Saturday, April 4, 2015

Easter Weekend & More

First off.... will my "Tree Bird" blog hop winner please contact me through my e-mail so that I might send her winnings.

        #31 - Material Girl!!!   

This week I have been very busy with this and that.  With a few out of house days, I did things like grocery shopping today for Easter supper.  We will have a nice ham, baked potatoes, corn, biscuits and deviled eggs.  I also will be having some asparagus.  I'm trying to decide if we will have apple pie or lemon loaf bread for dessert. But I do wanted to say Happy Easter to all my readers out there. {{ waving @ you readers}}

But I have been  consistently doing all week is each evening is spending it hand quilting a baby quilt for a special little lady that is my adopted niece who resides in Scotland.  I put in a minimum of one hour while watching TV in the evenings.  Some night have more done depending what is on or how into a movie I might get.  I find it relaxing and a good way to wind down before bed.

But that isn't the only thing I've been up to.  I pulled two of my UFO's out to work on.  The first one is my Thangle project that Ms. Midge sent to my year ago.  I'm making progress that one.  And then I pulled out my TQPM virtual retreat quilt.  It is was further along as I ironed and trimmed the 4-patch blocks and I was able to separated the squares for their HST's sections.  next I'll iron & trim out the strips.  

While at Wal-mart, I was able to pick up some black  fq's; so that I can make the little 4-patch blocks that I need for Bonnie Hunter's "Bricks & Stepping Stones"  pattern.  I have the bricks cut out so I'm ready to going as this is my scrappy challenge quilt for this year.  Several of my Stitchin' Sisters are doing a Row Robin that I had to opt out of.  But I decided that I could work on some of my rows from last year along side them. 

Speaking of the Row By Row Experience.  

Did you know that we will be able to take part in it again this year!!  The theme is Water.  This year there is shops from ALL 50 States and 7 Providences of Canada!!!  Whooo-wie!!!   Want more information.  Go here with the start date of June 21st.  You also can find which stores are playing in your State.  

In the mail I got a new book to review through NetGallery.  I'm reading this one "Finding Me", along with this book: "Deadline" that I won last year in a give-away on and to on the e-reader I have  "Crime Seen" by Michaelbrent Collins which was another winner from  I also do book reviews on

Yes I tend to have more than 1 book going at one time.  Which would explain why I currently have 12 books to do write ups for.  LOL.  I read the e-reader at bedtime. "Finding Me" is my on-the-road/waiting book and "Deadline" is my at home reading piece.  This one will have a special place in my collection as it is a signed copy and came with some additional swag.   

Next in the mail I received a block from my friend Bonny.  I was more than happy to introduce her to block swapping.  I sent her one of my Friendship Stars that I had left over from that I made for a swap. And in return I received this one from her in return called "New Hampshire Star".  

Then finally I received my blocks from the SQT 3" nine-patch block swap.  You might remember them from here.  I got lots of pretties in return.

Well  folks it's time for me to go and do some hand quilting on Mollie Sue's quilt for the evening.  I once again want to say thank you to all of you who left me a comment during the "Tree Bird" blog hop.  So until next time ... 

Tricia <3


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  1. great the swap star you got.....very unique pattern...have fun with the UFO's.

    hugs and stitches

    Debbieann in Canada