Saturday, June 8, 2013


Today as I sit down to put this post together, I realized that I didn’t think I had much to say, but it’s been one of those weeks for Remembering. On the 5th, I had a sad heart; as it was the 1 year anniversary of one of my closest friends.  Ms. G. touched many people in her life time across borders, oceans and beyond in so many different things that she was part of.  Myself, I felt like she had been watching over me in my personal victories and personal tragedies in this past year.  My thoughts have been that she is close at hand when I need her most with her guidance and hope that she is keeping a extra special eye on my little grand daughter. 

The family is going through some extremely tough times currently, and that weighs heavy within my heart and will be thankful when these issues have been resolved.  The plethora of feeling has been making a tad difficult to deal with and has me going up & down & sideways.  The thoughts never seem to end so at times I feel like the little dog who is catching his own tail. 

But I sort of managed to concentrate enough to work on making some skirts for summer wear around the house as a way to survive the impending heat of the summer to come.  With the help of the girls, we made our own pattern as I … uummm … let’s just say … I have a “natural” bustle that is coupled with a sway back. So store bought skirts are very rare and few in between since I must compensate the extra 6” for the back of the skirt in order to make the skirt hang properly.  If you hold the poor thing up, matching up the waist; the whole thing looks awful funny.  So I have 2 completed out of the same sheet … uumm fabric for more or less around the house.  LOL. 

Then I have had this bolt of beautiful black with large red roses all over it for several years now as I had yet to decide what exactly to with it since it has this “crinkle-ly” like those broom  or “hippy” skirts of the for many many years ago.  This one will be more dressier and I’ll be able to do a dress up/down as the occasion  deems it to be. I plan to have this one finished so that I may wear it on this upcoming Sunday for my grandson’s birthday party.  But just in case, I do have a back up plan.  The last things to do on all 3 skirts is to size the elastic and on the black & red one – hem needs to be pinned & finished.

In the quilt-y realm of things, I did managed to make eleven 9-patch squares and made 2 calico printed dresses for the 12”  muslin dolls. I have continued to work on both, my pre-printed cross-stitch project is my longest UFO and tulip blocks that was gifted to me that I’m hand appliquéing. So it’s not like I have been sewing, it’s just a case of; it’s not as much I will have expected to have done this week.  Ohhh that does remind me that I have been make much progress on the Tee shirt quilt for Ms. M. And it appears I will have another to make over the winter months after having made a stop in the village variety/resale shop today too!! Yeah… and this one will pay better to boot!!

Well it’s been a long week so I’ll be putting this issue to bed now.  But with luck I’ll have a much more pleasant posting next week.  I have some pictures that I would like to share and I’ll have to tell ya all about the “professional” reading/previewer  “job” that seems to be coming along.  So stop in next week to find out more. 


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  1. Wow you have been busy. I understand missing Ms. G - I was holding her mug rug she made me.......sigh....she did it with kitties and we know she wasn't fond of

    Take lots of pics at the birthday...want to see that beautiful skirt.

    hugs and stitches