Sunday, March 9, 2014

Busy But Not…Stuffed TSB

With it being the beginning of the month it’s usually super busy around here and that seems to slow down the sewing for the week.  I’m sure that happens with everyone.  So this week might be considered to be a bit sparse.  On Monday I made 3 bags & traveling sewing accessory kit.


Tuesday was all about the food shopping. Wednesday was my medical day, Thursday was house cleaning day with a late book worm posting and Friday & Saturday was again an errand day , so I’m still out & about taking care of things.  And with a lot of luck, I’m going to be sewing on Sunday once I get the blog posted. Yeah!!! 

The only thing I managed this week besides what I did on Monday was finishing one of my goals.  I got that brass book maker done Friday.  With all the stuff going on, I tucked it in my bag to work on while in the car or waiting.  The front looks really nice but the back- well not so much… lol. 

DSCN4236   DSCN4237

But by the TV  Time Friday night, I felt it was too late to pick my hand quilting, so instead I picked up this little ladybug cross stitch kit that was given to me.  It only has two colors in it – red & black.  It can’t get any simpler than that.  Here is where I was before turning in at 11pm. 


This little lady bug is only 2x2”  and it cute as can be.  I’m thinking a little piecing around it and it will make sure a super cute gift.  I was working on it again last night and got some of the blacks added.  Not much  since I had  med change but it was something I guess. {{shrugs here}}

Now I have to talk about that “Traveling Stash” box since I’m taking over for Katie @ .  I will tell you that this is a Medium Flat Rate box that is $12.35 at the moment but could change in the future due to an increase in postage rates.

So here are the details that you’ll need to know:

Rules and Guidelines
  • Be an active blogger -- post about receiving the box and the giveaway in a timely manner 
  • Update the travel log in the box to let others know where the box has been.
  • There is a list of rules and guidelines in the box -- be sure to follow these to keep the box full of quality items and the experience positive for everyone. 
  • You may take any items from the box just be sure that you are replacing them with quality and comparable items. (Guidelines for fabric below) 
  • Ship box to the next person timely -- and communicate tracking information with recipient.
  • Shipping is within the US only 
Fabric and other item Guidelines
  • Fabric should be quilt shop quality and in new condition. Do not include items smaller than a fat quarter unless it falls into one of the other categories and these should be packaged together. 
    • Jelly Roll -- 2.5 inch strips (typically 40 strips per set)
    • Honey Buns -- 1.5 inch strips (typically 40 strips per set) 
    • Desert Roll -- 10 strips 5 inches wide cut the length of the fabric 
    • Turnovers -- 80 (6 inch) triangles
    • Candy Squares  -- 2.5 inch squares (typically 45 squares per set) 
    • Charms -- 5 inch squares (typically 40 squares per set)
    • Layer Cake -- 10 inch squares (typically 40 squares per set)
  • Patterns / Books should be in new or nearly new condition and should be kept to a minimum as this adds bulk and weight. 
  • Other items should be new or gently used condition and should be packaged as necessary to ensure that all parts remain together.
Important Things to Remember
  • Please ensure that items in the box are quality. If items in the box are poor quality they should be removed. Items that are being removed can be offered for optional inclusion to the next recipient. Poor quality items can be discarded but this should be done with digression. 
  • Only include items that you would be proud to own -- this is not a dumping ground for outdated or worn items
  • Items should be free of smoke, odors  and pet hair 
  • You must replace all items that you take with items of equal value and replacing with more than you take is welcome.

I bet you’re wondering what the box looks like now … right?  Okay let’s see….

DSCN4241    DSCN4243 


  DSCN4242  DSCN4246  DSCN4245

This box had so many things in it that was just calling my name for some projects that I’m currently working on or will be in the near future.  So what did I take and what did I add…..?  Well…I took these items…


… but then I placed all this into the box…

DSCN4258     DSCN4259

DSCN4249    DSCN4248

Okay so the little tomato didn’t make it… and I thought I was share some of my corduroy sample with you.  I just read in a quilt magazine recently that corduroy was the “new” modern fabric.  And as you can see, these are from Marcus Brother’s Textile Inc.  Yes all three are in the box.  {{wink}}.  After lots of fold, stuffing & what not, this is what the heavy box looks like now…

DSCN4262  and then this… DSCN4261

So now that you have seen all the box has to offer, would you like a chance to win it?  It’s so easy!  Just by leaving me a comment below before Sunday @ Noon on the the 16th to be entered to win.  I will be pulling the winner’s name to be announce later on in the day when I make posting.  So be sure to come back to see if you won!!    I’ll be listing where the other boxes are on that day too!

Man … what an eventful week I had.  It will be nice to slow down a little but now I think it’s time for more coffee and nibbles.  Don’t forget to leave a comment if you want to play in the “TSB”.  Until next time…



  1. Your box look awesome.....hope the next person has a blast with it. Bookmark looks great - you can always cut a piece of felt the size to the back - glue over and viola pretty back and fabulous

    Great blog.

    hugs and stitches


  2. Put my name in the hat for the Traveling Stash. I haven't played in a long time so it will be fun to receive one again!

  3. Sue you are my winner!!! Congrats!!!


  4. Thanks Tricia! I have emailed you with my address. Can't wait for the box!