that I would like it to be done by.

Oh I was also asked to test a pattern out for someone. I had pulled the fabrics out of the stash somewhat recently. I had received them as gifts or obtained the remnants from the likes of JoAnn's. I can't show you the pattern.  The best I can do is to share a picture of the fabrics that I will be using for it at the moment.

Selected Pretties

It's what I would call "semi-girly". The pink won't be used a lot, just to make snowball corners. I wanted to make something out of my normal color palette and look pretty as it may end up being a gift for the newest grand-daughter's wall.

Oh then there is the pair of Kitchen towels I'll be working on too. This is why I'm on my fifth quilting/needle work journals. It might make for interesting reading for my relations in about a hundred years.

Well I just that is more than enough on the subjects at hand. I'm off to work on this weeks book reviews and hand work for the rest of the day after I have made a promised lasagna for supper. Thanks for coming and I hope that you might consider playing in my UFO journey.  I will have several postings this week on a few different topics.  Until next time...


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