Friday, March 21, 2014

Library Computer & TSB

 "Houston ... We Have A Problem" 

Boy that sure describes life lately!! Here I was geting the blog aready and poof!!  My laptop pukes on me!  Which means I have to use the library computers.  Which is a joy when trying to work n a time limits and a waiting list.  We are on the outside of a small village as you know and while we have computers, just not a lot of them.  But I'm trying to work with what I got since mine just became a boat anchor so to speak. 

So this is why I'm having a "duh" moment as I try to get more information on the "Traveling Stash Boxes"  Please bear with me as try to update the list as far as I know it.  Todays' date is 3/21.  Sorry Katie... I'm trying ;).

Congrats Sue @ Suebee's World!! She was the only player on my box so she wins.  LOL.  Sue the box will go out next week.  Thanks for the e-mail. 

The List is updated today on 3/21.  Please be sure to check back in regularly as list may change as drawings happen.  Look for the current giveaways are in RED. 

Box #1 -- Carol @ sowing stitches had posted Here with a deadline that was 3/12 and Chose Rebecca@ a words worth as her winner.

Box #2 -- was Me -- Tricia @Ramblings of A Quilter selected Sue @ Suebee's World and will be mailing the box to her next week.

Box #3 -- Moneik @ Moneik Quilts. I'm trying to contact her as to what the status in on this box & will update the list when I hear something.

Box #4 -- Stephine @ Quarter Incher has posted here with a 3/23 drawing date. 

Box #5 -- Amy  @ The Cyninal Quilter has selected Jeanne @ Pinehurst Projects as her winner.  I'm trying to connect with Jeanne and will update y'all when I have more info.

Box #6 -- Katie @Karma Willow Designs picked Brittany over @ Pickles Quilting as her winner and mailed the box on 3/21.   

Well that is all I got for now.  Sorry if I caused issues for those who are following the "Traveling Stas Boxes"  and Hope you will still come and play for a chance for one of these boxes to come and visit you.  Unil next time...

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