Friday, May 4, 2012

Motivation, Minis, Question with some Homemade Sausage Gravy

Good Morning .... I'm just sitting down with a cuppa of coffee looking out the window on this breezing, damp and gray day trying to get motivated.  It is proving to be a challenge and thought provoking as I sit & try to placate the over night caffeine deprivation that sleep brings with the sandman.

I wondered if other quilters are kind of happy to see such a day.  Is it a blessing in disguise that on such a day where the rain prevents them from going outside and doing the gazillion things that on the ever growing list of yard work? Yes Spring has sprung and so has the back break chore list. 

I had a semi-busy week in my quilting arena. I finished the telephone wall hanging. I even gave it a cute name "Hello Operator....Extension OST -2012 Please."  and it's out in the mail to my partner on my group.  I also finished the bird/star but it still needs to title. 

"Hello Operator...?"

"Birds of a Feather"  .... maybe?
I came up with my own quilting design for this one.  I'm hoping that it comes out like what I image. And lots of applique pieces have been traced, ironed and have done the trimming process for two quilt tops.  The Pita quilt and a testing pattern.

I am currently working on testing pattern that I really happy with.  It's sooooooo cute, on my favorite Holiday and being hand appliqued with a tiny blanket stitch. 

This weekend I'll be putting bindings on two minis, so pictures will be coming once those are done.  I'm going to be working on a couple of table runners that someday I'm hoping to sale.  If the fabric holds out, possibly some placemats to match too. 

Now I always wondered and maybe someone can answer me this.... Would you consider buying a table set of 2 place mats and a runner?  Do they always have to come in sets of 4?  I would LOVE to hear some input on this issue.  What kinds of things would you buy for yourself or as a gift, if you knew it was "Homemade" and not mass produces? 

Hummmm as it's 4:30 EST -- I should really think about dinner.  I got a nice whole chicken that I can bake, with mashed taters, and corn.  Oh yeah!!! Guess what!!!!! I -- being of 40 years -- finally learned how to make a decent sausage gravy.  

MY Homemade Sausage Gravy
In a cast iron skillet no less!! And I have a picture to prove it.  Well after my Hunny helped himself to a big ole' helping.

Well I'm off to cook some dinner.  Please be sure to leave a note about the table setting question.


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  1. No recipe? You can't leace us hanging like that! lol

    Meg in MI