Friday, June 14, 2013

Oh When the Time Frame Goes to Pot!

This week I am sitting here frantically working on a Tee-shirt quilt for a client.  First let me start by saying that this a Reversible Tee-shirt quilt.  Now having said that, all was going well; until this afternoon.  I made it through the time consuming part of it when I had cut out all the shirt pieces into a nice simple 12.5” block and the same with the 911FF stabilizer to go on the back of each said blocks.  I get the front and back each separately put together, drag “Charlie”  out and after a bit of muddling about, threaded with the invisible thread top and bottom.  Yuppers  here we go…Yeah!!!  Wait…. WTH!!!  Crud  - now unstitch the invisible threads…. grrr!!!  and try again….. uuummmm … nope not happening.  Sound like a cartoon character mutter “choice” words under my breath.  Crap!!!  Again with the seam ripper… grit my teeth…. come to the conclusion that I MUST hand quilt this thing in order for both sides worth of seams to marry up properly.  Okay….hang head…muttering “Houston We Have A Problem!!”  The problem….take a wild guess what the problem might be….the client wants the quilt by next FRIDAY!!!   I have 6 days to stitch it up & have it bound & completed on the 20th for a Graduation party for the client’s daughter!!   And of course I lose Sunday all together as I have to go to Sterling Heights via Lansing 1st for a Family thing. 

So as you can image I’m going to be putting in some long hours this week in order to get this quilt done on time.  But I promise come next week I will have some wonderful pictures to share from the Grandson’s 2nd Birthday Party on Sunday. It will be the 1st in a year that I have able to see him.  There will 3 generations and 2 children/siblings there from my side of the family and we are all quite giddy about it!!  It will be worth the early morning and long day of driving for me. 

Next week I will also do my first “professional” review for you and I’m really excited about this too.  I know that I said I would do one this week … but you know that saying about best intentions and all.  I guess the paying client comes first no matter what.  While yes…I know this a seriously short this week but I promised to make it up to you next week with family tidbits, pictures and a week in review.  So this my darlings this is where I say Good night ‘til next week.


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  1. Tricia, I hope that luck sits next to you, helping you getting this job done! Enjoy your family gathering! 'til next week!