Thursday, September 20, 2012

How To Spend A Day.

 Well I'm trying a new look here on the blog to fit in the changing of the seasons.   Around the home front, I see the leaves are starting to color up in their Autumn best.   It was so pretty outside to day that I spent it sitting on the back porch hand-quilting the baby quilt that is for my friend in Scotland.  I'm happy to report that the center is all finished and I'm working on finishing the 1st border side.   I let the breeze whisper in my hair very gently like, as I listened to the babbling of the river and the twittering of the birds playing in the trees as I stitch to the slight movement of the glider with a cuppa of Hazelnut Coffee next to me.

Where I Spent My Day
It was very pleasant as you might image.  I was happy with the progress that I made in this peaceful setting.  I even manage to put in a small amount of time on house work while my other half was out running errands. 

I also try spend on the sewing machine every week as I get ready for the upcoming blog hops.  I'm currently working on a second project for the "Leaf's Me Happy" blog hop for my day of Oct. 4th.  If time allows, I have a third one on the wings.  It will just be a little something that is wandering about in the creative center of my brain playing peek-a-boo with me. 

As for the "Wicked" blog hop that is set up for the end of Oct.,  I'm working on a couple of things for that as well.  So as you can tell,  I'm constantly working on several things at one time.  But I find that doing this keeps me from going stale on any one project. I have a couple of sneak peeks for ya from the projects that I talked about last week. 

There are sooooooo many possible projects that I could be making of these hops, that I'm kinda feeling like a hamster in a wheel just going in circles trying to make finally decisions as to what pieces to use.  LOL..... oh such dilemmas to be in.  I guess it will end up being a surprise for both you & me. ;)

Well other than all that, I finally managed to maek to the library on Wednesday morning to the quilting circle.  It was more of a triangle than a circle but I was happy to sit & talk quilting with some one that knows what I am actually saying.  Oh what an wonderful 1.5 hours of bliss.  With luck I might be able to go next week. 

I made a Monkey Block for my newest Granddaughter for a quilt that the Quilt & Needle "Quiltie Aunties" are making for her. Also in the picture is my choice of 1.5" sashing fabric that I had picked out.  
Hand Appliqued Monkey Block

I have also been working on those challenge tulips that my friend from Wisconsin sent me.  Above is a picture of one of the blocks that was  playing with the layout, before I started to stitch it down.

So that pretty much it for this week.  Not a whole lot of excitement to share.  But as always I love comments and such-nots so feel free to leave a note as you stop by. Let me know what you think of the new colors on the layout.


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