Friday, May 22, 2015

Test, Test, UFO & Food

Well now that I got that other post out, it's time for a quilt posting.  I have been so busy this past month with some test patterns for Bea @ Beaquilter and Willow Bend Creations. I did two good size wall hanging pieces for the both of them.  I'm not sure if I can share the completed pictures quite yet, but I can show you pictures of the fabrics that I used used instead.


The pictures above are the fabrics that I used in the pattern for Bea.  That second picture is the focus fabric that has bees, dragonflies and butterflies along with the flowers. It is a Moda line by Cherie L. Strole and it is the "Nature Splendor"  I decided that instead instead of the blue-on-blue fabric (top right) on the back as I had planned, I went with the green (bottom left) that I used for a sashing, and binding.  In the end I have decided to give this pretty to my newest grand-daughter - Cordelia.  

You might remember her from this posting. Due to circumstances I have yet to meet thing little "Sweetness", as her mother calls her.  She is a half sister to Kendalyn. My daughter is still fighting the state and still trying to pay for Kendalyn's funeral from Oct. 2013. I keep hoping that this nightmare would end and would not mind if you add my family to your prayers. We sure could use all the positive thoughts that we can get.  I'll leave this subject for another time.  Maybe if I put my feeling on this out there, it might make me feel better my getting off my chest.

But any ways, I also did a pattern test for Willow Bends Creations. I received an e-mail that asked if I was willing to do a test for their Continuum patterns and templates.  They have a motto that states:

"Putting Quilted Art Within The
Reach Of Every Quilter!

And I couldn't agree with more!! This was a wonderful test pattern experience.  I chose to do the "Wild Life" set in the testing group. I actually had 90% of my fabric picked out before I was able to print the patterns. This was due to the fact that the gremlins that seem to have taken up residence some where in the house, and appears they killed my printer. I forgot to take pictures before I started, but I do have a picture of some of the scraps. I was really wanting to add a bit of brown as the sashing.  I ended up go with a with the solid green fabric instead since I was only working what's on hand

In fact my friend Mrs. Donna was wonderful and proved me the 2 yards of the pine tree boughs and cones when I announced I was doing this one. I had decided that I really want a stark background and the bright white fabric flowed nicely into the printed fabric.  Having done that the lighter green that looks like it's made with salt rock really pop. I have gotten the wall hanging done with the exception the quilting on the block backgrounds.  I have a couple pictures to share with you.


I think what I'm going to do is some nice and easy echo quilting around the Continuum applique and have an idea what I want to do to stitch the applique down too. But I want to do it by hand, so I'll do this while waiting for my son during his boy scout meetings this summer.  The fabric that I used for the Continuum Applique really does "POP". 

I was able to trace the patterns while watching TV  in one evening. Then I was happy that when it was time to cut out the blocks, they was transportable.  I did this while waiting for Mr Steve at a series of doctor appointments.  Like the website says " Easy, Fun and Beautiful".  I truly believe that.  It has been a long time since I worked with one of this patterns and I'm so glad to be a part of this test.  

Well that it's all that I have been working.  I have been inspired to work on my UFO's.  They are multiplying behind my back like those dust bunnies I've seen running about the house.  There was a challenge put forth by my friend Donna when she handed me a couple mini charms.  I was to make something with them and that was about all I was told.  So I decided to make my own pattern by adding 1 1/2 neutral fq's, a long scrap of plaid fabric, left over batting and a large piece of brown felt.  I had started it some time back and it would come out March 10th.  But as things tend to happen, it was pushed aside when I started the two test patterns.   Again!  But I was determined so this is what I came up with: Ribbon Dance. I used the pieces of batting that I sewn together and used the felt for the backing. Which I brought around for the back and hand stitched it down forming a binding.  It is simple as it was made with squares and half squares. I think this one will end up as a gift.

I'm currently working on another UFO that I was doing as a test pattern but I was unable to finish it at that time.  So I picked it back up again.  This one is interesting as I got this pattern from TQPM.  It's a paper piecing pattern and not my favorite method. I have found it challenging and time consuming.  It has me thinking that I got frustrated with it and that is the reason the it got pushed aside.  I have managed to miss cut things several times already again.  But I will have to get back to it I walked a way for two days.  This is my plan for this weekend.  I have one block section in half of the color pattern and then it's on to the other half of the color palette.

Form there I have two larger UFO's that are next on the list.  I want to get some of them done before I start my next new project.  It has been a monstrous task to keep too.  I have been deleting the e-mails with anything quilting pictures in them, so not to find anything that would cause a distractions to leave my path.  I'm still doing things like cross-stitching, hand quilting and I'm trying my first knitting project for my grand-daughter; Cordelia.  On most evenings you can find me in my little corner of happiness.

Yes ... that is the quilt that I'm currently working in the hoop at the moment. I have been know to cook too. I made lasagna on Mother's Day for myself and Mr Steve.  I even treated me to some wine in a glass that Ms. Christen had given to me.  


Then I made some Beef & Broccoli from the recipe I found on Pioneer Woman's blog .  It was easy, tasty and all mine.  LOL. I was able to enjoy this tasty recipe for 3 meals. 

I have also been doing a lot of reading as usual and I'll be tell you all that soon. I know I still have to get Part 2 together for you from the shop hop trip I went on about a month ago.  So be sure to on the look out for that too.  Until then ...


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