Friday, May 10, 2013

The Birds are Coming! The Birds are Coming!!

Howdy Everyone!!  Come on in and sit a spell. 

This past week has been a super slow week due to the fact I managed to throw out my back from emptying out the barns on the farm property as the new people wishes to use them. So all those lovely boxes from the original move from Pa. to Mi. 4 years ago.  Then there was a couple more changes that caused even more boxes to be stashed in the barns.  Sooooo yeah … lots of boxes that got wet, mouse and bugs running about them, with the half packed or super heavy boxes that was loosely packed but have fragile causalities that have to be sorted out and repacked properly.  FUN! FUN! FUN…NOT!!!!  Trust me this is really not good for someone that back issues to begin with.  Oh Vay!!!

Then on top of all that I’m trying tie up the loose ends on my projects for the current Blog Hop “It’s for the Birds”.  Now don’t worry … I got an item or two done for you to see on my day.  Which, by the way; my day is Tuesday, May 14th, so be sure to come back & see what’s going on.  A couple weeks ago I posted a teaser picture of my give away.  But I will give it to you again.  {wink, wink}  This hop will be hosted by wonderful  Madam Samm of and our head cheerleader is Ms. Mary of on this go around.  I'm soooo excited and I'm really stitching as fast as I can for this hop is scheduled for May 7th -15th. 



Now below is the full schedule of the blog hop so you can go back and visit any blogs that you might have missed.  Some have give away but all of them have some creative examples on the theme of “birds” .  I know that each one would love to have you stop by and would love to see your comments of what your thought.  We also want to give Madam Samm and Mary an extra pat on the back for all they did to get this blog hop going.  Well done Ladies!!

“It’s For the Birds” blog hop schedule

Tuesday, May 7

Wednesday, May 8

Thursday, May 9   Robin Sheaffer

Friday, May 10

Monday, May 13

Tuesday, May 14  {{this is me}}

Wednesday, May 15

Let’s see what else… not much really.  I’m behind on my FWS blocks so there is nothing there to show you. But I’m hoping to get back on horse so to speak soon as I know Y’all are just waiting to see them. 

Currently I’m working on a doll dress pattern for a couple of dollies that will go to deserving little girls for the holidays.  Yes I know… summer isn’t even here yet and I’m already thinking ahead to Christmas.  I’ve never made a doll dress before and this in a challenge since I have to take a pattern that is for an 18”  AG Doll  and make it fit a 14” soft doll that is 10” around the main body/chest area and is 9”  from chin to shoe.  You can see what she looks like here for Soft Doll  There was another doll that I was given that also needs some sort of clothing and looks like Full Plastic Doll. Now I’ve been told that IF I can found them, Preemie Cabbage Patch doll clothes patterns should fit the soft doll.  Anyone got any old Preemie CP baby clothes patterns?  If so – please feel free to contact me via e-mail. Anyhow,  these little girls are in need of clothes before they meet their new “mommies” .  So wish me luck!!  I’m working the 1st one now and will post pictures once I’m done with. 

This Sunday is Mother’s Day – so be sure call Mom, make feel her special with a special meal {rather it be in or out}, maybe some chocolate and/or flowers, a homemade card from the young ones, and if all fails… gift certificate to her favorite quilt shop … you can’t go wrong with quilt-y stuff!!

Okay well I need to get some meds soooo I’m closing this issue for now but remember me on Tuesday, May 14th to see what I have in store for you!!




  1. Looking forward to your birdie project.......alsso can't wait to see your dollies all dressed up. Have fun.

    hugs nad stitches


  2. Pretty fabrics. Looking forward to you birdie post on Tuesday! Sorry to hear about your back. Hope you are soon feeling better, my friend ... :) Pat

    1. don't know how to post here and hoping this will reach you as a new comment.

      Got these old toes dancing on the floor in front of the recliner, in tune to the fat little guy so happily bouncing about while sitting quite still on the fabric. CUTE CUTE CUTE. Actually, I loved everything on the blog that was posted. You did such a terrific job. Keep it up. Happiness in there big time. Here is a short little poem I'm thinking up at the last moment.

      The angels peered down in quiet delight
      from the banks of a lofty cloud
      to hear the sweetest song of all
      the Lord.....had ever allowed
      T'was the symphony of praise and joy
      every and always heaven bound
      as bird's sang out, each to their own
      and the sound spread out and around
      Chickadee's, Robin's, birds of every kind
      gathered for a grand jamboree
      singing together in sweet harmony
      a concert for you and me

      Vickey Stamps 5/14/13 at 11:15 a.m. FOR Q.R. (Tricia)

  3. meant to type 'ever and always ...heaven bound

    sorry for typos

    Vickey Stamps



  6. forgot to give you my email, although I did sign up to follow your blog

    Vickey Stamps (aka wordpaintervs)