Monday, April 15, 2013

Sunday, Sunday... Looks Sew Good to Me!!

Sunday, Sunday... Looks Sew Good to Me!!

Well Howdy!!  Welcome to the Sunday Sew Day.  I know this is a couple days later than I would have liked, but until today I really didn't have much to share with ya.  It was looking like a "No Sew Week" with all that has been going on.  Today was actually really satisfying for me. It was the first chance that I really got to sit down with the sewing machine after another week of on the run with appointments and such.  So I made it count to make up for the whole week. 

Let's see the done pile of completed items include 4 four-patch pincushions, 3 pocket tissue holders, 2 "Birds In The Air" blocks, and 1 Mysterious Thangle block.  I got some fabric bits sorted and ironed for a package that is going out this week.  I also got my Quilting Board Secret Pal package all together except for it's pincushion. From there I made the journal entries into the right book.  Dug out some orange fabrics for my "It's for the Birds" project, took pictures of everything and did the needed work to them to get them ready for posting, did some chores and some cooking and ate some chocolate... which is on my daily list and the easiest thing which is something I know I will ALWAYS manage on my daily list.  LOL.

I know that I told you all about my St. Valentine Day Challenge Swap that I did with my Canadian Friend Ms. D. (which you can revisit here) where I showed you what I sent her I forgot to revisit it to show you what she sent me.  So here we go.... from Ms. D to me.

The Whole Package
Red, Pink, White and .....
 Now that's a combo that I can live with!!  I love the cupcake snowball block and it's so fitting for the swap.

The other thing I need to catch you all up on is the progress of my FWS blocks. I now have 8 blocks done including the pictures.  I have been quite re missed in keeping up with my quilting stuff in the last couple weeks due to all the running hither & yonder over the last couple of weeks.  So here is was the first couple blocks and now the new blocks.

Mother's Dream, Windows & Friendship Star


Birds In the Air X's 2

 Yes I'm making great progress and truly enjoying the experience and freedom of the whole thing since I'm doing the "3 Brown Bag" theory.  I look forward to every Monday when the new block information is posted on The Quilt & Needle group.   And even though I might not have the exact block pattern on hand at that second of the announcement, I do try to use other resources at hand to at least attempt to make the given block.  Sometimes I can figure it out or in the case of the W.C.T.U. block, choose the wrong block if more than one version is given.  But for now that oops block will stay in with the rest.  Who knows it might even be destined to become the label for this great quilt, so it only a matter of finishing it; that it might take up it's place upon the back.  One just never can tell how these things might work themselves out. 

Now you might be wondering with all that has been going on, have I had sometime to myself other than sitting with the sewing machine today.  Well I did get picked up yesterday by my quilt buddy Mrs. D for an outing.  We checked out a small craft show at the Big Rapids Eagles to have a look-see and then we went over the Ferris State Campus to have lunch @ the Rock Cafe.  Boy is that place HUGE!! And the food was yummy too!!  On Friday, I had to go to Mt. Pleasant to do some grocery shopping. Since I was by myself, I putzed around & took my time meandering about.

I have also been working hard on my stitchery items for the "It's For the Birds" blog hop for next month.  This hop will be hosted by wonderful  Madam Samm of and has Ms. Mary of as our cheerleader on this go around.  I'm soooo excited and I'm really stitching as fast as I can for this hop is scheduled for May 7th -15th.  I even did a bit of shopping for my give-away that one of you lucky followers will have the chance to win from me!!  LUCKY DUCKS!!  I'm really excited with what I picked up that I'm offering up a sneak peak in to my prize.  READY?????? Okay ..... Peek!!   Heee Heee. 

"It's For the Birds" prize
So what you think?  Won't this make for a great prize?  I can't wait to show you all the neat things I have to show off as my day comes along.  Again once I know which day is my day I'll be sure to give ya a heads up and there is a badge link on the right hand side that will also give the information too. 

You might have noticed some changes to the page as I am trying to do a few things with the supposed up coming changes that blogger is going away.  I add a Bloglovin follow button so that is another way to find me.

Well I'm off to bed.


  1. Love your blog this week......the Farmers Wife blocks are super. By the way nice "duckie tease" Talk to you soon.

    Hugs and stitches


  2. My goodness Tricia we must live within an hour or so of each other from what I read on your posts. As I said on the forum your blocks are looking wonderful. I am planning on catching up today. I did not get last weeks block done. Instead I put together the rather large and not so easy Cosmo bag for a trip coming up. Wanted to spend my sewing time finishing it and so the block was not done. You sure received a wonderful gift in your swap!