Saturday, September 1, 2012

In Gerda's Honor, WIP's,, Another Sneak Peek, Update

Well this week has been kind of  an up and down for us.  But I'm hoping that those of you who read last weeks post remember me posting about the piece I made  with my Good Friend Gerda.  Well I decide to enter it in the "Quilting Gallery" weekly themed contest and it is currently up along with lots of other beaurtiful quilts.  You should stop by if you get the chacne and have a peek.

So I have been hard at work on the Halloween lap quilt for my son Curtis.  I got all the little embroidery centers completed.  And can start the piecing process.  Yeah!!! I did decide to add 9 blocks to make it just a bit bigger for him. 

Embroidery Block Centers
It is part of a pattern in "Quilt Sampler" fall/winter 2010 issue. I'm hoping to at least have the top done in time for the "Wicked" Blog hop that is in Oct. I'll bring you more details on that soon.  ;)  Then I'm also working on what I hope is my first tutorial during that hop and currently in a designing process.  But it include these fabrics. 
Sneak Peek in Up Coming "Wicked" project
Then I finally got a stencil for the baby quilt that I'm working on.  It's a 2" wave spiral pattern and should nicely balance the straight lines of the pinwheel in log cabins blocks. Now if I can stay off this computer this weekend I should be ready to start marking it out. So depending on how fast I can do all that, I can continue the hand-quilting process.  YEAH!!!!! 

So with that in mind, I'll be signing off and be starting.  Please feel free to leave comments, thoughts or such-nots.



  1. Looks like you are doing far better with your entry than I am with mine. Congratulations. It is beautiful. Curious to see your "Wicked" entry. I have nothing for that (and no plans!) but I do have something for the block exchange contest.

    I admire all the effort and detail you put in everything.

    1. Mary ... Thank you for your kind words of my little bits of attempts one my little projects. I am hard work with my porjects for both blog hops that are up coming. Love to you have ya stop by.