Monday, March 31, 2014


It's been a bit of a weird weekend around here for sure.  I think we have been visited by Gremlins and Brownies!!  Blast those little buggers!!  And when I'm talking about Gremlins I'm talking about the "Stripe" kind and not the cute & cuddly Gizmo!!

After breakfast I sat down to quilt down some binding when without warning -- the power goes out!!!  Grrr -- I was just hitting my groove.  Okay fine -- I just moved to the living room and picked up my LMS cross-stitiching.  I had time to "map" out the next block that I wanted to work on and managed to get the 64 center stitches done before the power came on.  Great!!  I start off by re-setting clocks on the appliances and the Mister announces that the power outage has fixed the issue with the internet!!!  HOORAY!!!!  

Apparently the Gremlins didn't like the power outage and ran away for the moment.  So in a blink of an eye, I made a pot of coffee (Mackinaw Island Fudge by Spartan Brand) and jumped into the chair to do some work while the internet gods blessed me with some time that it will work.

I was very please with myself as the end of the month is tomorrow.  I had set some goals at the beginning of the month to see if I could actually get them done.   Well ... I did on my quilting ones. 

    1. Quilt “Fractured Stars”  -- Finished on Mar. 25th
    2. Complete Bea’s Test Pattern & provide her with photos by April 1st -- Finishing the write up so call it done on the 31st 
    3. Get half of the letters done on my book marker -- Finished whole thing on Mar. 6th 
    4. Make 2 of my Thangle Blocks from Ms. M of Wisconsin -- Got 3 done on the 15th 
    5. Read at least 5 more books for my reading challenge --  3 out of 5
    6. Make One of 3 Quilt Stitchery Sampler blocks from LMS -- Finished 1st block on Mar. 27th.
 I also managed to sandwich Ms. P's Grandbaby's quilt for the second time on the 29th.  It is waiting to go in the hoop for hand quilting once I decide on the thread for it.  It's very happy to have some echoing quilting in the pinwheels and it seems to be happy with the addition of the cable stencil work that I'm including in at least 2 of the sashings.  I'm thinking that a green will be what I quilt it in.  Now it's just the question as to which Green it will be. 

Another thing I managed to get done was 3 more gift bags.  Which was sent out to Judy in St. John's,  Newfoundland in Canada.  I actually got all my mailings out this past week.  Which makes me happy. 

With all that I also got my Round Robin Row done on Ms. C's medallion and I understand the next one is currently coming across the US/Canadian border on it's way to me.  I'll hoping to be able to mail Ms. C's out this week while I'm in the village. 

It's looks like I managed to get something finished on the average of every 5 days;  give or take.  Which is a good thing with the internet being out for a short while.  I did find it frustrating not to be able to jump on when I needed a pattern or information at a drop of a hat. 

For April's Goals I think I'll start with:

                        1.)  Finish the last 4 Thangles Blocks
                        2.)  Make a New Schnibbles Project for the Gift-of-the-Month Project 
                        3.)  Finish a Schnibble UFO
                        4.)  Echo Quilt by hand 4 pinwheel blocks on Ms. P's Grandbaby quilt.
                        5.)  Complete 2 of my LMS cross-stitching blocks
                        6.)  Trim & Square up my small HST's for my Scrappy Anvil Blocks
Speaking of mailings, there are quite a few of our "Traveling Stash Boxes"  on the move right now.  Let me share with you what I know about them at the moment. 

 Box #1 Is heading to Rebecca @  And she will be making a posting on her blog soon. 

Box #2 Was Me and I'm happy to say that I mailed it out on 19th to Sue @

Box #3 Sherrill @ picked Melissa over there @ as her winner.

Box #4 Stephanie @ selected Deb @  and I'm sure we'll hear from her soon.

Box #5 Is visiting Jeannie @ Jeannie had received the box about mid-month, but has been recovering from the flu; but did let me know that she will post soon.  Get Well Soon Dear.

Box #6 Was with Katie @ who sent to Brittany @

Well that's where we are currently with the boxes.  I'll check to see days what has landed where.  Once I know that, we can see who wins the those wonderful treasure troves!!  So be sure to check back in for YOUR chance to win one of "Traveling Stash Boxes!! 

Now let's cross all our fingers that these pesky internet gremlins stay away.  I'm heading for my Little Miss Shabby (LMS) quilty cross-stitching.  To learn more about that  go and visit Corey over at where she just posted block #6.  You can also get there by clicking on the the LMS button on the sidebar on the right. 

What is happening in my little corner?  As we wrap up another month, the snow is almost gone, the birds are flitting about as they decide on future nesting sites.  The internet is playing nice at the moment, but I still going to have to replace my laptop (which means I'm computerless for the long haul) and I'll have to figure out some other issues like pictures, loading my e-reader & such with trips to the library.  But at least I can get this posting out.  Yeah!!

So there it is.  What is going on in your little corner?  As always, comments are welcomed.  Until next time...



  1. Hi, Ms Tricia! Looks like you have been very busy despite the gremlins. I am so happy that my grandbaby's precious baby quilty is in such good and capable hands. The quilting you have planned sounds amazing! Thanks so much for doing this. I hope you have your computer gremlins beat son so we can see pictures of all your lovely WIPs. Have a happy quilty day, my friend ... :) Pat

  2. Hi Tricia, just stopping by to say how delightful your blog is. Thanks so much for sharing. I have recently found your blog and am now following you, and will visit often. Please stop by my blog and perhaps you would like to follow me also. Have a wonderful day. Hugs, Chris