Friday, April 26, 2013

Life Lessons, New Shoes, Up Coming Blog Hop

Well I have to say it’s nice that this week has quieted down for a change.  I will take a “slightly” slower day at any time that I can get them.  All the drama and family issues can be so mentally draining on a person. 

On the other hand, I guess;  I should think about learning what battles to fight.  I can quickly think of 3 different issues that I had to make some quick thought processes on and predict the outcome.  One I had a rip-roaring argument about and the end result was nothing but some empty words & being sneaky about it.  Does that person really believe that they are getting away with it?  Like I can’t Smell it in spite of the nose on my face?  At this point I choose not to say anything anymore as it doesn’t seem to matter and I found I’m tired of fighting about it only to have it continue.  There was another family matter that I just basically went “whatever - your decisions/your consequences”  as I said good-bye. With the third one, I tried the “let it roll off my back” approach.  I’m not sure which one was the correct way to handle it’s own situation, but I’m trying to use them all as a Life lesson. 

While we was out today, I upgraded my tennis shoes.  I hate buying certain types of clothing but this ended up being a quick buy a couple months ago just to keep my feet dry.  Now that the $10 specials are “broken in” they aren’t worth a hen’s teeth.  They were causing my ankles to roll out wards, hadve no arch support and it’s true that you get what you pay for.  I did cringe once I saw the price tag but if I’m to really make an effort to commit to walking, I needed a better shoe; so I bit the $30 bullet and bought them.

In the quilt-y side of things, I have been hard at work on my projects for the “It’s for the Birds”  blog hop for next month. This hop will be hosted by wonderful  Madam Samm of and has Ms. Mary of as our cheerleader on this go around.  I'm soooo excited and I'm really stitching as fast as I can for this hop is scheduled for May 7th -15th. I did find out that my day is on Tuesday, May 14th.  And I will be having a give-away that I will be reveal that day. 
A couple of weeks ago I got a mysterious package in the mail.  I got it from my friend in Wisconsin.  The kit was a nice surprise after a rough month, and it is a great way to learn a new technique.  I have not made a Thangle quilt before, so I’m hoping I can it justice. Here is the 1st block… as you can see the colors are sooooo me.


The other thing I taught myself was how to make tissue holders as I was making some 4-Patch pincushions that I make as gifts.   Sometimes I need a something that is homemade but i tend to do things that are practical.  It’s just the way I do things I guess.  But it’s nice to learn something new, even it’s something simple as a tissue holder.  Here is a picture of a few that I made before I got the pincushions stuffed.


I guess week things may slow down a bit that I might attempt to make the next couple of FWS blocks this week as I also finish & gather what I need for the Blog Hop.   Once that happens, I promise to post pictures of them next week.  So with that I with you with something to think about and I hope you will let me know the answer to the following question.

What would you like to see more of on my blog?  More Give-aways?  Learn about what I’m reading?  Challenges of some sort?  Come on Y’all … this input would be helpful to me for the future of my blog.  Maybe I should figure out how to get some sponsors, I hear that  sponsors are good.  Any body know how that works, if you do; could you share your tips with me?

Well … I’m wrung-out tired and I’m calling for an early night.


  1. Pretty block, Ms Tricia! I have never tried thangles.

    I just like to see pretty quilty pictures on blogs and tips on how to make. No clue about the sponsor thing as it is not something I have really thought much about. I like linky parties on blogs as I get to meet some interesting people that way. I have never thought about running one of those either. Looking forward to the Birdies Hopping and what you make. I am posting on the first day of this one and I am ready! Might make another project if I have time.

    Your tissue holders and four patch pincushions will make cute and useful gifts. Just keep sewing, sweetie ... :) Pat

  2. No idea how the sponsor thing works. I love visiting blogs that have like interests. I have not tried the tissue holders yet although I have received a couple of kits at shop hops in the past. They are in my to do drawer. I think the pin cushions are great gift ideas and your block looks great. I just posted three more of the Farmers Wife block tonight. Hope you have a great weekend!