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2 Dark Child's & The Diamond Ring

Books make the world go around.  

No matter what happens in a given day I know that at the end of it as I climb into bed, I can find a book to suit my mood.  And it's nice that my e-reader can hold 300 books on it on any given time.  At the moment I only have 90 on it.  But I also have many more waiting to be downloaded too. Probably enough to double down with out much thought.  In fact I'm reading at a pace that probably goes to 3:1 for books read and books reviewed.  I'm curious to find out if this happens with other reviewers. So guess what time it is?  That's right!! Review time!!

This week I'll start with a pair of books by Adina West.  She is the writer of Dark Child: Covens Rising (episode 1 & 2).  I received both of them from NetGallery in exchange for my honest opinion.  These books are published by Momentum.

Description (Episode One)
Kat Chanter isn't your ordinary girl. And she isn't your ordinary vampire, either. The ruthless Directorate would go to any lengths to have her power – including murder. And when that leads to a war between races, Kat's fate becomes the ultimate prize …

Kat is done with being on the run, or so she hopes. A new pathology job in Paris is her big chance to start afresh, far from the Tabérin Directorate who want her dead. Sure, adjusting to life as a half-vampire, half-human hybrid in transition poses its own challenges, but it's nothing Kat can't handle … until the past starts to catch up with her.

When she's approached by one Tabérin male from her past, she can explain it away. But add in another territorial Tabérin with a new-found conscience and it's starting to get crowded on Kat's Montmartre window ledge. Past experience tells Kat to be cautious, especially in her vulnerable state. But how can she tell friend from foe?

Reading the series in episodes make me think I'm watching a weekly sitcom on TV. In fact as I was reading the book, that is exactly what I was thinking.  That this could be adapted on put on the CW channel. For those who are fimilar with the programming on CW would probably agree with me. They carry such programs as Supernatural and The OriginalsThis would be the prefect addition in their wheelhouse.  

But any ways. This episode was a great start for the series.  There is some debate as to how the speed starts out in the beginning, but I know that sometimes it takes a bit of time to build the plot line and the characters; so I didn't really worry about that.  The paranormal aspects is delightful and the pace is fast moving.  The plot is set for young adults, but I found it could be read by anyone that enjoys a good paranormal story line.  I have to say that I would give it a 4 out 5 stars.


In her dreams, she craved fresh blood. Warm human blood. And her incisors were long, sharp – able to bite through a fragile layer of skin with ease. What sort of monster does that make me?

Kat discovers that her presence in Paris isn't such a secret anymore. But if she has to battle the Directorate again, it seems she'll have much more support this time. Some of it from the most unlikely sources.
Meanwhile, teenage loner Ben discovers that he has much more in common with Yara Fortes, the girl of his dreams, than he ever hoped. But in a cruel twist of fate, the shared secret that links them together could also get them killed …

Again Adina was able to bring us back into the story with the second episode with out missing a beat. The events continue to progress as does the characters.  It is a smooth and a fast read just like the first episode. The development of the characters are strong and familiar. Yes - we see the same type characters in many YA books, but thankfully Adina didn't make them seem so cookie-cutter in nature.

Also it still has be thinking that I'm reading the script for a weekly TV sitcom. Just as I really get into the story, I'm left hanging with out the benefit of tuning in next week. I'm not sure how I feel about this being divided into so many episodes. So for now I'm looking for forward to reading the rest of the series. But I do wish that was all in one book. Other than that once again, I'll give this another 4 stars out 5.   

Both of these books came to me for free through NetGallery in exchange for my honest reviews.

The next book is The Diamond Ring: Book Three of The Unbreakable Trilogy by Primula Bond and published by
HarperCollins UK, Avon.


Sex. Love. Betrayal. And a very dramatic climax… The Unbreakable Trilogy reaches its unforgettable conclusion. A must-read for fans of erotic romance.

“You don’t know how beautiful you are, Serena. That’s the danger.”

Engaged to be married, life should be blissful for Gustav and Serena. It should be a time of happiness; a time to plan their wedding and their future together.

But the ghosts of Gustav’s past have returned to haunt him, and one in particular casts a dangerous shadow over their relationship.

Margot, Gustav’s bitter and twisted ex-wife, is determined to destroy everything that Gustav holds dear. Starting with Serena…

From the glamour of Paris to the exotic wilds of Morocco, The Diamond Ring will take you on a sensual, sexy journey like no other – with a finale you won’t forget.

So we finally have the final book in this trilogy by Primula Bond. We are transported back into the story and it feels like an emotional amusement park ride.  There is hatred, tears and everything in between. Margot was front and center with all her sadistic nastiness and the cat fight finally comes to a head as we had expected. 

Primula was able to wrap every thing up in a neat little bow by the end of the book.  This dark erotica is sexy with some voyageur scene and girl on girl action just like we seen in the previous books.  A word of warning, be careful; as you might and up with some tingling feelings your self.  Having said that this book/series is not for the YA audience and would be rated R in the movie theaters.  

I did find that this book was better written then the 1st two.  And I could see how Primula left herself some room to start another series with Polly and Pierre if she was so declined.  I could see this one being not quite a 4, but maybe more of a 3.75 stars out of 5.

Again please know that I got this free ARC from HarperCollins UK of Mischief Books in exchange that I give my honest opinion in return.

Well that is it for this addition of my book reviews.  So feel free to leave comments as always and until next time ...


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