Sunday, September 8, 2013

This an APB…All Points Bulletin … be on the look for My Mojo

LOST: My Mojo has gotten up & left me at the worse possible moment.  It kind of looks like the picture below so If you see it please ask it to go home.  If you have been harboring it for safe keeping until it’s owner could be found, well here I am and My Mojo is sorely missed.  No questions asked!  The funk that was caused when My Mojo disappeared has had some dire consequences that almost depilated my love for not only quilting, but handwork and reading too!!  This just can’t be allowed!!!  So here I am pleading & groveling for My Mojo to come Home.  Whaaaaaaa - just like a cranky & tired 2 year old toddler, who has lost their favorite blankie; I really want it to come back to me.

white rabbit

Okay I know I’ve been missing in action the last couple of weeks – fine , the past month … but it’s for a good reason. I only had a couple more weeks before BC went home to his father’s in order to get ready for school.  It’s been a long summer and there were days I couldn’t wait for him to go and there are days that I didn’t want it to end. BC went home yesterday so now is the time in which I need to put the metal to petal and try to catch up!  Oh Vey!! I feel like the White Rabbit with his scurrying about as he continues to look at his watch.

 And having the computer giving me such fits that I wanted to toss it out the window doesn’t help at all.  So here we go with another scrub and reloading of the Operating System. I have lost several files and some pictures.  Thank goodness I haven’t downloaded the many, many pictures that was on the camera or those would be gone too!! Oh the horror!!

Two weeks ago, I started off on the right foot in my sewing world.  I spent Saturday running errands and spending time outside of the house time with Boy Child (BC) but in the evening during TV Time, I worked on the Challenge Top that I’m still working to enlarge it. I also spent an hour or so on the phone with my Canadian Friend Ms. D. just catching up and discussing where we are in Phase 2 on our tops.  We are still exchanging bits & pieces of fabric to be added to our “Make Do” theme of the quilt that we had chosen back when we were partners during Phase 1.

Sunday, I choose to finish making the Thangle blocks that that my other friend from Wisconsin.  Mrs. M. has been sending me a Buck-A-Block  program through the mail.  I love the colors in the block kits as they are sooooo me.  I’m really proud to have gotten all caught on them.  Want to see the pictures of blocks 4 & 5.

     DSCN3347    DSCN3639

From my experiences with these; I can’t wait to work with them again once I get the chance.  I think I have a set from a 2007 that I haven’t started yet.  They are a bit off my normal color way as they are pink , green and white.  I know I have all the blocks but not the settings for it.  I’m sure I can find a wonderful collection of fabrics to finish it off when the time comes along.

From there I moved to working on a little panel doll and her dress that I’m actually hand stitching since it’s so small that it would be a fight to do it on my machine.  I spent several nights working on them during TV time.  I’m ready to stuff the dolly named Polly and I’m have one more seam to sew to finish her dress. Then I can work on the larger doll named Sarah with her apron and kerchief.

I still trying get back to quilting so I signed up for a swap. This one is for a Fall table runner.  I tried something new in the world for me and tried a chevron print for the 1st time.  I found the chevron fabric @ JoAnn’s.  I thought it was small enough of a zig-zag that I thought I would give it a try.  I designed this runner myself and from tip to tip, it’s 66” long! The hardest part of me was figuring out the end points.  On the last possible cut was I was able to finally get them right after 4 tries.

I used solids that recently was sent to me and some light fabric scraps that I had in the stash.  For the back I knew I had the prefect fabric for this runner.  I found this vintage fabric in the Goodwill. I didn’t know what I wanted for  but I knew that I had to have it.  It was around a yard and I think it was maybe a whole $1.00.  So it languished in the stash until this runner came along. It had all the right colors that my partner requested and it’s durable as it feels close to canvas but softer.  All I have to do is put some mocha colored binding around it and call it done. 




I still have another table runner that I need to make and after 2 fabric purchases, I finally decided to with the second group so that it was a better fit to what my partner wished for.  This one is also a Fall themed but my partner likes dark tones of reds, blues and greens.  The hardest part was finding the prefect balance between the lights and darks.  Which is the reason the first group of fabrics had failed the test.  So I’ll use the same pattern that I drew up for the earlier runner but I just realized that I had one more fabric in this group than I did in the 1st one.  But I’m happy to show you the fabrics for this one. 


Although the sewing mojo is oh-so-slowly coming back, my desire to read is gone on a walk about of it’s own.  I’m hoping that it too can find it’s way home so that I can share more book  reviews with you.  So be on the look out for those in the future. 

Well it’s been a long time since I posted and I can only give you my sincerest apology for that and hope that you will continue to be a follower. 


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