Friday, June 21, 2013

Finished on Time, Time for a Change and Review Time.

As of 2 pm EST, I have the right to say I managed to get that Tee-Shirt quilt completed for one of my local Librarians!! Well okay – it’s for her daughter - who just graduated but you get the gist of it. By 2:30 it was in the client’s hands and she seemed very happy with the results.  The end results was this 48” X 48”  of memories of all her daughter’s endeavors. We even have plenty of room for signatures of friends who will attend C’s open house on Sunday. 

                            DSCN2763 DSCN2764

I have to admit this quilt was quite the learning experience for me. Yes…it was my first quilt of this genre and it had been a lesson on so many levels.  Once the household had gone to bed this week; I continued to stay up anywhere's from 12:30 am to 2 am. That bit of uninterrupted time was a blessing in disguise. With the exception of a couple “Velcro” kitties, who was much put out by this quilt taking up so much of my time; but it also took up what the “fuzzies” have decide to be “prime real-estate”. As you see below, Ms. Honey B. was going out of way to remind me that the quilt was taking up WAY TOOO Much of my attention as she tries to distract me to no avail.  She ended up huffing off in a bit of a snit.

  DSCN2755 (320x239) DSCN2760 DSCN2641

I was able to use that time to gather the quilt into my lap for hand quilting with the “invisible thread” to finish off the “Stitch-in-the Ditch” quilting between each row after I manipulated the seams from both sides to match. So that just left the binding for today when I got up.  This quilt actually ended up feeling heavier than I had expected without batting.  By the time I got the 911FF stabilizer on each of the  shirt blocks, I actually ended up with 4 layers to sew through before adding the binding.  When i presented the client with it, she made a comment about it’s weight and was thankful to have left the batting out of it.  I do have a word of advice for you if you plan to make one of these quilts, DO NOT make is reversible!!  The extra work for making the seams from each side to match will require it to be Hand Quilted.  The is no machine sewing for this project for the rules that we apply to quilting don’t seem work as well with this types.  Ask me how I know?  As I roll my eyes with sarcasm at this point.  So let me save you the grief and frustration and a few colorful words too.

So here we are seeing the end of the month drawing close and I have seen several blogs are reminding their followers of the change/move from GFS.  I have declared my spot on Bloglovin’ months ago, but I have noticed a disturbing trend since then;  I seem to be getting LOTS of spam comments that are sort of random without any context to what the blog is about. It’s just another form of spam for some random website.  It drives me crazy to see this tying up so much of my e-mails. I sure Hope that Bloglovin” will fix this issue after the changes take place in the next couple of weeks as I REALLY don’t want to have to moderate or use comment verification for my comments. As I do know that some times using the comment verification can cause some followers to have problems and then they decide to not even come and visit anymore. 

This past Sunday was my grandson’s 2nd Birthday and I’m happy to report that I was able to attend it. Now you know I got pictures to show ya so here we go….. Grammy & the Birthday Boy, Uncle C. with Birthday Boy and finally: Mommy with Birthday Boy Before and after cake face.  LOL

 DSCN2652 (320x273) DSCN2715 DSCN2740 DSCN2712

My local quilt friend, Ms. D. was kind enough to drive me there.  We had to take the long route since I had to pick up my son- C for the summer from his father’s house in Lansing.  From there we zoomed off to Sterling Heights with hours to spare.  I did take some hand appliqué to work on but I was a bundle of giddy nerves, thus making it unable to concentrate.  So I was happy to help my Oldest Daughter, Ms. C. set up and use the time to talk privately before the rest of the group showed up.  So it was a pleasant time spent all-in-all on a very long day indeed. Lots of food, sun and grandbaby time for me.  My friend even stopped for supper at The Cracker Barrel on the way home.  I had forgotten all the neat things that they have there and the food was good too. 

Now I promised that I would tell y’all about my newest adventure in READING. Some time back I had contacted a couple publishing houses to see if they needed any proofreaders and/or reviewers.  Any how…low & behold, I get some replies and viola’ I’m a Net Gallery Professional Reader.  Got the badge and everything. LOL!  Now just to figure out how to make it smaller. Oh look at that …. I did it!!


So I’m so excited that I did something new, I downloaded a book to my computer.  I picked to read "Secretariat Reborn” by Susan Klaus.  The projected release date is Oct. 1, 2013 by Oceanview Publishing. My word of choice for this book is intrigue by the following definition. 


  • an intriguing; secret or underhanded plotting
  • a secret or underhanded plot or scheme;

    Yup, that would be the word alright.  I got a fresh look at the seedy side horse racing and what happens behind the scenes.  We see the turmoil of broken relationships between a dying father and an estranged son.  The main Character, Christian - agrees to take on his dying father’s 2 year old colt, Glade Hunter; as a last request.  Christian faces many challenges that includes crazy ex-friends, mobsters, and seedy characters behind the scenes of the race track. This story had me in it’s grips from beginning to end with it’s intrigue, mystery and unexpected twist greet you with every turn of the page. You can see the story develop around Christian as he makes some hard decisions and their consequences play out.   I was so impressed with the story that I finished it in one sitting in one evening.  This book has everything thing that I love in a good book and highly recommend it to any one who loves a good horse theme mystery.  I think that Susan can become the next Dick Francis.  She definitely seems to know what she is writing about and is well versed in her research.   I look forward to see more books in the future from Susan.

    Now for the “fine” print.  I was provided with a downloaded version of this book from Oceanview Publishing and that any opinion giving is strictly mine and mine alone without any influences from anyone associated with the author, retailer of the publishing house from which the book came from.  

    Well this has been an busy week and I’m using toothpicks to keep my eyes open, so I’m putting this addition to bed as they say in the newspaper biz. 


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    1. great pics of the birthday....very happy bunch. that is so cool your reading job...enjoy. talk to you soon.

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