Friday, April 5, 2013

Updates, Kitties & Eye-Candy

"The Sun will Come Out Tomorrow"

So the past 2 weeks been very busy with many, many appointments and  I found them to be very tiring mentally and physically - which is why I didn't post last week.  We have has some progress on the SO home front but the path wasn't smooth at all.  But I knew it wouldn't be easy.  With his new diet, it looks like I'm on it too by pure default.  It came down to a choice of spending most of my day in the kitchen cooking 2 different sets of meals for us or given in and just cooking the same meals for both of us.  Guess which one won out?  I love to cook but I decided I would not be a short order cook!  With all the sodium counting, I'm going to have to make our own bread, everything needs to be made from scratch, change my shopping habits and work on meal plans for a picky diabetic.  Oh the joy...ummmm ... NOT!  Who knew that there was so much hidden sodium in items you wouldn't think about.  I mean who would have thought that 1 egg has 65mg sodium and that in 2% milk there is 130mg in an 8 ounces serving.  Since I have been keeping track of the sodium, we are finding out "hidden" sodium that we have been taking in on a regular bases!  It was kind of shocking to say at the least.

With all these appointments, having the time with the sewing machine has been almost impossible.  So there isn't much to show ya on that front this week and for that I have to say I'm sorry.  And now that I'm a full time driver, I no longer get to do hand work in the vehicle.  I'm now stitching in small burst in the parthia of waiting rooms.  Sometimes I might get as little as 3 tiny stitches in before I have to pack it back into the bag or I might have time to do an inch or two.  It all depends on how on time the doctors are. 

Right now I'm working on things for the blog hop that I have signed up to take part in the "It's for the Birds" blog hop.  This hop will be hosted by wonderful  Madam Samm of  and has Ms. Mary of as our cheerleader on this go around.  I'm soooo excited and I'm really stitching as fast as I can for this hop is scheduled for May 7th -15th.  I already have a couple things that I can finish up for this one and IF (and that's going to be a big if) I'm really lucky I'll have a new project for the hop too!! YEAH!!!  So be sure to stop on by my blog along with the rest of the wonderful blogs that will be taking part too.  As soon as I know, I will post the schedule when it's hot off the presses.

So the calendar says it's Spring but being in Mid-Michigan, the weather subjected to do as it wishes.  The cats on the other hand are feeling a bit feisty.  I pulled the curtains open the other day and they decided to help with the window plastic ....

They have been literally bouncing off the walls, and just in general terrorizing anything in their path.  Ms. Honey has taken a real liking to a small panel doll that is maybe 4" tall that I had made a one or two ago.  I might get to see it occasionally as it goes flying by me across the floor.

The other day I got a box of scraps in the mail from a friend on the Quilting Board  after a day of appointments and a rough week.  It was the highlight of my day. While opening it,  I happen to look at the weight and it reads 2 pounds.  Well once I grabbed by 3 brown bags for sorting, I popped it open, only to dump the whole thing onto the floor.  So what does 2 pounds of scraps look like once they are released from a medium flat rate box? Well it looks kind of like this.

LOL ... as you can see Ms. Honey is all ready to "help" mom with the sorting.  These scraps are pre-destined for my scrappy FWS blocks and nine-patch quilts.  I sat there on that floor for the better part of 3+ hours.  But I was dealing with kitties who decided to help and I also spent time on the telephone with Ms. D.  so it wasn't a totally boring project.  There are so many pieces that needed to be petted as it was sorted thus I decided that it was part of my fabric therapy.  After sorting all the pretties, it most definitely counts as a quilt related process and labeled it as such.   I was pleased to add this into my quilting journal along with some bit of times that I had spent on my hand work for that evening. 

So here are some pictures of the kitties "helping" mom with the scraps.  It was bound to happen.  They LOVE when Mom gets mail from other quilters. Between the smells of the fabric, the quilter and the quilter's fur children, it is bound to smell interesting.  They are really happy to get the box or wrapping to play with afterwards.
Ms. Rosy Plays Peek-A-Boo With Ms. Honey

Ms. Honey's Action Shot
I was lucky at one point to have had the forth mind to grab the digital camera as I had a feeling I might get a picture or two.  Ms. Honey was having such a great time that she was partically mummy wrapped in fabric strips.   At one point,  Ms. Honey tryed to get into the box and had managed to tie flag strips around her tail.  Which was funny when she took off across the room with strips flying behind her with her sister hot on her tail.  LOL ...  it was a hoot to watch.

Well we have another week of appointments, so I'm not sure what I'll get done.  If I'm lucky, I might a little bit of stitchery in between appointments; so that I'm ready for next months blog hop.  So with all that said, I have to grocery shopping and take all the laundry to the laundrymat this afternoon.  But I still have some of those carousal horses pictures to show ya.  And next week I'll post some more of those Port Huron pictures that I took a few weeks back.  Enjoy the eye candy. 





  1. Love the fabric sorting got to love those furry feet. What a lovely explosion of colour and fabric....lucky lady. Enjoy.

    Hugs and stitches


  2. Love the kitty story. It does look like a pile of fun for them.